Friday, September 19, 2014

List for the give-a-way...

Doing it the semi-old fashioned way, I let pick the numbers.  Since there were 26 comments I had Mr. Random use 1-26 and mix them up.  Here's what he came up with, I haven't looked to see who is what number.  As you can see from the time/date stamp at the bottom I just did this.  I'm off to email #'s 1, 5 and 15.  Thanks for all of the comments it was fun reading them and nice to know I'm not alone!

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I'm working on another Quilty Crime post, so look for that soon!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Just got the word BIG, BIG things happening  around here on Sunday, I can't hardly wait!!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Quilts....lots of them!!

My machine should be working, and I should be cleaning, but l wanted to catch up a bit on a few of the quilts that I've had the pleasure to be a part of the process.    Since I've got those other things looming in the background waiting for me, on with the quilts!!

 Judi in NH has kept me busy, busy busy!  She's done tons of great quilts this year and these two are a couple of my favorites.  The first one is so colorful how could you just not fall in love with it?  The second is/was great for those grandma points with a quilt made for her grandson Jaxon.

Reaching way, way back into the deep dark places of my computer I found a couple of great quilts from Terry over at ~Terry's Treasures~.   Always a pleasure to work with Terry in getting her wonderful quilts quilted!

Again reaching way, way back into my computer I have a warm and cozy quilt from Sue here in NH.  Love the way she made this just a little differently with the cornerstones in the border.


 The next four quilts comes from Tina in NJ.  A newer quilter Tina definitely has a eye for the modern fabrics.  These are always wonderful and brighten my day as I work with them.  



 Sharon brought me these two fun quilts!  The first one is another bright and cheery one and I love the stitching we selected for the quilting.  Second quilt is another cool quilt from her African fabric stash.

Tita finished up a couple of great quilts that she allowed me to help her with.  I love the French General one!  This is the second quilt like this that Tita has done, and I love everything about these!  Second quilt was a quickie for her, looks great.

That's it for today! 
 A few of the more recent quilts and some that I had to dig deep to find the photo's.

I'll be back on Thursday to announce the winners from the give-a-way in the previous post.  If you haven't entered you may want to check it out.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tubix-What a Quilt and the Jouney!

 Thank you Sue over at Quilt Times


But oh the journey....  Who knew that pattern testing could be so much fun? Please read that last sentence with a severe note of sarcasm.   This quilt was a great learning experience for me, again with the sarcasm.  It pushed me into the limits of reading color and block construction and FINISHING that I didn't know was possible.  But what I learned about myself explains lots of those UFO's I've got hanging around.

I don't follow instructions.

There I said it.  And that is exactly the reason I don't finish things.  I start with a pattern/design and then I "change" it. Not a good idea...somewhere along the line I get stuck and throw it aside. Yep, that's it!  Changing it, not a good idea.  Makes finishing it much, much more difficult.  Not only don't I have the directions, but chances are since I've deviated from the pattern I don't have the fabric I need to finish it the way I *think* I should.  So off it goes into a drawer, box or what-ever with good intentions of facing it another day that doesn't happen. you know what I'm talking about?

Let's get to the quilt shall we? 

Here it is... 

 I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this quilt!!  I've got a kid in the house who loves it too, he's offered to buy it from me.  Sorry this one is all mine!!  The Modern Squares quilting design is PERFECT!!

When Sue sent me the photo of the quilt I immediately went out and purchased "some" fabric.  Notice I said "photo" not instructions, not fabric requirement, "photo".  At this point I'm already trying to make it my way by not knowing what I need but going on what I like.  MISTAKE!!

When I got the email with the pattern, I looked at the fabric that I purchased and wasn't crazy about the fabric selection.  The fabric and pattern laid around for a couple of weeks without motivation from me, since I wasn't happy with my choice.  BUT!!  I was shifting things around in my room and found a Moda Jelly Roll Moda Scapes that I kinda thought would work.  So I made a few blocks, and fell in love.

  Made a few more blocks and OH MY GOSH!!   I need a huge quilt!!  How many blocks can I make???  It's going to be a monster size quilt!!  BUT - - the pattern states the quilt is 58" x 70', that's only 32 little 6" blocks!!!   I CAN MAKE WAY MORE THAN THAT!!  Just look at how fabulous those blocks are!! 

So, on a mission I carefully lay out all of the fabrics and start matching up those beautiful strips of fabrics....
 Yes!!  It's so fun, and beautiful....
  Just looooookkkkkk at those lovely strips....(I'm having way too much fun taking photo's for this planned post...payback will come later, hang in there.)

 I'm thinking I'm pretty darn cleaver...I've come up with a good way to chain stitch those puppies!!
 At this point I have all the blocks a girl could comfortably make from that jelly roll (I've got 40 blocks and remember the pattern calls for only 32) comes putting it on the wall...hummm...let's see how that works for ya....
 um...not very well.  Where's the design? 
 How again does that pattern go together....
 If I shift them slightly and make a few more blocks,
 it MIGHT work...
 those beautiful sets from earlier has turned into this, need I say more?
 Here's another layout, STILL needing blocks...

how about this one?  um, no, blocks still missing....
 well, maybe if I take a few apart and move them a different way....

 YES!!!!!!!!! Or so I thought!!!  Notice how the last row does not start with a block but a solid fabric square? That is going to TOTALLY NOT WORK!!  More blocks to be made?  But I'm still pluggin' away at it....
 this is what I've got to work with, so off to order more fabric......
 taking blocks apart to make it few photo's explain it all.....

 E-GAD!!!  Am I seriously thinking of changing something else????? 
 Just shoot me!!!!
 done?  really? done? has it really happened? 
Not really, I still have borders to do, just read the photo's.

 TOP IS DONE!!!!!!! 

 Has been quilted.....
I'm still working on the binding. I really do love this quilt!  It pushed me to my limits on some days, but it is so worth it.  Looking back at the UFO's that I have laying around, it was those changes that most likely killed the progress.  But knowing that I'm feeling positive that I can tackle them with new insight.

How about a little giveaway if you are still with me?  Leave me a comment letting me know if you can relate to this post or are you a die hard pattern follower?  I've got three charm packs that need new homes.

I'll randomly draw 3 names on September 19th.  Let me know your choices in order, Moda Juggling Summer, P&B Textiles Bear Essentials or Michael Miller Pastel Pops.  Don't forget that's two things you've got to tell me in one comment.  Since this lovely quilt pattern comes from over the ocean, I'm going to open up shipping to everyone. 

Other GREAT things are happening around here, besides all of the fabulous quilt's that I've been quilting.  I'll post some new quilt pictures very soon.

thanks for checking on me,

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