Monday, July 6, 2015

Showing off a few quilts

It's been another busy month for me.  Thought I'd catch up with blogging and show off a few of the great quilts I've had the pleasure of working with.

Two things to remember: 1) Click on photo for closer look and 2) more photos of these quilts can be seen at my other blog:

(and you can get close ups there too)

Let's begin with mine. Mine were NOT done in June, but sometime between February and March, can't remember when.  I've told you that blues are my colors so are you really surprised with the color combo's of these quilts?  Both are UFO's!!  Finished for kid, Joey.  He spotted the center hanging in my sewing room and claimed the quilt.  It only took me a couple of years to finish the borders.

Second quilt started out as a Lucky Stars Quilt Pattern.  While at a retreat someone, Michelle, mentioned that the blocks would "look good on point".  UGH!!!! Why, why, why??!?!?!?! I think this falls back to the following of directions issues that I have because I completely don't ever follow directions on quilts!!
 But it did turn out to be a great quilt.

Sharon in NH had some pretty amazing quilts for me this month!!  LOVE the blue one, but the brownish, yellowish layout is way, way, cool!!  The twisted log cabins blocks take on a stunning design.

Up next is a cute little quilt from Betsy in NH.  Love the quilting design Under the Sea from Anne Bright.  Can you see the whale and octopus on the quilt?

Nancy from PA sent me a couple of quilts to work with in June.  What a stunning design the first one is!  I love the bright colors and the modern design.  The second is a cute little panel that was just calling for simple butterflies.  

I put this quilt together for Sherrie in NH.  It is completely constructed from men's shirts.  It's a great memorial quilt.  Love how all of the colors just meshed in the end.  

Polly in NH made great use of her scraps.  What a good way to use all of those 2", 3"  and 4" blocks!!  May be adding this quilt to my ever growing list of 
quilts to make!

Donna in NH sent me another one of Mom's quilts.  As I understand this is a top that her Mom put together some time ago.  Donna had me quilt it, and she will be finishing it for a very special birthday gift. The design of the quilt was just calling for a very simple meander and I'm sure Mom is going to love having a 
finished birthday quilt!

Dorothy in WA!!!  Dorothy sent me this quilt and I had the pleasure of her picking it up in person!!  Dorothy used to live in New Hampshire and was back in New Hampshire visiting.  This gave her the chance to stop in and see the "lay of the land" in my quilting room.  It was great to have Dorothy and Renie stop in, AND how sweet that they brought me some cheesecake from a new shop in New London, NH where they had gone for lunch!! Yep, just a perk of the job and I LOVE it!!!

Pat in NH, great couple of quilts!  The first one is for one of her daughters and the bold green against the black is stunning.  I worked with thread from the same color and the Sparks design of Anne Bright.  Finished the quilting wonderfully.  Pat's second quilt will be a wonderful donation to a local charity.  It's a cute little pink and white quilt, perfect for stitching out hearts. 

Sue in NH kept me really, really busy this month!!  I quilted 5 quilts just for her!! Unfortunately I didn't get the finished photo's of 4 of them, but I did get a couple of shots during the quilting.  She had: 2 yellow and blue daisy quilts, one train quilt, one green and black quilt and the last was a musical quilt.  Sue sure does keep her machine humming!! (and mine too!!) Here's a few photo's of her quilts....

Bonnie in VT had some fun with all of the batiks in this great quilt.  Who doesn't love a batik quilt?  Good job Bonnie!!

New quilter Carol in NH made this adorable little quilt for her grandson!  All of the fun animals on it made selecting the animal prints quilting more than fun!  Can't wait to see more from Carol in the future!

Penny in VT made this soft as butter modern quilt.  The colors and the fabrics just lend their way to a more modern design.  Penny mentioned that she's been hangin' out at Jaybird Quilts and I can see that in her quilt designs.


That was 19 quilts in June!!  Don't count the first two, add Sue's train quilt that I got ZERO photo's of, darn it!!  Okay, now let's catch up on a few from the past!

Penny in VT in MAY!  Another great super soft, just smooth as butter fabric, LOVED this quilt!  Penny is using the Katahdin Batting (I'm now using it for the 100% cotton quilts thanks to Kelly @ I Have A Notion) and these quilts are just dreamy!!  Another Jaybird Quilts ruler design I believe.

Peggy in NC sent me this super fun t-shirt quilt!  I loved the designs from the shirts.  She also sent a cute little quilt made from Civil War Reproduction fabrics. Peggy used to live in Hanover, NH and was a member of my guild.  She is greatly missed and a super sweet gal!!

Judi in NH put me to the test of doing a little custom work.  Very little, but it was fun just the same.  Judi used her embroidery machine to make all of the bird blocks, they are super cool!  It's going to be a great wallhanging!

Judi in VT made a couple of fun quilts.  the first one is a picnic quilt for her family and it is funner than fun!  The kids are going to have a great time reading all of the different spots on the quilt.  Judi's second quilt is completely Judi-Style!  Love haw she had a great flair for mixing it all up and it looks fabulous!!

Don't go away!!!  There's still MORE!!  How about a few from April??
I said I was trying to catch up!

New quilter Elizabeth in NH finished off this quilt for her daughter!  I've got a second one from Elizabeth to work on this month, so stay tuned.  She is loving the whole quilting scene and I expect to see many more of Elizabeth's quilts in the future!

Michele in ND!!  Yep, all the way from North Dakota!  A super fun soccer quilt that just had to have Sneakers from Anne Bright and a soft green/brown that we finished with a simple design.  Great quilts, Michele!!

Gabrielle from CA!  Another top a long way from home!  What a great gift she made for some special people in her life.  Again a super Anne Bright design, Tractors finished off the John Deere quilt wonderfully!  Super job, Gabrielle!!

Betty Lou from TX made a incredible little quilt for a special little person in her life.  Somebody tell me these are not Dallas Cowboy football fans!  I think they are starting this little person early!

Karen in VT.  Soft colors are always an excellent choice when looking at fabrics for making a quilt.  Another quilt I can just imagine on a wicker chair somewhere a shabby chic room.  A soft flowery quilting design, perfect!

Susan in CT.  WOW!!!  What a quilt!  Ultra modern is all I can say for this fascinating quilt!  We went with simple curved line on the entire quilt with the exception of the orange circle.  I chose to do straight lines in the opposite direction.  This quilt is called Odd Ball from Fresh Lemons and is geared toward guys.  Susan made this quilt for her 13 year old grandson, what a treasure!

Okay, okay!!  I think I'm done for today.  Whew, that was a lot of quilts!  I know everyone loves seeing their quilts on the blog and I do my best to keep up with them, but it is a time consuming task!   

I love that so many of these wonderful quilters have the trust and faith in me to help with their very special treasures.  

Until next time, I'll be quilting away.....

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