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March and April

***Edited, again.  I've been working on this post for about 2 months and I just need to let it go and move on.  So here it is.  I'm hoping to get back on track and move forward by just letting this go.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!***

March was a busy, busy month for me with two retreats.  Lots of fun, right?  Well it was, but then it wasn't!  I paid for it afterwards by getting the flu.  Wow! I had not been that sick for a really long time.  The machines just barely moved and I moved even less.  Three trips to the doctor, a cocktail of medications and I was still down for about a month!  So glad that's over!!  

I'm rolling March and April together since I got very little done.  The unfortunate part is that I forgot to photograph a few of the quilts. I pretty much only did what had to be done and a few things slipped through the cracks.  Here's the ones that I did manage to keep track of.

This is the only photo I can find of Cathy's adorable snowman pineapple quilt!  Each of the centers had been fussy cut showing a little snowman.  Her seams were dead on making the piecing perfect!  We went with a snowflake design in white thread, it was a really cute quilt.  I'm really sorry I didn't get more pictures of this one.

**Edited (again) Cathie sent me photos to share.**

Don't you just love the soft prints on these fabrics? This quilt looks like it could go in a room with white wicker furniture somewhere in the South. This quilt made a fantastic gift for someone very, very special.  Good job ladies! Kathleen and Judy great job on organizing and getting it done.

Here's another great quilt from Sharon in VT.  She has an eye for color and her fabric placement is always spot on!  The beautiful greens, purples and the small amount of teal is a perfect balance and the finished quilt is amazing!

Here's another great quilt from Peggy in NC!  I believe she mentioned this was a quilt kit that she purchased, but aren't the fabrics just perfect for the block design?  I really like the corner stones are in the border outside the blocks.  Need to remember this one!

Here's a butterfly and floral print quilt from Terry in NH. The gray sashing fabric Terry used was just perfect.  The soft pinks are a splendid accent color making them a great focus on the quilt.

I LOVED quilting this one!  So bright and colorful!  Just had to have the spinning quilting design to finish it off.  Using a bold red thread was the perfect choice for this adorable quilt from Kathy in CT.

This quilt design is still on my list of quilts to do.  I have quilted a few of these, but Penny in NH used a soft tan as her solid color. I really liked the way it softened the quilt.  I selected an ultra modern quilting design that finished it off wonderfully.

Susanne kept me busy for a couple of days with these wall hangings and her scrappy quilt.  The wall hangings were pretty simular but had different backings.  I believe she mentioned they were going to be gifted.  Her scrappy quilt is so bright and colorful trimmed in white sashing.  In the outside sashing she did a bit of embroidery adding the names of her family members.  Great idea!

Barbara whipped up this super soft, super quick baby quilt.  Using flannel fabrics and a layer of batting this little quilt is definately going to be a treasure.  We selected a jungle baby animal quilting design just adding to the cuteness!

Here's Ginny's latest quilt.  Using embroidery designs as blocks and then adding sashing and borders is a great way to make a quilt!  The soft floral print in her border leads into the butterfly quilting design.

Nancy here in NH finished up this fantastic little blue and gray for her new grand-baby to be.  Wanting it to last for many years to come we selected a swirly quilting design making it perfect for a little boy or girl from new born on up.

Ocean themed this fun quilt from Cathy in VT just had to have ocean quilting.  Cathy's fabric selection was a wide variety of fun fabrics.  The jelly fish and star border was just perfect for the quilt.  

Isn't this an interesting design?  It reminds me of rick rack.  Linda from IL did a great job in the piecing of this quilt and I do love the modern design of it.  Since the fabrics she used were floral prints we selected a very modern quilting design with a hint of flowers and lots of swirls.  Love this one!

Jane here in NH made this incredible quilt for her granddaughter.  Lots and lots of little hearts using a variety of fabrics set in white.  The solid block of blue-ish, green-ish, purple-ish fabric was a great idea for the alternate block.  She found the most perfect backing and we then finished it off with a heart quilting design.

Don't forget you can click on the photos for a closer look!

That's it for March and April.  I hope to be back soon with the quilts from May and June since we are into August at this point!  The days sure are flying by!

As usual, more photos of these great quilts can be seen at the other blog:

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