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I'm now an INTERNATIONAL quilter and January was BUSY!!!

As usual I'm running behind in showing off the fabulous work done by the wonderful gals I have the pleasure of working with! I've got 39!!!  Yep, that's right 39!!  January was a busy month.  I saw it all that month. From leftover Christmas projects, table runners and lots and lots of quilts all different sizes!! I'm going to list them alphabetically, since that's how they are filed in the photo file on my computer.  Let's get on with the show!!

Alex kept me busy for a bit with all of her baby quilts!   Alex brings the age demographics down quite a bit when we factor the age of quilters.  Thanks, Alex!! Alex's friends are now having little people AND how COOL they are receiving quilts from Alex?  

Amy in WI sent me these two quilts.  Of course, I'm loving the blue one, but the PINK ONE!!  It's an antique top, pretty good shape, layered it up and got it quilted using a feathery, paisley design.  I could see this one on a brass bed, or something very shabby chic'.

Betsy's family grew by one in December!  Congrats, to the family for the beautiful baby.  Betsy designed this amazing quilt to represent the sky, sun and the earth.  The colors are amazing and with the stars she added on the back, it's a wonderful gift for the new little one.  Good job, Betsy!!

Bonnie finished up this cute little quilt for a special birthday for her grandson.  I love the fabrics, they are so much fun!!  We decided to go with a circular quilting design so we could keep the focus on the cute little critters on the fabric.  
Too Cute!!

Cathy made this quilt for use during the summer.  It's perfect!!  The bright colors and whimsical quilting design are a true compliment to each other.  

Next couple of quilts are from Deb in Vermont.  I have to apologize for the photo's.  Joey (my son) lives closer to Deb and is key in getting quilts between Deb and I.  I *thought* I was ready for him to walk out the door, until at the last minute I remembered I didn't take, this is what rush photo's look like.  His car had already been started, he was ready to go..oops!

BUT!!!  I love the simplicity of the first quilt!  Got a few fq's that you would like to use up?  I can see this being a great quilt for just that!!!  Way to go, Deb!!

Well of course, I'm going to LOVE this one too!!  It's all about the blues for me!
Newer quilter Dierdre put the blues with a lighter fabric, half square triangles and what a quilt!!

New quilter and soon to be new Grandma, Donna made this adorable little quilt.  Baby is due in a couple of months and she is DONE!!!  THAT is quite an accomplishment!  The bright colors and the cute fabric will make this wonderful little quilt easy to be loved by the little one!  Congrats to the family!!

Bargello quilts are always fabulous!  The movement on this one from Dorothy in WA is very cool!  The color combo, the design and we finished it off with a butterfly quilting design, makes a quilt that will be cherished!  Using a few leftovers Dorothy also made this table runner and pulled a few scraps together for the second table runner too!

Judi's quilts are always so full of beautiful colors!  Here's another to show off her ability to mix and match perfectly! 

Typically I am not a panel gal, but after seeing this one....  Julie in CA made this beautiful quilt as a gift for her sister.  The blend of soft colors and modern design on the panel-amazing!!  SweetDreams Quilt Studio drew up the small butterfly design for me, and WOW!!! 

T-shirt quilts are always fun!  You can tell quite a bit about a person by the t-shirts and Kate has got to be one fabulous gal!  Check out the one that I focused on, my favorite!!

This quilt to me is a traditional with a modern twist.  I like the block design, the warm colors and pairing it with a light color just seems to make it a bit more modern.  Marie wanted a more traditional quilting design that finished her quilt very well.

What a group of amazing quilts came to my house all the way from FRANCE!!! Martina found me on the web and after a few emails decided to send a quilt or two my way.  I was super excited!!  Martina's family is military, hubbie is enlisted, but when you serve your country, it is a family commitment.  Thank you, hubbie PJ, Martina and the girls for your service.

Here's Martina's quilts!  First we have a beautiful Christmas quilt, simple design with linen.  The simplicity makes it stunning!

Second quilt of Martina's is this fun scrappy strip quilt.  The center red block just makes the quilt!  Great call!!  Don't you just want to pull out all of your scraps and make this one too?  I do!

 OMG!!! Another amazing quilt!  The modern colors and block design on this quilt is fabulous!!!  The linen star really pops with the contrast of the reds and yellows. We did a very simple quilting design using an 8" height and it was perfect!

This pretty little quilt comes from Penny in VT.  Penny tends to go with modern, and I know that Jaybird Quilts is one of Penny's favorite designers.  Penny's second project will be a tree skirt.  Penny will cut into the center and then an area for the tree trunk, finish it up with some binding.  Having it quilted before was a great idea!

Another great way to use a panel!!  Rita made two of these quilts for her 9yo. grandsons.  The blues, the theme and the flannel....yep, those are going to be well loved quilts.   We decided to go with a simple circular design and a thread that blends on the lighter fabric.  This keeps the focus on the important parts of the quilts.

Sue keep me busy for a couple of days!! She can really turn out those projects! All of the quilts this month are pretty amazing.  It seemed that the next one just got better than the last one.  The whimsical fabrics on the first one, the colors on the second, the horse theme on the third and who wouldn't fall in love with knitting sheep?

Color, color, color!!  Brights and beautiful!  Tabitha made this quilt for one of her daughters and the hearts and flowers are a great design for the young or the young at heart.  

Here's another great panel!!  Terry here in NH will be all set next Christmas with this cute wall hanging!  She selected a fun Christmas design for the quilting and it finished it up perfectly.  I really do need to look closer at those panels!!

Another drop dead gorgeous quilt!!  Vanessa in NH made this fabulous quilt as a Christmas gift for her Mom and Dad.  The Labyrinth quilt is a strong design and since Vanessa used such strong contrasting colors we decided the quilt would be best suited with a simple meander.  Another amazing quilt......

Well there you have it!  All 39 quilting projects that I had the pleasure of working with in January! sure was a busy month! 

February I didn't get as many done, but had the pleasure of visiting with the Seacoast Quilters Guild in Marblehead, MA.  I was the guest speaker and the gals got an in dept view of what I have seen as a long-arm quilter.  The title of my presentation is "Do You See What I See?".  I covered many topics that I have written about in my Quilty Crimes!! post and a few more.  Since I had to pull a power point together that took a bit of my time.  But I still managed to knock out a few quilts.  

Okay, that's it for today, I hope to be back very, very soon with the February quilts. Don't forget you can click on the photo's for a closer look!  Also,  you can see a few more photo's of these quilts and many other at the other blog:

SplittingStitches Longarm Quilting

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