Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quick Post - Quick Quilt!!

Things are moving faster than fast this week.  I've had something every single day and looking forward to tomorrow when I head down to Manchester to attend the: World Quilt Show .  That is a link to the most pictures from the shows.  I hope to have some pictures of my own to share when I return.

Have you all heard of the 1600 Quilts?  Here's a link to a fast and fun video: Heirloom Creations. Heirloom Creations has done a wonderful job on this video and it's so much fun.  The quilts can be made with Jelly Rolls or Bali Pops.  Here's a picture of the one that I just put together yesterday, and yep it does take less than 3 hours to complete start to finish.  I used straight seams to connect the strips end to end, you can see from the video others have angled them.  Here's the pic...

The quilt works best with the Jelly Rolls and Bali Pops because you have a complete fabric line included in the quilt.  It makes for a fast throw size quilt, absolutely perfect for someone that you would like to make a quilt for, but not invest all of the precious time that it would normally take.

Here's a peek at a couple of quilts that I did some time ago for Pat in VA. Her blog is Artfully Ooflebloops, hop on over and let her know you've seen her quilts. These are the scrappy of scrappy quilts.  She picked these interesting quilts up at a thrift shop.  They have enough character to definitely make them interesting. 

As always I've posted more pictures over at my other blog:

If you haven't signed up for my giveaway, you still have time.  You can read about it here.  If I don't post before Monday, hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Friday, August 12, 2011

We are "Ironing Women!!" with pride!!

Do you know what an "Ironing Woman" is??  It's a BLAST!!  Last year our wonderfully creative program gals at the Northern Lights Quilting Guild came up with this fun program.  Now, I'm not sure if they created it, or just brought it into our lives, but I have got to tell you it's one of the funnest programs we do at the guild.  Here's the info that went to the guild members before the event (and it was an EVENT, not a meeting!):

Here's pictures of the in-process....

 look at that pile of fabric!!!
carefully trimming.....
some heavy brainstorming here.....
what a nice group ....
Esther is in charge.....look at those hands on her hips!
what are we doing again????

After about 45 minutes you are supposed to have a somewhat finished wall hanging. We stretch it longer, rushing through the business end of the meeting and back to playing creating and.......

 Here's what a few of the end results were:

lady on vacation complete with drink  (I want to go on vacation with her!)
colorful flower with fence wall hanging
almost done.....
frogs and fish....
mountain scene with river
look at the sunset on this one.....

See how much fun we had???
Last year the completed wall hangings were auctioned off at our bi-annual quilt show.  They were quite successful.  Since this is the second year for our Ironing Woman, Michelle and Judi mixed it up a little by allowing each group some time, and then they grabbed the creation off of a table and swapped it with other creations on different tables.  So we had to pick up where the other team left off!!

You can't begin to imagine how much fun this really is!!  It's a great time for everyone!  You are not allowed to pick your own team members, so it's a fabulous way to get to know other members in the guild.  Here's our Michelle and Judi, we sure do love 'em!!

Okay, a quick reminder about the half price quilting giveaway, and I'm off to do some quilts.  Got a box in the mail today from Nancy in PA. Haven't seen anything from her for a while but I'm looking forward to seeing what she has sent to me.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

HOT! HOT! HOT!! Info on 2 Great Giveaways & Quilts

If you are a Wantobe Quilter you have got to head over to Stach Manicure  and read about the fantastic giveaway that Madame Samm has listed today!!  It's a Janome Sewing Machine!  It is FABULOUS!!  And if you have signed up as a Wantobe Quilter you need to comment on todays post.  Don't forget if you win this fun, fun prize you will have to pay postage, but what the heck!! It's a new machine!!  If you are not signed up or you know of someone would would like to be a Wantobe Quilter, it's not too late.  Email me their name, email and phone numbers.  This info is kept confidential and not used for any other purposes other than this giveaway.  If you have any questions, just shoot me an email and I'll be happy to help you out!!

You want to see what Brandy's been up to recently?  Here's a couple of shots of her latest quilts that I worked on for her.  The first is a red and yellow wall hanging and the second is a drop dead cool quilt for her Father In Law who must be a Steelers fan!! I had fun with the football motif on his and used a simple flower that resembles the print on Brandy's red quilt. What a lucky guy he is, to have such a sweetie as Brandy for a daughter in law and to get this wonderful quilt.

Don't forget you can see more pictures at the other blog:

And if you haven't signed up for my giveaway it's mid page on this post:

That's it for today, hope  you all had a fantastic weekend!
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Fun Quilting

Here is a quilt that I recently had the pleasure of working with.  Bev who is a neighbor of mine, brought me this colorful quilt that she had made for a niece.  I just loved the oranges and greens and the butterfly, dragonfly design was perfect.  I added the Anne Bright Dragonfly edge 2 edge stitching and I just love it!  Here's what it looks like on the second row ....

Here's a quick look at the design up for an even closer look!

This Anne Bright design was just perfect for this adorable little quilt.  Want to know how much I charged for this cute little quilt?  The charge for the quilting was $25, thread $5 (because it was variegated).  Bev got this quilt machine quilted for $30!!  I am having a giveaway, see my previous post, you could win the opportunity to have one of your quilts machine quilted for half this amount.  If you don't understand the giveaway, email me. As usual you can see more pictures of this cute little quilt at my other blog:

Got to scoot, I've got a kid headed to the doctor today, hopefully we'll get the go ahead to resume life as abnormal as we do.  

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