Saturday, April 24, 2021

August Quilts are here!

Still working on catching up, wish me luck and the stamina to continue!
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No better way to start this post than with a couple of really great fall quilts followed up with a jumpstart on a Christmas Holiday project.  Sam did an excellent job on mixing and matching all fabrics with these three projects of her.  Keeping the quilting patterns to fit the overall theme Pumpkins and leaves on the first two quilts followed up with Christmas balls on the last.

Our next quilt, a signature quilt was made by a couple of gals for their minister who was leaving the congregation.  I enjoy these works, reading all of the heartfelt messages explains the need to let the minister know she will be greatly missed. Great use of color and the pastel's used for the signature blocks were perfect.

Simple, but bold!  The strong contrast of this one is a real winner!  Matching the yellow of the blocks in small areas of the final border brings this quilt together beautifully!  Simple star and loops for the quilting design.

Bonnie Hunter designs for a win!!  Strikingly high contrast using reds and whites Betsy did a great job on this one!  Blending this many fabrics can be a challenge but this one is a real winner!

Renie needed a quick and easy QOV for a friend and managed to pull this one together pretty quickly.  Constructed from a layer cake guarantees this one will match without hitch!  Swirls and stars for the quilting for the finish.

Here's a beautiful quilt from Norma for her granddaughter.  Super sweet 30's fabrics blended with a multicolor dot print for a subtle contrast.  The newsprint backing is perfectly themed for the quilt top fabrics.  I used a floral quilting design that incorporated hearts within the flower for an extra shot of sweetness.

Next group of quilts is from my friend Dorothy in Washington.  She's keeping her machine busy creating all of these wonderful little quilt tops and ships them to me for the quilting. She keeps telling me all of this comes from her "stash" fabrics!  She can be very creative with her designs and her fabric choices are really great. 

That's it for August!  See you soon with September!

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Thursday, April 8, 2021

July 2020 Recovery Books

 ABSOLUTELY no quilting got done this month!!  I was a sofa weight. My sole purpose was to hold the sofa down.  I did manage to finish quite a few books! 

 Here's a list of some of my favorites during this time for you readers....

Sold on Monday Kristina McMorris

Zero Day David Baldacci

The Most Fun We've Ever Had Claire Lombardo

The Girls with No Names Serena Burdick

The Obituary Writer Ann Hood

After You  Jojo Moyes

Olive, Again Elizabeth Strout

The Late Show Michael Connelly

Still Me Jojo Moyes

In all honesty, I 'read' by listening.  If you know me, you know my phone is used for listening to my books and that is it!!  Makes my kids crazy, but I just hate typing on those tiny little buttons.  Pick up the phone call me, email, fb message (on the computer), but do not send me a text, I will not reply, sorry.

Anyway, I listen to books.  It's convenient for the area in which we live.  I spend a lot of time driving and it makes the time go quickly.  Love Libby and Audible, yes Audible.  It's a simple guilty pleasure that I give to me. 

That's it for July 2020!

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Sunday, April 4, 2021

June Quilts Another Great Show

Still working on catching up, slowing getting back up to speed.  I've got all of the photos, all 761 of them!  Seems overwhelming, but I'm still plugging away.  

No better way to start this post than with a true Covid quilt.  Enjoy! 

Beth Anne's solution on what to do during Covid, make a Covid quilt.  Finished off with a super fun quilting design.  Bright colors really make this one shine.  Backing selected with the impact of the virus coverage.  Clever.

Lisa kept me busy for a few days,  each quilt better than the last and when you start off great it's a challenge to get better but that she does!  Simple with dramatic results, seems to be all about color selection and she's an expert!

Up next is a couple of bee quilts from Elizabeth.  I had the perfect bee/flower design for the quilting.  Nice gold and soft black fabrics are just perfect for these quilt patterns.

This quilt top and backing was donated to a guild that I am a member of.  I offered to help with the quilting and pass it along for the binding to be finished by another member.  It's final home was a local women's shelter.  

How cool is this ultra modern quilt from Penny?  I believe she will be using it as a wall hanging to help brighten up the room.  Lovely flowers with a heavier modern quilting design for the perfect finish.

That's it for the month of June.  Headed into knee replacement surgery and there won't be any quilts for July.  I hope to be back with the quilts from August soon, once again not as many since I was attempting to take it easier than my normal pace for recovery.

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