Tuesday, September 21, 2021

April 2021

Another batch of outstanding quilts! 

Renie is back this month with an fantastic house quilt.  How adorable are all those little houses?  Machine appliqued with a log cabin block creating the center.  We finished it off with a very elegant feather quilting design.

Stancy sent this stunning pink, yellow and black fabric quilt top.  The colors make this one!  It's a beautiful print that goes very well with the black and pink borders for a great splash of color.  A simple floral quilting design for the finish.

How great is this blue and green quilt from Betsy?  Perfect design and colors for a manly quilt.  She completed this quilt for a cousin who I'm sure absolutely loved it!  

Here's a cute quilt for a little guy.  Jeanne did a bit of machine applique on the truck and car then filled in with blocks made from strips of coordinating fabrics. She added a gray minky backing, making this the perfect quilt for a little person.

Patti made these two great memory quilts for a couple of special people in her life.  The hearts are made from men's shirts and the quilt(s) were given to the daughters of the shirt owner.  The dragonfly fabric in the alternating blocks add just a bit of whimsy. Finished these off in a quilted heart design was perfect.

Nancy dropped off three very cool quilts.  Her first is this string quilt using mainly pastel colors with just a few darker colors mixed in.  Pretty quilt.

Her second quilt is very colorful and bold.  Love this one.  It's amazing how well the simple plain blocks accent the pieced center blocks.  Finished it off with a modern quilting design.

And lastly this is a one block wonder with her own twist.  Another of the not following the specific directions adding something here and something there and she's got her finished quilt. Pretty darn cool!!

Katherine worked up this quick quilt as a gift for a someone special in her life.  The fabrics she selected work perfectly for this quilt pattern with a great choice of darks, mediums and lights. We completed the quilt with a modern leaf quilting design.

Here's an adorable little quilt from Bev.  Fussy cutting the fabric it puts lots of focusing on the cute whale print that she used as the centers for her blocks. A simple all over circle quilting design and this one is done!

Again my gal Susanne is way ahead of the calendar with the Christmas gifts!  Sending two square tops these will end up being Christmas tree skirts.  Trimming, opening the center and binding I believe is in the future of these beautiful mix of fabrics.

How bold is this next quilt from Sue?  The rich deep tones of the blues, purples and greens are striking against the black she used for the sashing and border.  Mostly Orientals prints we opted for dragonflies for the quilting design. 

Now that's a lot of stars!  How fantastic is this quilt from Diane?  The stars are actually formed in the borders and not from being a block design.  Diane mentioned to me that she had just about all the fabrics from her stash only needing one maybe two to make this beautiful quilt.

My next quilt is from Barbara, made for her 9 year old grandson it's a pretty big quilt!  One that he's going to be able to use for a very long time!  Pulling from her scraps she's constructed this great quilt which (in my opinion) could double as an I-spy quilt.  So many great fabrics!

Penny sent in a couple of quilts this month and boy were they just fabulous!  Her first one with the striking design and high contrast really makes this quilt magnificent!  She kept with the high contrast purple for the thread and a modern quilting design which was just perfect.

All decked out in red, white and blue is Penny's second quilt.  What a fun design the colors really pop with the placement and again high contrast.

How beautiful is this next quilt from Lisa?  I love this block design with the blend of both traditional and a touch of modern fabrics in this one.  We selected a basic feather design with a couple of different elements in the mix to finish this one-off. Nothing short of amazing!

Totally southwestern is this quilt from Sharon.  The colors and print of the fabrics coordinate perfectly for this beautiful quilt.  We finished it off using a traditional southwest image flipping it and then running it edge to edge.  What a striking finish!

Here's a great little quilt from Anne, so traditional with the fabrics and style.  Using a cream color thread we did a swirly feathery design which was just what was needed to finish this one off stunningly.

That wraps up another month of quilts.  Hope to be back soon!

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