Monday, June 25, 2012

Soo Many Quilts...Soo Little Time.....

Keeping busy with all of the quilts that are coming and going.  The guild, the family...yep, it's pretty hectic around here.  Had a couple of really hot days last week and couldn't work at the machine.  My space is over the garage and gets tons of afternoon light...not good when it's 80 outside.  Back to our normal temp range and a little rain for the day, but that's okay it will keep everything just as green as ever.  On to the quilts......

First we have Pat in NH.  What a beautiful quilt this one was!!  I worked on it a couple of months ago and all of the guys in my house went crazy!  It's very modern, very cool, very just "very!".  Loved the blue/greys with just the light touch of the mustard that Pat added as accent to the quilt.  Then she requested circles as the quilting designs...PERFECT...ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!

Karen M in NH...what can I say? Karen's quilts are always the best, perfect in every way. Love the designs of this one. It was a BOM that she did a couple of years ago and now it's headed to some lucky couple as a wedding gift. Fabulous quilt!!!

Karen S had a couple of great quilts that she sent my way.  The first is an adorable baby I Spy quilt.  She told me that she didn't use a pattern just sorta' put it together as she went, and it was much harder than she thought it was going to be.  We decided upon animal tracks as the quilting design and it is cuter than ever.  Her second quilt was for a very special friend, a comfort quilt that Karen put together with her book club.  Each of the ladies had the opportunity to add their own touch.  LOVE the wine fabric that Karen picked as the backing.  We did a very funky quilting design and it was just right for this quilt.  Here's what they looked like.......

Judi K has been busy with the next two quilt.  Purple and oranges with a touch of brown.  The first quilt is one that she finished after purchasing some rulers from Pat Knoechel.  We recently had the opportunity to see Pat when she visited the Northern Lights Quilting Guild.  The quilt is a great way to use up scraps!!  Judi actually made this first quilt second and the second quilt first!  Here's a look....

Last quilt of the day comes from Joan in OH.  Joan found this great little quilt either in a garage sale or at a thrift shop, can't remember which she told me.  Anyway, it's a gift for her father to use in his antique car, just a little something to cover up with if you are in the rumble seat.  how perfect is this quilt?  Vintage fabrics, it had some hand stitching and some machine stitching, but the design was fantastic. 

As usual you can see more of these great quilts at the other blog, don't forget to click on the pics for an extra close look, here's the link....

Okay that's it for today!  I've got Karen's quilts yet to share and I'm shipping a quilt to Brandy and Shirley today.  Hope you all have a wonderful week...

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Monday, June 11, 2012

It was a beautiful weekend here in New Hampshire! Lots of sun and warm weather.  One of the really, really great things about our location is it never seems to get "HOT". Even on days when the humidity may be high we always seem to have a nice breeze to help keep us comfortable.  It might be 80 degrees but it's a very comfortable 80.  AND the weird thing...if it's 80 in Grantham it's 85+ in Lebanon, aka "town" (that's the closest town where most of the Grantham people work and/or shop).  Okay, on to the quilts!

I had a busy weekend finishing Karen's quilts, so Karen if you are reading my post I'll be shipping your quilts home in the next couple of days!  Also worked on a small stack n'whack for Betty Ann. Today's quilts are brought to you by Janet and the Northern Lights Quilting Guild. 

Here's a quilt that Janet dropped off for me to work with. It's a beautiful batik made by Klarey for one of her teachers.  Klarey (a student of Janet's) did all of the stitching and the layout.  Don't you just love the way she placed the colors on her quilt?  We used a variegated thread which shows up beautifully on the dark green backing and decided that a simple loop design would work perfectly.

Our guild makes Comfort Quilts.  Here are a couple that I got to machine quilt for Northern Lights Quilt Guild.  I had to piece the backing and I like the way I offset the two pieces, it adds just a little bit more design when piecing two different fabrics together. 

 The second quilt for the guild was a sampler and had a variety of block styles.  I went with a simple meander to finish the top stitching. 

More pictures of these quilts can be seen at the other blog, as always here's the link:

That's it for today, headed to town for some groceries and to have lunch with the hubs.  Hope you have a wonderful week!

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Rainy Monday

What's the weather link in your corner of the world today?  It's a chilly rainy day here in New Hampshire, perfect for catching up on those don't want to do chores.  I've got plenty of those to keep me busy, along with packing up a few quilts to ship back to some talented gals.  Plenty of quilts waiting for me to get on the frame as well. 

Today I've got a few quilts for you.  Judi, Judi, Judi!!  I love working with Judi's quilts...they are so non-traditional, fun and funky.  She just proves that you can have fun with quilting and there are no rules, just go for it!  Here's some of the recent one's I had......

Next up I've got a sweet little quilt from Rosalie.  The soft pinks and yellows make this perfectly pieced quilt a gem! Love the flower quilting design that finished it perfectly.
Sue kept me busy for a few days with these quilts!!  The first one was for her grandson, I LOVE the colors!!  The brights paired with the black is a perfect combo for a boy.
On this baby quilts we added circles to complete the quilt. The contrast between the lines and the circles were a good combo.
Finally another little lap quilt that was made for a co-worker.  The batik top with the fleece backing makes a great little quilt, with a meander stitching design to finish it off perfectly.
Well that's it for today.  Shipping quilts back to Nancy in PA and returning a fabulous quilt to Joan in OH.  Wait till you see the vintage fabric on that on, it was great!! As usual you can check out more pictures of these great quilts at the other blog:

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Quick Post - Great Quilt - Quilt Along Anyone?

Friday morning - really?!?!?!  Already???  Okay, well tons of things to do a
quick post of a great quilt and table runner from Sue B..  She did a fabulous job
on this one, I'm sure the new quilt owner will be just as pleased as punch
when they receive it.  Here's a couple of pictures....

More pictures can be seen at the other blog:

One more thing before I go.....have you all heard about Pat Sloan's quilt along?
Here's the link:
I'm thinking about joining this one and using a up a jelly roll that's been hangin' around way too long.  Since it's geared toward beginners, I'm thinking it's going to be pretty easy to keep up with and hoping for some quick blocks, with the promise of a completed quilt by Christmas.....welllllll.....very tempting.  What do you think??  Shall we??

Okay that's it for today...have a super weekend!
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