Tuesday, August 11, 2015

July has come and gone

Can not believe that it is August 11th!  Time is passing at what seems to be lighting speed.  It is so true the older you get the faster time goes.  I try to remember this and not wish the time away moving from one event in time to another.

July was not a busy month for me.  I was still one machine down and finally had my HQ16 serviced and upgraded the computer.  This was a huge move for me, I loved my HQ16 with the old computer and was more than comfortable with how it operated.  I've got over 50 million stitches on that fabulous machine, that's a lot of happy quilts!

Speaking of happy quilts, how about me showing you the ones I finished in July?  On with the show!

Here's a great red, white and blue one from Amanda in NC.  We went with stars and loops for the quilting design.  You can really see the design on the accent white kona on her backing.  Pretty cool quilt!

Cheri in Me put together this great little quilt.  Love the fabrics, looks like a complete collection or line.  The quilting ended up with a light quilting to keep it light and flowey.  Once washed and dried it will have the perfect amount of texture.

Deb in VT kept me busy for a while!!  Here's four quilts that she put together and wanted quilted.  Deb is a very talented artist and her color sense is wonderful!  On top of that this gal is involved in a horse rescue and a couple of these quilts will be raffled off to help support the rescue efforts.  Here's  a link if you would like more information.  Good cause and there are more auction/raffle items to be had, check them out..... http://www.gerdasanimalaid.org/

Beginner quilter Elizabeth in NH is doing a fabulous job!  Each quilt has been better than the last.  I think we've got her hooked on a new hobby.  Here's a quilt that she put together for one of her girls.  The colors are great!

WOW, WOW, WOW! Not sure what else I can say about this great quilt from Gay.  I am always amazed when I get quilts with the graduated color, this is something that I dream of doing.  Love the modern fabrics in the traditional setting, made it perfect for a more modern quilting style.

Trust me the photo's of this quilt does not do it justice!  Here is another one of those WOW! quilts.  This quilt will be a house warming gift for a couple who lives near the ocean.  How perfect are these colors???  AND the quilting design that Jeannie in NH selected-VanGogh by Anne Bright-AMAZING!!  Just pulled it all together!  Great job, Jeannie!

Here's a couple of quilts that came from Laurie in TX.  Putting the traditional fabrics on the star quilt, always perfect, and the spinner quilt below, fun selection of fabrics.  Almost done and will be ready for some extra special quilt love!

I LOVE working with t-shirt quilts!  What a great variety of tones and colors all come together to create a one of a kind quilt.  I try to imagine the person who collected them and wonder about their lives now.  This great quilt comes from Marianne in CT.

How cute is this one?  Michele in ND put this adorable little quilt together for someone very special I'm sure.  Quilted with a simple hearts and loops.  Cute, cute, cute!

Rita here in NH put a few log cabin blocks together to make this wonderful quilt.  It was HUGE!!  I believe it's for one of her adult children and what a great quilt it is going to be!  I hope they appreciate all of the time, effort and love that Mom put into making it!  Lovely quilt, Rita.

Sandra (NH) pulled a few black and white's together and added a splash of colors in a few small area's.  This quilt if for a co-worker who is leaving the area.  I had fun stitching out the Doctor's Bag stitching on the quilt.  Don't forget to click for a closer view of the quilt and the stitching.

Lastly, a manly quilt from Stancy in NY. LOVE the simple design!!  This is a great way to use a fantastic focus fabric.  Adding the offset block pieces was a good way to add just a touch of interest to the quilt.  Stancy tells me she's made baby quilts but this is her second larger quilt.  She is on the road to becoming a stellar quilter!  Hope I see many, many more of her wonderful quilts!

That's it for the month of July, already off to a busy start for August.  I've got more fantastic quilts from some pretty talented gals.  

Thanks for checking on me,

love to hear what you've got to say...........