Sunday, March 14, 2021

May, Another Great Batch of Quilts

Edit, Edit (written 3/14/21)

Is that even possible?  Looking at the date I edited this post it was November 21, 2020. And today is March 14, 2021/ Yep, it's been a while. Let me just say

Covid Stinks!

Moving on...

Edit (11/21/20)

Last time I checked into blogging was September 29th.  Still avoiding completion of this post. I'm blaming Covid.  So many things have changed for everyone.  I hope that you are yours are happy and safe. And with that, I am just moving on.........

I've been deeply neglectful of the writing and blogging as of late, but I've managed to finish off 9 audible books from our New Hampshire Public Library!  I LOVE having someone read to me!  I can listen while I do just about everything!  Well, I don't listen when I run the machines and I can't listen when I'm attempting to write as I am usually talking out loud as I type. 

Another hurdle, (not that listening to a book is a hurdle)  is Blogger has changed again.  Don't you just hate when things like this change?  I know that it's probably "better", "easier to use", "more features" but honestly I just like knowing where it all is and then WHAMMO! they rearrange, change things and I'm left figuring it out all over again.  Think about how much you dislike when they mix up the isles at the grocery store, can you relate? On to the quilts since I do have a couple of months I need to try to wrap up!

First up is a quilt from Beth Anne, this quilt is for someone who adores the "down under".  With that in mind I was able to find an adorable koala and kangaroo quilting design.  

Here's a simply beautiful quilt from Barbara.  The prints of the fabric suggest a hint of old with a slight flair for the modern.  A very elegant, yet simple quilting design finished it beautifully.

How fun is this one?  Bright colors with an ocean theme, complete with an ocean quilting design.  I believe Cheryl is fairly new to quilting and off to a very good start!

Working with soft pastels Diane made this great little persons quilt.  I kept the quilting soft and modern for the finish.

The next four quilts are from Doreen.  Each one is just better than the last!  Of course this first blue one is my fav, I'm all about those blue quilts, make it a scrappy and it's a winner in my book.

Luck Star quilt pattern in Christmas prints. Can't hardly see but this one has the cutest quilting design with cookie cutters and measuring cups, Christmas baking theme.

Another quilt in Christmas fabrics, kept the quilting simple but elegant.

The soft colors makes this quilt a winner. A very simple quilting design to finish it off beautifully.

Dorothy has been one busy gal!  Here's her latest batch of quilts and the first one is a knock out!  How beautiful is this one?  Totally scrap fabrics set with white and the results are stunning! Again with a simple, yet elegant design for the finish.

Small lap quilt from Dorothy finishing with a simple design.

Dorothy does amazing things with very little pieces of fabric!  

Here's a star quilt from Linda. Great mix of color and I like the bordering of the blocks rather in place of sashing.

Michele's quilts are always amazing. This month we see her working with Bargello's and Around the World quilt design.  Her colors are always spot on and the result is nothing short of fantabulous! 

Here's a quilt Norma sent from North Carolina.  This beautiful quilt was made by her granddaughter, Pascalle.  What a treasure for both of these gals. Kept the quilting more traditional with just a touch of modern.

Here's a quilt from Pat, she picked this one up at one of her guild auctions.  Having me quilt it and then she'll be donating to a local charity.  The fabrics on this one were softer than ever, very nice charity quilt.

Still making quilts for his beautiful little granddaughters, this is Paul's latest.  It's all about pink and butterflies.  What little girl isn't going to just think about her grandpa as she cuddles up with this?  It's all about the memories.

Renie, Renie, Renie. 
 She really makes me look good!  Here's three that I had the pleasure to work with and it appears we've covered three of the four seasons!  Her first is this fun Christmas or pine tree quilt.  Finished off with a whimsical tree design.

How adorable is this one?  Fall leaves falling in the barnyard?  A swirly leaf was just perfect for this cute little quilt.

This quilt is all about spring and summer.  The floral prints and the green in so many of the fabrics just reminds me of the spring and summer.  I finished off this one using a butterfly design.

Soft and sweet, modern and simple.  Perfect description for Rita's quilt.  We selected a modern quilting design keeping those four words in mind.  Great quilt!

How stinkin' cute is this one?  Susanne did an outstanding job on this adorable quilt.  The quilt was made in memory of a very special little friend.  Minky as a backing for this will push it over the top for cuddle-ness. 

I hope to be back very soon!

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