Saturday, April 25, 2020

February 2020

Another batch of wonderful quilt for the month of February! 
Next month so I won't have as many to show after attending a 
Handiquilter Retreat and hosting the Lake Morey Inn Retreat 
for my gals.

Hope you all are safe and healthy.

Rita in NH

Leslie in NH
Leslie pulled this top together using blocks from her Mom's stash.  She's working through UFO's and making memory quilts for her family.

Laura in NH
Both quilts turned out beautifully, love the way the quilting 
shows on the solid fabrics.

Pat in VT
Working with grandson's t-shirts the finished quilt was amazing!

Linda in NH
Linda has also been working with UFO's.  Here's a couple of quilts she 
finished for a local women's shelter from another quilters's stash.  

Ardy in NH
Paper-pieced loons make this one!

Camille in NH
Paper-pieced loons again, amazing! Camille enlarged her quilt 
using stash fabric making some really great borders.

How cute is this one!?

Julene in KY

Fun book quilt, collaborated effort from a group of great gals! 
Sent by Julene.

Linda in CO
Top was sent to Linda for finishing from a family 
member.  Quilt holds special meaning for it's new owner.

Susanne in NH
Susanne's RWB made for hubbie, a Vietnam Vet.
Thank you Mr. B. for your service!

Chenoa in NH
Another bright beauty!

Joanna in NH

Cathy in VT
Ultra modern and fun!

Deb in VT

Wedding quilt from Deb, bride is Pat's fan and hubbie is 
Eagles, great way to bring them together!

Joy in VT
Made for grandson, flannels and a manly design, perfect!

Mary in VT
Gray was the perfect color choice to make these bright's pop.

Pam in VT

That's it for the month of February!
Hope you'll come again to see the March lineup of fabulous quilts!

Thanks for checking on me,

love to hear what you've got to say...........

Thursday, April 9, 2020

January 2020

I've been considering switching things up a bit here on my blog.  I'm going to be doing less writing and add an extra photo here and there of the quilts. I may not comment on every quilt, but will continue to share photos and any story about a quilt that I've been told and/or remember. Let's see how it goes, let me know if you care one way or the other.  Not sure who and how many are still reading the blog. Anyway, let's get to those fabulous quilts! 

Anne in MA

Quilting design, Vine from Anne Bright
Love it!

Terry in NH
It was fun for me to finish this quilt with a hockey design with 
"Bruins" in the stitching.

It's all about the bees.......

Kristina in NH
This quilt was made for her daughter and son in law's new home.  

Aubre in NH
Made for herself, yay!  Good to do that every once in a while...

The flannel she used for the backing was luscious! 

Laura in NH
Cool wall hanging, finished off with snowflake quilting.

Made this one for her sister who loves the bees, so bees it was in 
the quilting design.  Hope she loves it!

Shirley in NH
Great fall quilt....

....and then a winter one too!

Stancy in NY
I loved this pink one!!  Machine appliqued with loads of pretty pink fabrics.  Stancy used Minky for the backing and  her little great niece LOVES the quilt, but who wouldn't?

Stancy made this one for herself, yay!!

This quilt from Stancy is going to her sister, pretty cool!

Dorothy in WA
A little out of her normal color zone, but still a good one!

I fell in love with this quilt from Ruth Ann.  Here's it's story:
"It was made by Albertine Bjorn  sometime before her death in 1936.  She was 
Andy's grandmother.  I found it when cleaning out the house that her husband built in  about 1900. My grand daughter loves it."
Ruth Ann took the quilt apart removing some heavily damaged pieces and stitched it back together.  The fabrics were in great shape and will probably last another hundred years.  

Melynn in MA
Another baby quilt with Minky, the best!

Dianne in NH

Kathleen in TX

Penny in VT
Snowflake quilt with snowflake quilting, wonderful!

Frances in VT
I must say this one surprised me when it was finished.  
It when from ok to WOW!

Susanne in NH
Love the little mittens with the hearts. 

Lorretta Jo in NH
A couple of quilts that will be used for donating when needed.

That's it for the month of January, hope to be back very, very soon with the great quilts from February.  

That's it for now,
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love to hear what you've got to say........