Pricing and General Information


Edge-to-Edge Quilting:
Economy Quilting - Basic loops or meander .017 per sq. inch
All other pantographs begin at .02 per square inch and go up to .025 depending on the density of the design. 
Most of the designs will fall within the .02 price range. 
The minimum charge is $35.  


Hobbs 80/20:
              96"  .25 per liner inch ($9.00yd)
            108"  .28 per liner inch ($10.08yd)
            120"  .29 per liner inch ($10.44yd)
Katahdin 100% Cotton
            120"  .29 per liner inch ($10.44yd)
Warm & Natural
             90"  .26 per liner inch ($9.36yd)
Warm & Plush
             90"  .31 per liner inch ($11.16yd)
      Or you may provide your own batting.  If additional handling is needed, there may be additional charges involved.

Update 8/1/22
I am not offering binding services until further notice.
Binding Charges

1. I make binding with your fabric; machine sew to front or back so you can machine sew or hand stitch to back $0.20 per linear inch.

2. I make binding with your fabric and apply binding by machine for a finished quilt $0.25 per linear inch.

3. I make binding with your fabric, machine sew to the front, and hand stitch to back for a finished quilt. $.55 per linear inch. Please check with me for a finish date.

4. I machine sew your prepared binding to the front or back of your quilt so you can machine sew or hand stitch to the back $0.10 per linear inch.  

5. I machine sew your prepared binding to the back of your quilt and machine stitch it to the front of your quilt.  $.20 per linear inch. 

6. I machine sew your prepared binding to the front of the quilt; hand sew to the back for a finished quilt (check with me about a finish date) $0.45 per linear inch.

NOTE - Additional $10 charge for working with Minky fabrics.

Here is a checklist before
sending your quilt

______Your quilt top needs to be free of holes, and excess thread. A simple shake, once you are finished, can eliminate quite a few threads!  Be mindful, NO HOLES. Holes in quilt tops can damage your top and my machine.
______Your quilt should be pressed well and ready to quilt. If I need to press your quilt, there will be a $10.00 charge. A good
pressing will show any not flat areas that I may need to address during the quilting process.
_____If your quilt top is not flat, then you will have puckers and tucks in the quilting - there is no going around that. I will do the very best I can, but the extra fabric will create tucks and folds on the quilt. Please ask me if you have questions. 
_____Quilt backing and batting must be at least 4-6 inches bigger on ALL sides, no exceptions. If I have to add additional fabric to your backing there will be a charge.
______Please make sure your quilt is free of any pet hair. I do advertise as a pet-free zone and your top can leave hair all over my studio.  If I need to clean your top or backing you may be charged an additional fee. 

Please note - I try to select the color of thread that will best blend with the fabrics and colors of your quilt.  My main objective is for your quilt to show not my quilting.   

Preparing your quilt for quilting is a very important step to ensure a beautiful outcome of the finished project.  Many quilters don't realize how important these steps can be.  The amount of time and care you have put into your top will determine the outcome of the finished quilt.  If you have worked lots of hours on it up to this point we need to insure the finishing is the best possible it can possibly be.  
As a longarm quilter, I cannot undo uneven seams, wonky borders, shredded edging, missing stitches, or too-short backings.  A good longarmer CAN, however, make the best of what you have by minimizing mistakes and maximizing the beauty of your work

Turnaround Time
I work on the quilts in the order they are received.  I can let you know how many quilts are before yours once your quilt has been received.  If you have a special timing request, please let me know before shipping your quilt.  I reserve the right to charge an additional fee for a special deadline requests.

Please pack your quilt in a plastic bag to protect it from moisture during shipping.  Also, please make sure you have used a sturdy box, and enclose your name, address, phone number, and email address for me.  I will return your quilt using the carrier of your choice or the most cost-effective method. If you would like additional insurance please let me know.  Here is my shipping address:
Joanne Lendaro
529 Olde Farms Road
Grantham, NH   03753


If you have any questions please let me know I am more than happy to work with you.

Together we can get your tops finished and into beautiful quilts that will be loved!

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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