Sunday, February 24, 2013

Let's See....Where exactly do I begin?

Is there anything more frightening than a blank sheet that needs
to be filled with words? 
So much time has passed, so many things to share.  But for today I am just going to keep it light and easy.  I know most of you visit my blog to see all of the truly amazing quilts that I am fortunate enough to work with, so that's the direction I'm going for today.  Just to share a couple of wonderful quilts from some fantastic women.
The first couple of quilts came from Karen in IN.  LOVED both of the quilts for completely different reasons! The first one, her star quilt was FABULOUS!!  Perfect piecing and  the quilting design that she chose went beautifully with the design of the background fabric. favorite color!! 
Here is another fun and funky quilt from Judi in VT.  I always look forward to seeing her next quilt, always something fun from Judi!
Here's a close up of Mike's (IN) quilt.  I believe she told me this was a mystery quilt that she put together.  Very traditional which is Mikes style, she is a very classy lady! 

Three ladies for today.  More to come, I've got plenty to share.

But here's a link to more pictures of these great quilts...

SplittingStitches Longarm Quilting
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