Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Morning.......

Here's a quilt that Rebecca from North Carolina sent to me.  She wanted the "Waterfall" (that's what I call it) stitching done.  It is a beautiful quilt with my favorite color - blue!!  Rebecca did  a wonderful job on her piecing and it looks like a great way to use up some of those scraps! Here's a picture...
                                                    INSANELY CHEAP MACHINE LONG ARM QUILTING
                             Cheap long arm quilting
Life has been busier than busy lately.  I've been checking on blogs but not commenting too often.  Our computer is in the family room and my sewing/quilting space is above the garage.  I don't get much stitching done if I'm gazing into the computer reading all of the fun blogs.  I miss commenting and the fun exchanges that follow.  I am working on getting a laptop to have upstairs with me, so as the HQ is stitching I can be busy "multi-tasking".  That's what I'm telling hubbie anyway.  lol!!  I've got a kid who's laptop is dead, and he's not using it, so I'm going to see if it's worth the money to try to bring it back to life.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

It's been a while since I've had a fun giveaway, and I've got the wheels spinning in that direction.  I'm thinking something really, really fun for you that would be my blog related.  Care to guess??  Might be worth an extra entry or two, just to see who's paying attention.

Okay, gotta get the sheets on the line, and another load in the washer and eventually head upstairs and get some quilting done.  Don't forget to stop by the other blog to see more pictures of Rebecca's quilt:
                        cheap long arm quilting
cheap long arm quilting
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Monday, June 20, 2011

A couple of quilts....

.....for today, and not much more.  Just checking in on every one and wanted to share pictures of these quilts that I had the pleasure of working on for Joyce in North Carolina. She recently sent me these beautiful quilts to help her finish up.  I did loops on two of them and then used the computer for the last one.  Here's a couple of quick pics....

 Cheap Machine Quilting Longarm

I've posted a few more pictures of Joyce's quilts over at the other blog...

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quick post and cute little quilt....

My o' my this week is speeding along way too fast!  I can't believe it's already Tuesday!  Not sure where Monday went, but it's gone and we can't get it back.  I've already got two loads of laundry on the line to dry and the house is picked up ready for me to set my sights on quilting a couple of great quilts from Brandy that I got in yesterday's mail.  Can't wait to share them with you.

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of cooking over 300 hot dogs while working a concession stand with a bunch of high school students.  It was a scholarship fund raiser for the Youth In Action club at our high school.  You can click on the link to read a little more about the organization.  It's really kinda cool, there is a teacher sponsor, (who is a saint with an amazing amount of patience) she works with the kids doing all kinds of local charity work.  I, along with my boys have worked community dinners and raking leaves for the elderly.  There are many more activities, but these are the ones that we have participated in.  Working the concession stand reminded me about all of the energy that a group of kids can have. The kids were really great and we made lots of money for their scholarship fund.  

Sunday we removed the old furnace from my laundry room and will be working on replacing it during the summer. 

Jeff (hubbie) managed to get the kitchen floor tiled and grouted.  The grout sill needs to be sealed and I'm working on picking the kitchen sink.  Then it will be counter time!!  Ugh!!  Granite? I need/want a surface that is a real workhorse, not sure granite is the way to go, but not sure of any other options. 

 I managed to get this little quilt done for Sue in NY.  It's a cutie, that will make the perfect gift for a little person to love and keep warm.  I have just finished a couple more of Sue's quilts and you are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!  The new ones have the most adorable owls on them!  Can't wait to share, but Sue has to see them first.  They should arrive on her doorstep tomorrow!!  As always you can see more pictures of this fabulous quilt at the other blog:

cheap longarm quilting

Well, that's enough for now, plenty to do, so I'd better get busy!  
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Trimmings of a quilt...

It's been a while.....but I'm back today with a beautiful quilt made by Karen who lives in a neighboring town.  I met Karen through her wonderful daughter Kelsey.  Remember Kelsey? I posted about her quilt here back in March.  Kelsey is a doll who made this wonderful quilt for her boyfriend for Valentines day.  Here's a picture of Kelsey and Dan....

Karen is Kelsey's that?  Karen came with Kelsey when she picked up her quilt and asked if I could help her (Karen) get a quilt done that had been sitting around for years.  Karen had started hand quilting it and decided that hand quilting was not her cup of tea.  I told her no problem, the hand quilting would have to be removed but we could get it done.  It wasn't too long after that Karen contacted me again about her quilt.  All the stitching had been removed and she was ready to have it finished.  I was pretty excited to see her "vintage" quilt of 30 years ago. I honestly don't know what I was expecting, but I often question what floats around in this head of mine.  I *think* for some reason I was expecting wild prints from fabrics in the 60's, remember those wild, big, bold prints in yellow's, orange's and greens?  Well, you all know how I do math.  Anyway, Karen's quilt was this beautiful blue and purplish quilt with whites.  It was a very well done sampler quilt.  I know where Kelsey's talent come from.

I learned a lot doing Karen's quilt.  Here's a picture of the back of the quilt as I received it.  Look at all of those threads!  This is my number one panic button when working with light color fabrics in blocks!  The thread showing after the quilting has been done. Click for a closer view......

Working on Karen's quilt was great for me.  I took the time to trim all of those loose threads!  I went over the back of her quilt three times trimming and cleaning, trimming and cleaning.  It was no big deal, had my ITouch listening to a book so it made the time go quickly.  It paid off, here's the same area after I trimmed all of the threads....

Here's a closeup of the quilt as I'm quilting it.  You can't see the threads at all!!  It was wonderful!  Made a huge difference and I loved the results!! 

You can see more of Karen's quilt on my other blog:

While I'm on the topic of perfectly trimmed tops. I can close without mentioning Terry!  This woman has sent me 3 of the most perfectly trimmed tops, and WOW!! Terry posted about a quilt that I had done for her yesterday, here's the link to Terry's blog. And if you missed it here's my link to the same quilt:  Terry's quilts.   By now you might be wondering why all my fascination with the trimming of the tops.  I've got a set of blocks, imagine that, me-Empress of Blocks having a set of blocks that white is the background.  I was petrified to work with these blocks because of the threads! Not any more!!  I'm ready to take them on!!  Let me at them!  I CAN do this.....okay, now I've just got to find the time. 

Speaking of time...I've spend more time than I should have rambling on about all of this and should be movin' on.  I've got some blog reading to do and a drop dead cute owl quilt on the frame.  Can't wait to show you that one!  OH!!  And I'm holding back again, Lisa sent me a couple of quilts.  One of hers and one of Aunt Mil's, and you know Aunt Mil, she makes those monster size quilts!  Lovin' Aunt Mil!! 

Have a wonderful weekend,
thanks for checking on me,

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