Friday, September 6, 2013


Let's do some quilts today, shall we??  Not sure about the finished dates of these, but they were fantastic!
Here's a quilt that Alex made for a special couple as a wedding gift, love the colors!!  The quilting design is Avocado by Anne Bright.

Next, we have a birthday quilt made by Jennifer.  The pieced backing was a great way to use up some extra pieces that she had in her stash.  Hope Jennifer's brother loves his new quilt and appreciates all of the hard work that went into it! 

Next we have a quilt that Eilene worked with.  This quilt top had been made by someone's grandmother and wanted to have it finished.  Eilene did a great job choosing the fabric for the border and selecting the perfect backing. Finished it off with a simple meander stitch. 
Bev!!  I just love Bev's quilts!  Her piecing is always perfect!  This first quilt has butterflies on it, and is so light and whimsical.  The second quilt is just FUN!!!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the turtles on this one, it's a perfect quilt for a little one! Bev did a great job on the braided quilt, and we selected a very small flower for the quilting.  Lastly we have a super fun space ship quilt finished off with little rocket ships.  Aren't they just adorable???

Seven quilts down, countless to go!!
You can see more of these at the other blog....
  I've got pie crust in the fridge and two different blobs of dough on the stove rising.  If I don't make it back before Monday, have a super weekend!
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Thursday, September 5, 2013

The hardest part of being behind is catching up!

August came and went, and I'm still looking for it.  You might think I was a lucky duck, after all how many of us get to attend 3 great shows in one month?  AND...have hours to spend at the show?  Yep, all was good EXCEPT, I was working them.  Here's a photo of me while at the World Quilt Show in Manchester, NH.

The first weekend in August I was in Cape Cod, MA, second weekend Lowell, MA and the third weekend I was in Manchester, NH.  The following weekend we were moving a kid to Keene, NH into an apartment for college!!   It was about time for that move...anyway, that's another story for another day, it's a Mom thing.
I have been quilting and storing tons and tons of photo's to share.  Here's a link to a couple of quilts that I've done....
I've done either three or four for Suzanne now, and haven't posted them...imagine that!!  But promise to do so soon!  I'm still taking classes at the  King Arthur Flour Baking School and loving every minute of it!  Had a Biscuits and Scones class on August 31st and the next class is on September 14th with Beauty and the Baguette.  The family is in pure carb heaven!
Okay that's it for today, keeping it short and I'm headed to sort some photos that I can share in the next day or so.  Stay tuned....
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