Thursday, August 9, 2018

April Quilting brings.....

I just had to start the post out with Pat's adorable tulip quilt! What a bright spot this quilt is going to be in any room! We decided to go with a very simple quilting design which worked just perfectly.  I believe Pat mentioned this will be used in her guest room, lucky guest!

How cute is this Thomas the Tank Engine quilt?  Granddad Paul made it for a very special person in his life!  Using flannel fabric Paul is going to have a real winning quilt for the little person!  Train quilting finished it off.

Brand new quilter Rachel put this great quilt together with a little help from her buddy Alex.  Modern fabrics, modern design and modern quilting, absolutely perfect for the modern gals!

Renie finished off the next couple of quilts and talk about going from one extreme to the other!  Her first quilt is monochromatic with the grays and white while her second quilt is beautiful 30's fabrics.  Both quilts are drop dead gorgeous!  Wanna hear a secret?  Renie used a tablecloth for one of her fabrics in the first quilt!  Yep, worked just fine!  Way to go Renie!! 

Up next is a very special quilt for someone who has touched many lives in a very caring, loving way.  Darsie made this memory quilt for the Reverend who was leaving their church.  Many, many signature squares were used to piece into the backing.  Excellent!  

Up next is another memory quilt, this one from Melynn.  This one in remembrance of celebrating a life event!  It's not everyday you turn 50!  A ton of sentiments and love.  It's always fun for me to be able to read what is on the quilts.  Finished off with a birthday quilting design.

This adorable little Christmas quilt is also from Melynn.  Love it to death!!  Fabrics blended perfectly with the panel and snowflakes for the quilting equals a fabulous quilt!

Here's another bright and cheery quilt that graced my work space!  Melynn's friend Karin pulled this happy quilt together using fabric that mostly read solid.  Using white as the second color really makes them pop!  I just had to add a fun and funky quilting design to finish it off.

Here's a quilt from Dottie in MA.  Simple and sweet with soft relaxing colors I think best describes this one.  With just a pop of color it's going to be a great quilt for just about anyone.  

How cute is this little one from Karen?  Flannel and baby prints are paired nicely for this little person's quilt.  I just happened to have a baby jungle animal quilting design, perfect!

Alex pushes me out of my comfort zone on some of her quilts!  I love working with her!  She has a great sense of color and a love for the modern colors and style.  

Here's a great little wall hanging from Dianne E.  Very southwestern in style giving me the chance to use a really cool feather  quilting design.

Who doesn't love a great batik quilt?  Here's one from Mary Beth in soft and calm colors.  Can't see much quilting on the top, but the back looks fabulous!

Mary Catherine is back again this month!  I love seeing all of the fabric collections that are put into those wonderful little packages we just can't seem to resist.  Jelly rolls are wonderful for so many different quilt patterns, but none better than Mary Catherines 1600 quilts.

Mary Catherine ventured off the beaten path with this marvelous split 4 patch.  LOVE the soft colors and she select a beautiful coordinating fabric for the border and backing.

Soft colors seemed to be a trend this month.  Here's another soft and cozy quilt this one is from Barbara.  Perfect for a shabby chic' room, I can definitely see it folded softly over a white wicker chair. 

Stepping into the bold category is this fantastic quilt from Bonnie.  The color combo really makes this quilt pop!  The deep purple sashing and border is the perfect compliment to the orange and green stars.  Great color choices!

What an adorable little quilt!!  Here's the perfect little dinosaur quilt for someone special in Kristina's life.  We finished it off with a dinosaur quilting design, why not? 

Here's a couple of little quilts made up in the Around the World pattern.  Interesting to see how Diane K.  has completely reversed the colors on the two quilts.  It's great to see how the colors change the overall look of the quilts.  Both are fabulous!

I fell in love with this quilt!  I'm not typically drawn to this color combo, but the little bits of pinks and golden with the softness of the border makes this quilt from Laura stunning!  Laura is mixing the more traditional block designs with a great blend of modern fabrics.  

And another quilt from Laura.  She was actually a dear and helped finishing this one off for someone who lost interest somewhere along the way.

I usually see Elizabeth a couple of times a year, always close to June.  Here's another one of her graduation quilts, LOVE this one!  It's a lot of fun working with her.  Each quilt has been carefully selected to match the kiddo it is made for.  Elizabeth's quilts are destine to make it to college in the fall with said young adult.  The quilts through the years have become more complex expanding her quilting/sewing skills.  What a fabulous gift, do I see wedding quilts in Elizabeth's future, I hope so!

That's the quilt from April!  I'm slowly making up for lost time and lost photos!  Hang in there, more to come!

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