Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Wrapping the 2019!

It was another great year in the quilting business for me.  So, so many beautiful quilts to work with and so many talented people. Each and every month was  better than the last, the colors and fabric selections are nothing short of incredible.  We are already into the month of March, yep a little behind in my posting, but I've started the year off with a bang and can guarantee more wonderful quilts in the coming months ahead.  

Here's a quilt from Frances.  Blues, greens and all colors of the beautiful ocean seem to be the colors she enjoys working with. This block placement reminds us of the rolling waves and finishing it off with a quilting feather design creates movement within the quilt. Her second quilt, with a Minky backing, will make it impossible to resist cuddling this one!

How adorable is this little quilt from Jane?  Love the construction vehicles she machine appliqued on this quilt.  I just happened to have a construction vehicle quilting design and what a super cute quilt this one turned out to be.  Made for her grandson, I'm sure it will be greatly loved.  

T-shirt quilts are one of my favorites to work with. They can tell so much about the shirt owner. My next quilt made by Sheryl is representative of many years of her daughter's life.  Looking at the quilt we can tell the art of dance, drama and some skiing were her interests.  Another over the top soft and snuggly quilt with Minky for the backing, stitched in hearts a quilt that will be loved for many years to come.  

Audry had a few more this month!  She kept me busy for a couple of days, here are her latest ones. The first two are a great mix of colors with a simple design. The third quilt with purples and soft gold colors carries out the perfect balance for the quilt block design.  Her final quilt, a heart design will always be a great quilt for a quilter who really wants to add a bit more love.  

Rita made a few little girls in her life quite happy with the following quilts.  Finished and under the tree for Christmas, these adorable little quilts will be a huge hit with the little ones. Each little quilt was color-coded for the special little grand of Rita's.  A perfect way to identify each of the quilts.  We opted for a simple starfish design to finish them off.

How fun is this ultra-modern quilt from Susanne in NJ? The blues and yellow are a stunning high contrast keeping the quilt bright and bold.  Susanne made this incredible quilt for her grandson.  We opted for a more modern quilting design, making this quilt perfect for any young man.

Gracie is back again this month with a wonderful Trip Around the World quilt that was under their Christmas tree. This quilt was a gift for her cousin. Gracie tells me she and her cousin are more like sisters than cousins, how wonderful is that?  A little bit of hearts here and there in the quilting design adds just a bit more of love that went into this extra special quilt.

 Here's a wonderful bow-tie quilt from Ruthann.  The precise piecing made this a super easy one for me to work with and her color choices was superb!  I believe this quilt is for a great-grand of Ruthann's.  

Here's another t-shirt quilt from Jill. Marked with so many memories
this quilt is exceptionally special. All of the great t-shirt designs and the unique little additions Jill has sewn into the blocks take this quilt over the top. My favorite is the Big Bang shirt, love that one!

Here's another great memory quilt from Pat in VT.  Constructed from men's clothing this log cabin quilt came together beautifully.  We decided to go with a simple meander for the quilting finishing it perfectly.


This posting brings an end to 2019 and what a fabulous year it was, so many outstanding quilts from so many great people. 

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