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Here's the November quilts!

November was another great month filled with more amazing quilts.  The fabrics, the designs and the work never ceases to amaze me.  There is always so much talent and creativity in each quilt that I am entrusted to work with.  Keep up the good work and thank you again for trusting me with your special treasures.

Up first we've got a couple of quilts from Michele in NH.  The fabrics and the colors were nothing less than stunning!  Bordering the fabrics in the black fabric made the print stand out and shine!   

Here's a couple of quilts from Brandy in PA.  The first quilt was a Christmas gift for her oldest son.  A guy with really good quilting taste told Mom that he wanted leaves quilted on his quilt.  Not just any old stitching.  hummm....could this young man have excellent taste in quilting?  Sounds like Mom has raised him right!  Brandy's second quilt is a fun, modern Christmas Tree block that I believe she told me was done using a layer cake.

How much fun is this first quilt from Julene?  What a great way to use up some of those scraps!! Quilting was a fun dogie bone design that finished it off perfectly.  Julene's next quilt is just stunning!  The bold purple fabrics and the modern design work beautifully together for a fantastic finish.

Kristen in ME spent some time fussy cutting her fabric for this superb quilt she made for a special young man in her life.  Here we see again how the black in the fabric can really make the design pop!  Using batiks for the border and cornerstones was just the perfect setting for those wonderful leaves.  

Super cute kitty quilt from Lisa in CT is the next quilt up for viewing.  Using modern prints this one is super fun!  Lisa's second quilt is soft and sweet made with light color floral print fabrics making it oh so feminine.  I believe this was also a Christmas gift for a very special person in Lisa's life.

Here's another great quilt story....

The quilt started when a teacher (now retired) and I decide to teach some of the staff members how to make a simple quilt.  We choose a 1/2  square triangle and decide to do an exchange. We brought in sewing machines and they sewed the 1/2 square triangles.  I brought mine home and put them together in the "barn raising" pattern.  The top sat for a long time.  In the mean time my mom went into a memory care unit.  I decided to add more 1/2 square triangles to make it fit her bed.  I had my grandchildren and best friend make some of the triangles so they were part of the process.  My mom raised vegetables and sold them at the West Allis Green Market.  She also lived on a farm for years.  She loves flowers and planted and started her own flowers from seed.  Just a little history.

Yep, another quilt filled with love.  Thanks Mary in WI for trusting me with your wonderful work of love.

Here's a gorgeous Christmas Tree Skirt made by Mary in NH.  The gold fabric was leftover from making bridesmaids dresses.  How special is this?  This is Mary's second tree skirt using the fabrics.  The first one was presented to the bride last year, I am positive it was well received.

Here's an adorable little baby quilt from Kristina in NH.  Made for a co-worker with a new little one on the way.  Hearts for the quilt design and completed with hearts for the quilting pattern.  Great match!

Mary Catherine keeps me busy!!  Here's her latest batch of wonderful quilts....

Up first is this adorable little Micky baby quilt. She selected a "bow/bow-tie" design to keep the quilt gender neutral.  The fabrics were so cute and so bright and colorful!

Blocks won from the local guild block of the month made this great little quilt! Love the colors, mixing the dark blue with the bright yellow!!

Wedding gift for a co-worker was Mary Catherine's next project.  Fun and funky fabrics in a fantastic quilting pattern!  We went a bit wild with the quilting design and it was just perfect!

So stinkin' cute!!  (said that just for MC!!)
 The fabrics and the colors are just cheerful! Just perfect for a little person.

How about a shadow box quilt made with some wintery fabrics?  Another quilt that was gifted during the Christmas season.  

A Mary Catherine classic!  Here's a 1600 all done up in beautiful purples, green and off whites.   Love that she matches the border and backing using the exact fabric line.  We did a bit of modern floral design on this one, just perfect.

A very special little girl (granddaughter) got a very special gift with all of the things she loves on it.  Made by her very special Grandpa he incorporated butterflies, ice cream, flowers and lots of sparkle. Grandpa, Paul here in NH decided upon a larger floral quilting design.

Dorothy in WA, her quilt this month is a drop dead gorgeous Christmas quilt!  Her fabric selection from Moda prints makes this quilt amazing!  The gold tones sparkle and her piecing was fantastic.  I selected an elegant quilting design to finish it off wonderfully.

Ginny in WA sent me this fun little quilt for quilting.  The bright green border really brings out the green in the center of the quilt.  Black being the second color really makes it pop!  The small amounts of the other colors look like little jewels in the quilt.  Great job, Ginny!

It's always wonderful to hear from Bev here in NH.  Bev made this quilt for a cousin.  The soft colors on the oriental print makes this quilt delightful.  I am sure Bev's cousin just loved the quilt. 

Up next a couple of great quilts from JoAnn in NH.  The first one is filled with brightly colored tea pots and tea cups!  Such a fun fabric design!  Her second quilt a super scrappy one filled with Christmas prints is spectacular!  I love the layout on this quilt, it's a great design and what a brilliant way to use those leftover scraps!!

No pattern required for this great little quilt!  Laura in NH pulled bits and pieces from her stash, made a few brightly colored blocks and sashed 'em up! This fun quilt was gifted to a very special person who brings joy and happiness to a member of Laura's family.  

November was a busy month for me, but I loved every minute of it!  You gals and Paul make me look fantastic, thank you for that!

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Hope to be back soon with lots of great quilts from December!

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