Thursday, April 13, 2017

Fabulous February!!

Fabulous February is the way to start this post.  Every month I have the pleasure of working with some pretty amazing quilts and February was another unbelievable month. Lot of quilts here, so let's get on with the show!

Lisa made this beautiful wall hanging!  Of course I'm lovin' all of the blues in this one.  Since it's a wall hanging the quilting needed to be a bit tighter than normal.  She decided upon a linear design that added nothing to the design but just a touch of texture, perfect choice!

Another amazing blue work of art.  Diane pulled from the blues and whites to make this astonishing log cabin quilt.  Photos are lacking on the true colors, but it was all about the blues!!

Michelle - What can I say?  Each one of her quilts is better than the one before and always a pleasure to work with!!  Her color combos and design consistently pulls the best from the finish quilts.  If I had to pick just one favorite, not sure I could!  

My gal Dorothy, still busting those scraps!!  Great way to keep her busy and the results are amazing!  They come to me all the way from the state of Washington.

Karen in Indiana pulled this Labryth quilt together as a fund raiser for someone in her community.  Hoping and wishing the best success for selling those tickets, it is a beautiful quilt with excellent piecing.

Karen in Minnesota made this gorgeous quilt as a anniversary gift for her hubbie.  The batiks paired with the white is a stunning combo!  Karen does amazing work and it's always a pleasure to work with her.

Katherine in New Hampshire is coming along wonderfully!  Newish quilter I'm seeing great improvements with each new quilt she sends.  Always made with love, gifted to special people in her life.

Kristina in New Hampshire definitely had a theme goin' on this little peoples quilt.  The fabrics were amazing soft and resulted in a luscious quilt that is bound to be a favorite of the new little one. 

How fun is the quilting on this one?  The bees, hives and honey pot quilting design is perfect for any bee keeper in your life. Laurel pulled this one together as part of a group gift to show appreciate for the wonderful service given.  

LOVE this guy quilt!!  The blues and grays, the prints are fabulous!! Leslie did a great job on the construction and even worked in a "I Love You" extra special message for her son.  

Soft and sweet is the first quilt from Michelle in ND.  All flannels with the cutest little owls and flowers is a sure winner!  The braided browns, greens and creams just say fall quilt on her second quilt.

Who does not just love a red, white and blue quilt?  This one from Pam is simply fun!  We just had to go with a fun star quilting design to finish it off perfectly.

Peggy.....WOW!!  She kept me busy for a couple of days.  I *believe* she is UFO busting!  We start off with a Christmas wall hanging, move into a cute 30's, onto a special gift for someone special and lastly a brown and cream!  I'm beginning to wonder when she sleeps!  Good job, Peggy!!!

Penny's family will be growing by one and here's the quilt that will welcome that special little person.  Penny usually works with modern fabrics and is a huge fan of Jaybird Quilts projects.  Congrats to Penny and the family!

Winner of the guild blocks of the month, Regina worked them into this Christmas quilt.  Now I call that quilting with speed, you make a block or two and get a bunch back!  lol!!  We won't talk about the number of blocks Regina has put into the block of the month...

Sweet, sweet Rosemary in OH made this brightly colored square block quilts.  All square, mostly bright colors ending up in a fun, fun quilt.  We kept with the square design on the quilting and it finished up wonderfully!

That wraps up Fabulous February and now I need to get started on all of those March quilt photos.  Hope to be back very soon, would LOVE to get caught up with the blogging, but life seems to be running 100 miles an hour these days.  

As always you can see more photos of all these great quilts at the other blog, here' a link for you....

Wishing you nothing but the best life has to offer, until next time...
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