Monday, October 21, 2019


July brought me another batch of beautiful quilts! Each one more beautiful than the last.  What a fun month to see all of these great quilts and work with their talented owners.  

Cathy kept me busy with her ocean themed quilts for a few days! It gave me the opportunity to play around with different designs.  Flip flops, sea shells and puddle rings were the designs that completed the quilt.  The second quilt in this group was a interesting one to see finished.  First time using the modern quilting design on a more traditional fabrics, finished was very cool!

Lisa made the next three and they are simply stunning!  Her first, a trip around the world with a simple loop quilting, second a more modern look with the batiks and her last quilt two color flying geese blocks set in blue with accents of orange.  The color combo of each of the quilts is spot on, excellent job Lisa!

How cool is this quilt pattern?  It appears to be two quilt blocks but looks more complex after putting the blocks together. Sue did an fantastic job with her piecing and notice the border? Love the way she used the leftover pieces and cut them at an angle.  

Here's another cute little quilt from Paul.  His granddaughter loves flowers and butterflies.  He happily fulfilled her wish with this next quilt.  We selected a butterfly design with finished it up perfectly!

WOW!  Betsy knocks it out of the park with this quilt!  A million little pieces and all perfectly sewn together!  What a fun quilt this one is!  A huge mixture of tiny little blocks and Betsy did some fussy cutting adding more fun to the finished quilt.  LOVE this one!

Diane finished this adorable little farm themed quilt for her little grand.  The center print was too cute to cut so she added a couple of border and went with it!  Adding Minky as a backing this quilt is going to be loved!  We selected a super cute farm animal quilting design to finish it up.

Loretta Jo did some pretty incredible fussy cutting on this next quilt.  Be sure to click on the photo so you can see how she cut her fabric to create the inner line of the design.  Another quilt I fell in love with this month, the color combo of blue and brown - fabulous!  Can't wait to see more of Jo's quilts! 

Here's a couple of quick quilts from Shirley. The first for her granddaughter to use while having tea parties.  A cute little Strawberry shortcake print quilted with butterflies will be ideal for the job.  How delightful is her next one?  A simple ABC panel with borders makes a superb little quilt gift quickly!

Janet made this marvelous quilt for her daughter.  The blues and yellows are perfectly paired with the dark blue border making it exquisite! The backing fabric that Janet selected was wonderful and we just had to add a very modern heart design for the quilting.  

Up next we have a couple of QOV from Judie.  Absolutely outstanding quilts using red, white and blue finished with a patriotic star quilting design.  Wonderful, wonderful quilts!

Our next quilt is definitely symbolic of the ocean and waves.  Frances has selected the most perfect blue green fabrics to pull this one off.  Mixing it with the white was the perfect match.  We selected a quilting design that had a bit of swirl and wavy look to finish it off.  

Up next we have another blue and yellow quilt. Tammy, using the white makes this a excellent color choice for a more modern quilt. Wanting to keep the quilting modern but also a bit elegant we decided on elegant swirls for the quilting design.  

Janet brought me this lovely Trip Around The World quilt using blues and greens.  I believe she mentioned this quilt was a gift for a cousin who lives near the ocean.  A simple swirl design keeping the quilt soft and cozy finished the quilting perfectly!

That just about wraps up the quilts from July, working on the batch from August and hope to be back very soon with the photos!  I am missing a couple of photos from July.  Once found I'll add them to the post.

As always, more photos of these superb quilts can be seen at my other blog:

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Saturday, October 12, 2019


June brings another great batch of wonderful quilts.  All sorts of color, design and styles.  I had tons of fun working with each and every one.  Let's move on and see the fabulous job the gals did this month.  

The first two quilts are from Dorothy in WA.  Stepping a little out her usual color zone with the first quilt, we used an old fashion lightly floral design for the quilting.  Her second red and gold quilt was quilted using a light paisley in a bit more of a modern design. 

Karen blew me out of the water with her quilts this month.  The red, gray and black star was absolutely stunning.  I selected a simple swirl design that gives the quilt lots of texture and movement.  Her second quilt was also a star design, I opted for a lighter open paisley quilting design.  With the adorable animal prints on her next quilt it just had to have little paw prints for the quilting.  Her last quilt I selected a more traditional yet elegant design for the quilting. All quilts finished off beautifully!

Abi's made this beautiful quilt as a wedding gift for a friend.  The traditional Log Cabin block pieced  using modern fabrics called for a more modern quilting design.  Fun elongated loops was perfect for the new young couple.  
Great job, Abi. 

Swinging back to more traditional fabrics is this quilt from Andrea.  I love the simplicity of this quilt!  We selected a light quilting design to finished this one off fabulously!

Ruth Ann is back this month with another quilt for another one of her grandsons.  LOVE the blues, but blue is my color!  Ruth Ann did a great job with the piecing making my job a breeze.  We opted for a bit of a more modern quilting design for this one and it was just perfect!

I worked with Diane on this great fall wall hanging she made from felted 
wool.  The dimension on this piece is incredible! Lightly custom quilted 
was the way to go for this piece.  

Here's another wedding quilt for me this month.  This quilt was made by
 Loretta Jo and her daughter Chenoa. The vibrant colors of the fabrics made a stunning stack n' whack sends this quilt over the top!  Black was an excellent color to really make the blocks pop and really makes the blocks on the borders stand out. Fabulous work!

It's never to soon to start working on those Christmas quilts!  Peggy in NC got an early start with this fun Christmas tree quilt, it was of course quilted using a snowflake design.  Then she switches gears and included this adorable butterfly quilt for me to work with.  Peggy wanted a totally modern quilting design, wavy lines was the way to go.

New quilter Cathy made this terrific quilt for her first project.  Love the color selection and the accent of burgundy on this lap quilt. Keeping the quilting light and modern was excellent for the finish.   

Here's a sofa quilt that Bev here in NH made for her brother.  Bev constructed this top using the silk ties that belonged to their father.  What a wonderful remembrance for them to have.  Finishing it off with a modern geometric design finished this off perfectly!

Michelle is back again this month!  A beautiful Trip Around the World using deep burgundy and creams which just had to have a more traditional quilting design. She also finished off this super warm, scrappy, fun flannel quilt and wanted a fun funky quilting design.

Ardy kept me busy for a while in June!  Up first I have a beautiful purple butterfly print that just called for a butterfly quilting design.  Next is a very cool flannel quilt in warm colors that is amazingly soft!  The weave fabric design is very cool!  Lastly is a round table topper, amazing!

Camille did some pretty spectacular quilting this month as well!  She and Ardy are quilting friends and work on projects at the same time!  What fun is that?!  Someone to bounce ideas and fabric selections? Someone to encourage you through the project and celebrate the finishes!  Here's a few photos of what Camille brought me.  LOVE these table toppers the ladies did!  I didn't get a photo of Camille's flannel quilt, it did look just like Ardy's but with a different backing and different quilting.  

That's June off the books and done!  Finally!  Whew!

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