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Beautiful quilts in December!

December brought another round of amazing quilts.  It's a tough job (wink, wink) seeing all of these wonderful tops being transformed into amazing quilts, so glad they have selected me to do it.  I really do work with some of the best and most talented gals out there.  Love each and every one as they pass through my hands.  Here's what the month of December looked like in my world, hope you enjoy it, I certainly did!

Civil War Reproduction fabrics makes up our first quilt.  Arty did a wonderful job piecing this splendid quilt.  Finishing it with a simple but elegant feather design was just perfect for this quilt. Arty is ahead of the game with her second piece, a wonderful Christmas wall hanging.  Yay, Arty!

It was difficult to let this next quilt go home!  Brandy always does an amazing job but, her house quilts are the best of the best!  This wintery one finished in the soft colors of blues and reds is just superb!  We went with a swirly snow design to finish it off wonderfully.  Brandy also finished off the fun t-shirt quilt using a great red, white and blue accent fabric.  Loads of wonderful memories in that quilt!

Here's a super cute quilt from Camille.  Made for a neighbor friend the theme is all about farming and the country living. To finish it off we selected a fun animal quilting design just perfect for this little quilt.  What a fun print which resulted in a great gift.

Dorthy in WA finished up terrific little wall hanging using the leftovers from her last quilt.  Wall hangings are a good use of those leftover fabrics for a fun little project.  

Here's another wonderful t-shirt quilt from Hasty.  I believe this one is for one of her daughters.  T-shirt quilts are a fabulous way to remember the past.  Seemed to me the owner of this quilt was definitely into skiing through out her college years.  Hasty used 2" squares of batiks to set the shirt design and then bordered it in a wonderful blue.  Nice job!

Julene's quilts are amazing!  Her quilts will vary in a wide color range and the styles are just as versatile.  Her first quilt is ultra modern using solid colors mixed with a light gray fabric. The bold fabric colors make the simplistic piecing shine on her first quilt.  I love the star design on her second quilt and think the points of the stars will make a great edge for finishing.  Again using bold colors with the gray really making the design pop.  Finishing up is a sweet little quilt she made for her Momma using beautiful burgundy fabrics.  

December brought me a couple more wonderful quilts from Karla.  The first is a scrappy batik with soft colors and just the right amount of pop from the little bits of darker reds and blues.  The border print pulls it together perfectly.  Karla's second quilt is a super sweet bee print that we finished off with a bee quilting design. 

Lisa really WOW'ed us this month with her three quilts.  Each one just a bit better than the last no matter what order they were in.  All three quilts were constructed using white and an amazing combo of mixed colors for the second color selection.  The second quilt shown below has a crazy amount of small half square triangles as a border, double WOW!!!  This little border really makes that quilt shine!  I just love seeing quilts from Lisa, her color selection puts her quilts over the top.

 this gal keeps me hopping!  Michele is another one of my favorite quilters.  Her fabric selection is always spot on!  She always pulls from her stash and combines the most perfect fabrics to blend the colors and just the right about of prints to complete fabulous quilts.  She makes me look good!  Up first is this fantastic black, gray and yellow, stunning!

Here I have another "WOW!" quilt.  Love the way she arranged the blocks on this one!

Cute little blue and yellow, didn't see the design of the quilt until I was taking the photos.

Amazing bargello's .....

A couple of scrappy ones all sewn up in flannels making a super, super soft and warm quilt.  Yep, she's making me look great!  Thanks, Michele!

LOVE this very traditional quilt from Nancy in PA.  The nine patch block mixed with the leafy machine applique sashing resulted in this warm and amazing quilt.  Great job, Nancy!

How super amazing are these themed quilts from Nicole in VT?  I believe the first quilt center is part of a panel that she sashed it out and then added the amazing colorful stars.  Finished it off with a Star Wars quilting design just as needed.  Her second quilt just as fun as ever!  The infamous Police Box made a great center complete with the instructions for use!

Up next is this wonderful quilt from Pat in VT.  I absolutely love the colors and the layout of this one!  We finished it off with a modern feathery quilting design. I am sure the young couple just loved it! 

Renie from here in NH finished off a couple of really smashing quilts in December!  How fun is the first one with all of the little blue houses trimmed out with machine applique seasons.  Her second quilt would be just perfect for any guy.  The animal blocks trimmed out in the jewel tone fabrics is wonderful!

Whew, that wraps up the quilts from December!  I should be back very soon with the quilts from January since I had a special project there weren't that many.  In the mean time, you all take care, keep on quilting!

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