Sunday, December 27, 2015

October quilts are up!!

Whew!!  Christmas is over and it's time to get back to work!  

Finished the last of the Christmas quilts on the 21st of December and the USPS came through and it was delivered on the 24th!!  THAT quilt most likely will be under the tree without a binding, but it's as close to being done as it gets!!

Lots and lots of quilts backed up here waiting patiently until after the Holidays.  January is going to be another huge month of beautiful quilts!  

Let's recap the October quilts....

Alex in NH had me work on this totally modern quilt.  She really did a high contrast with the quilting using circles.  I think it's pretty cool!!

Here's a couple of quilts from Cathy in NH.  The first is a scrappy quilt using soft colors.  Using a floral more traditional quilting design worked just perfectly.  The second pink one, for her granddaughter Emma.  Emma selected a pink thread and butterflies.  Perfect for Miss Emma.  I'm sure she is loving the quilt!

LOVE the brights on this quilt from Donna!!  Simple in design but the colors make this quilt fabulous!!  Donna selected a simple quilting design with smaller circle and just a touch of larger loops.  The orange backing is striking and perfectly compliments the front of the quilt.

New quilter Elizabeth, sent me the following quilt tops. Pinks and browns, can't go wrong with this color combo!  I selected a modern hearts quilting design to help finish it off.  Festive Hearts from Anne Bright is one of my favorite go to design. Elizabeth's second quilt was made for her nephew and is one of the softest manly quilts I've seen.  He is going to love it!

Genia, what a cute little sampler quilt!!  Don't forget to click on the photo for a closer look!   This quilt went to Houston for Quilt Market as a sample, it is adorable, perfect for any quilter!

Ginny.....this quilt had me stressed out!!  I am NOT a custom quilter, too much pressure.  I agreed to quilt this one for Ginny and knew it had to be done-RIGHT!  The Sunbonnet Sue's dresses are constructed from Ginny's cousin Nancy's dresses.  The blocks were made by Aunt Mary (Nancy's Mom).  Ginny put the blocks into a quilt for Nancy.  I wanted to keep the quilting simple to insure the focus of the quilt would remain the Sunbonnet Sue's. I ended up doing a very tight meander around the Sue's and a simple border design on the sashing and borders matching the thread to the fabric.  The quilting was almost invisible-mission accomplished!!  (but oh the stress....self imposed, but it's the way I roll)

The next two quilts are from JoAnn.  I believe they are/were Christmas gifts for her two granddaughters.  Ultra modern in design and color the young gals are gonna love them!  Had to use a very simple quilting design to follow the theme of the quilts.  Great job, JoAnn!

Next couple of quilt are from another JoAnne!!  The first is a fun hexie quilt and I believe a gift for another granddaughter!  JoAnne decided on paw prints for the quilting design.  It's a great design for those who own pets or for the kiddo's.  The second quilt she kept it fun and whimsical and we used a bumble bee design for the quilting. 

ME!!  Another Joanne!!  This is a falling charms from Missouri Star!  Darn that Jenny!!   She shows up in my inbox and has all of these great u-tube video's and I fall for it!  It's easy, it's fast, it's fun!!  Yes it is, but...when you make a super king size quilt it takes a bit longer!!  I am lovin' this quilt and it's going to be on MY bed during the 2 spring and summer months we have here in New Hampshire!

Judy in NC kept my machine running for a few days.  The first is a redwork quilt that is adorable!!  We kept the quilting simple with swirls and stars.

Judy's quilt..the next few quilts my lighting was off, so please pardon the color issues I was having.  This great quilt was a combo of piecing and applique.  Judy selected a traditional quilting design to help finish it off.  

Chocolate Stars, yum!!  Judy did a fabulous job with the piecing of this one, and we matched the paisley's in the border fabric with the quilting design.

The smaller wall hanging was calling for a very traditional design.  The piecing was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT in the smaller blocks on this piece.  Judy always does a wonderful job!

Judy's final quilt is a batik with a striking contrasting center block.  She selected another traditional quilting design that included a heart in the design.  LOVE the way it finished up.

Mary Colleen made this quilt as a gift and it is another great quilt finished up!  We selected Waves as the quilting design just to add a bit of texture.  It's not going to distract from the quilt.  I believe the fabrics were from her father's clothing and the quilt will be/was a gift for her Momma.  Quilters are WONDERFUL people!!  And I have to admit that I had fun saying "Mary Colleen" the entire time the quilt was here.  Such a wonderful Irish Catholic name that is just fun to say!  Mary Colleen (had to say it one more time...)

Quilted a couple for the Northern Lights Quilt guild this month. These are the guilds community service quilts and will be distributed to those in need. 

Peggy in NC sent it my way and it is one of the funnest quilts I've seen for a while.  The bright yellow is PERFECT for the red flowers.  I had the best design from Anne Bright, check out the quilting on this one!  Thanks Peggy!!!!

Rita kept me busy for a couple of days!!  She brought me not just a top from her but also tops from her Mom and daughter for quilting.  There is now a new baby in their family and here's a look at the quilts the newest member of the family will start her life with.  Congrats to the entire family on your newest bundle of joy!

Sharon dropped these beauties off for me to stitch out for her.  Love them both!!  The first is a gift for her niece and what a wonderful gift! Batiks make a modern quilt simply striking!  And the second one, it's all about the blue for me and I LOVE that circle quilting design!

AND still Sharon.....WOW!!!! Quilting design feather-ish...

Fun, fun, fun!!  Sheila's quilt for grandson!  The colors are so bright and cheery and he's a bow-tie kinda kid, so we just had to do a bow-tie design! 

Star quilt come from Terry in OH.  You can never go wrong with the red and white quilt.  Using a simple start design for the quilting, this quilt will be loved for a very long time.  

October was a busy month!!!  But there they are!!  You can see more photo's of all of these on the other blog.  Here's a link.....

I hope to have the November quilts up in a couple of days.  I'd like to finish the year on time!!  Well...just not too far behind.....

That's it, see you again soon!

thanks for checking in on me,

love to hear what you've got to say................