Sunday, May 5, 2013

Another Show?

I just checked the drafts of my other blog:

and I've got what seems like a ton of SAVED DRAFTS!!!!!!   What that means is I've got gals who's quilts are done, delivered and most likely already has the binding on the quilt, BUT I have yet to share my pictures!
So...without further ado....

Tina in NJ

Terry in OH

Pat in NH

Mary K in NH

Rachel in NH

Janet in NH

Deb in VT


 Kristina in NH

Candy in NH

Sharon in NH

Whew....that almost brings me up to date, but not quite!!  The machine is running and I've still got some really great quilts in house.  Check back for more quilts soon!!
Thanks for checking on me,
love to hear what you've got to say..................