Tuesday, December 27, 2016

It was a crazy October!

40! That's right.....40!
40 quilts during the month of October.  If you follow this blog or are facebook friends with me you saw what was dubbed as the "Quilting Marathon".

There were quite a few Christmas quilts in that batch so I've waited to post the finished quilt photos. Now it's time!  Let's see those quilts!  Due to the quantity I'm only going to post one photo and keep it brief.  After all I've got November and still working on December's quilts.  

With that being said, I have gone overboard and posted more photos on the other blog.  Here's the link:

Here's the show.....

Alex in NH

Betty in NC

Bev in NH

Brandy in PA

Carol in VT

Dana in NH

Elizabeth in KY

Hellie in NH

Janet in NH

JoAnn in NH

Katherine in NH

Kristina in NH

Laila in NH

Laura in NH

Linda K in CT

Linda L in CT

Melynn in MA

Michele in NH

Nancy in PA

Norma in NC

Pam in NH

Pat in VT

Renie in NH

Shari in VT

Shirley in NH

Terry in NH

Wendy in IN

How's that for a show?!?!  
Did you count the quilts?  
If you did you will notice that I've only posted 39, the 40th quilt was not completed until November.  After the quilting I had to apply and finish the binding, it was not shipped until the month of November.  Quilting - October, Billing - November.  Technicality, but officially 40 quilts were quilted!!

It was a FABULOUS month with so, so many great quilts!  As mentioned above there are more photos of each quilt at the other blog.  Here's a link, it's worth the time to take a look.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Just a few for September

September was a crazy busy month for me.  I didn't get the machines up and running until the 20th!!  That is beyond crazy for me since I usually finish up anywhere from 5-9 quilts a week depending upon many factors.
If you follow me you know that October was a record month with me finishing 40 quilts!!  WOW!!  That's amazing, the photos are still being sorted and I hope to have them up in a couple of days.

Let's roll into September....

First I have a couple of great quilts from Rita here in NH.  One of these actually belongs to Rita's Mom! Both quilts are amazing, I see where Rita's talent come from looking at Mom's quilt!

Next is Norma from NC.  How cool is this one?  Looks like it was a difficult one to put together.  Great job, Norma!  You will see another of Norma's fabulous quilts in October.

Polly here in NH made great use of her scraps on this quilt.  Tying all of the fabrics together with the dark burgundy sashing was an excellent choice!

Melynn from MA also gave me a very cool scrappy project of hers!  As you can see with the scrappy quilts anything goes!  Don't forget to click on the photos for an up close look - POTATOES!!

Lisa's quilts are always beautiful!  The red accents on this one really makes it stand out in the best way possible!  Lisa has a great grasp of combining colors!

Colors!!  And who's name do I think of....Judi in VT!  From her very first quilt she has always blown me away with the way she mixes, matches, and puts all those wonderful fabrics with their colors together.  Here's her latest, I guess I should mention that it's a wedding gift for a very special young couple.

JoAnn in NH, yep, another fabulous one!  Kaffe fabrics were mainly used to built this great house quilt.  With the flannel backing it's going to be warm and great for those cold New Hampshire nights.  I've got another of Jo Ann's quilts for October, it's cuter than cute!!

Adele also here in NH needed this one quilted up quick as a gift for someone special.  Braided quilts are always great.

Next we have Jamie in CT.  LOVE this beautiful blue baby quilt!  Blues are my colors and how wonderful is this cute little quilt going to be for a new little person?

And last but not least I had to quilt one of my own.  Another 1600 Jelly Roll quilt from a jelly roll I've had in my stash for a while.  I've decided that if I do nothing else but make the 1600 quilts at least the fabrics are being used and I'll have a quick already done quilt for a gift if needed.  This one is already spoken for and I need to get it in the mail.  But isn't this one cute?

Well, that's it for September!  Hope I'm back soon with those October quilts, I do have plenty of photos to share!  For more photos of these great quilts just click the link below to the other blog:

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