Monday, January 23, 2012

Quilt Show Today....

Haven't been posting as much as I should, getting a little better at reading and checking in on you all.  Like everyone else life is just as busy as ever.  Here's a few cool quilts for you enjoy from the comfort of your home.

Karen in NH
I did these for Karen way back in December, wait!!  Was that just last month??  Seems like forever ago!  Both quilts were Christmas gifts.

Lisa in VT
Lisa is a new quilter and began with this beautiful applique quilt.  We decided to do an all over meander stitching.  Lisa did a wonderful job on this beautiful quilt!

Barbara in MN
Remember the orange quilt from last September?  It was made for hubbie to celebrate their anniversary?  Well, Barbara has come up with another great quilt.  How fun is this for a school fund raiser? 
Great Job, Barbara!!

Ann Marie from  FL
Ann Marie was a half price quilting winner and sent me this Bonnie Hunter stash buster quilt.  Loved seeing all of the different fabrics that she used. Check out her blog posting at 16 muddy feet.   Fabulous quilt!!

Judy M in NC
Yep, another Judy in NC! I think that brings the count up to 5! lol!! Judy M sent me a couple of great quilts to help her finish.

Betty Lou in TX
Another blogger!!  Betty Lou also sent me a couple of fabulous quilts to add to her stash of finished quilts.  Perfectly pieced these were a charm to work with!  Check out Betty Lou's blog Sugarland Quilts.  LOVE the broken Dresden plate quilt, wish I had time to do something like that!!

Dana in NH
Dana is in one of my guilds and is a sweetheart!  She works with our super talented techie Chris to get all of the wonderful pictures on our flicker through our web site.  Clear as mud??  If you belong to a guild or any group, this is one of the best things you could possibly do for new members.  Pictures with names!!  Anyway it takes a ton of time and I appreciate all of the effort that goes into what she does.  I used one of my favorite designs, "Paws Prints" on two of her quilt it goes perfectly on any quilt with animals.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the last one with the dyed backing and the swirly stars-perfect and fun!!  Here's Dana's quilts..

Okay, that's it for today!! If you'd like to see a few more pictures of these great quilts just check out the other blog:

Insanely Cheap Quilting

 Got to get out of here and deliver a couple more quilts that I finished up and then the guys in my life for some unknown reason think they need to be fed, so the grocery store in another stop.  While I'm in town Staples, JoAnn's and maybe treat myself to lunch out.  Who knows...

Well, you all have a wonderful day, and a better week! 
Thanks for checking on me!

love to hear what you've got to say........

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What does Cotton Candy, Christmas Paisley and Dutch have to do with quilting???

Have you ever sent an email to a wrong person??  Well, that's what I did earlier today, but I did it big!!!  I sent the email to a group, not just one, several people!! Yep, not just one person, but an entire guild!!  Of course it made absolutely no sense to them and I've had a couple of people ask "what does Cotton Candy have to do with quilting?".  Here's the email that I sent to the group (slightly changed-I checked my spelling and corrected a couple of errors that I noticed AFTER I hit the send key).  Well, here is the email and  what Cotton Candy has to do with quilting.....

Hi Ladies,
I've added a couple of quilts that I have recently. I used "Cotton Candy" on one, and my customer LOVES it!! She is a new quilter and the design allowed a little room to move some of the "extra" that comes with slightly wavy borders. She loves the back as much as she does the front. I used a dark thread that blends well with the front, but jumps out on the plain muslin backing.

Second is the "Christmas Paisley". Again I used a completely blending thread (at customer's request) and the quilt is going to have some beautiful texturing after it's washed!! LOVE IT!! Very subtle Christmas design.

Lastly I wanted to share the "Dutch" design that I used. This is a cheater quilt made way-back-when, but was part of my customer's UFO pile. Using Dutch it brings out the printed motif on the fabric and gave her a beautiful backing that she can be proud of!!

Thanks for looking, love to hear what you think!!

That's what Cotton Candy has to do with's the name of the quilting design from Anne Bright where I get most of the quilting designs that I use. This message was supposed to go to the Anne Bright Yahoo group, I sent it to the Northern Lights Quilting Guild group. Think I've got too many irons in the fire?!!

I do see things slowing a tad and I've had time to check in with a few of you blogging gals.  Love all of the fun stuff you guys are doing, but what's up with Blogger??  Am I the only one having issues with posting comments??  Can you say annoying???

Okay, that's it for today! I'm thinking I've done enough!  I've got more quilts
to share so stay tuned!!

thanks for checking on me,

love to hear what you've got to say.......

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Where are the words?

I've been hit or miss reading blogs, and definitely a miss on the postings of my blog.  Checking in now and then more often than not I see others with the same general postings about not blogging, being busy, life getting in the way.

The blogging community is HUGE, but I probably don't have to tell you that.  If you are reading this post chances are you are a blogger and know all about the blogs and the postings.  The blogs you follow may be different than the ones that I do, but I'm sure you have run across the same thing and know exactly where I'm coming from.  I have written before about the unbelievable commitment that blogging can be and again I'm probably preaching to the choir. 

I've been as busy as ever machine quilting for a number of wonderful gals. I have plenty of quilts to share.  Just yesterday I shipped three boxes out (Betty Lou, Ann Marie and
Judy M).  I've got Barb's ready to go, and I'm working on Dana's and Caitlin's is up next.  Bev called yesterday and she's got another one she would like to drop off.  And I'm working with a new gal and will see her quilt soon.In the mean time, I start as President of one guild and I'm arranging a fashion show with the other.  So I guess life is kinda busy my direction. 

So for today I'd like to share a few quilts that I have come my way.  This year I'd really like to stay caught up on just posting the fabulous works of love that I have been trusted with by their owners.

Let's begin with Terry.  Terry (blog link there) is a sweetheart and we all know it.  She waited much to long for these to get done and I really appreciate her patience.  Her first quilt is a half square triangle quilt that is so bright and cheery.  I love it!!  The second one is very country charm. I think the quilting will add to this one once it's washed and all puckery they way we love them.

Next I have Karen in IN.  LOVE this t-shirt quilt that she sent me. Many of the t-shirts that she used are so inspirational.  We finished it off with a simple meandering stitch.  Here's a link to Karen's blog.  Now here's a picture of the quilt:

Judy S in NC sent me the following quilts.  The first one is for her son who is a huge football fan and the other two are for her adorable little granddaughters.  Here's her quilts...

It amazes me that if I can force myself to sit, the words will come. It seems difficult when I don't have anything on my mind before I sit down to actually sit and do it!  Clear as mud?  Well, that's sorta how I roll...

As always take a peek at the other pictures I've posted on the
other blog, here's the link:

Thanks for checking on me,
Have a fabulous week.....

love to hear what you've got to say........