Thursday, April 8, 2021

July 2020 Recovery Books

 ABSOLUTELY no quilting got done this month!!  I was a sofa weight. My sole purpose was to hold the sofa down.  I did manage to finish quite a few books! 

 Here's a list of some of my favorites during this time for you readers....

Sold on Monday Kristina McMorris

Zero Day David Baldacci

The Most Fun We've Ever Had Claire Lombardo

The Girls with No Names Serena Burdick

The Obituary Writer Ann Hood

After You  Jojo Moyes

Olive, Again Elizabeth Strout

The Late Show Michael Connelly

Still Me Jojo Moyes

In all honesty, I 'read' by listening.  If you know me, you know my phone is used for listening to my books and that is it!!  Makes my kids crazy, but I just hate typing on those tiny little buttons.  Pick up the phone call me, email, fb message (on the computer), but do not send me a text, I will not reply, sorry.

Anyway, I listen to books.  It's convenient for the area in which we live.  I spend a lot of time driving and it makes the time go quickly.  Love Libby and Audible, yes Audible.  It's a simple guilty pleasure that I give to me. 

That's it for July 2020!

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