Saturday, July 30, 2016

Some pretty amazing quilts here....

Yep, finished up some pretty cool quilts back in May.  These gals did a great job, both beginner quilters and the more experienced ones.  Lots of color and design!  Here we go...

This beautiful blue/green quilt came from Anne in NC.  She made this quilt for her daughter who loves the ocean.  We decided that Bubbles from Anne Bright would add just the right touch!

I LOVE house quilts!!   Here is Bev's Freddy quilt that was part of a guild block swap a couple of years ago.  She did a great job adding the trees and the blue/green sashing is a great color to pull it all together!

Here's another one from Bonnie.  This is a great pattern for that beautiful print that you just can't bring yourself to cut!  I believe these are 10" blocks using the focus fabric.  Good job, Bonnie!

Dierdre, here in NH, combined these great fabrics for this beautiful quilt!  Black is a great addition to most quilts.  Really like the way it makes the orange and blue pop.  

Dorothy tells me she's still working on busting through her scraps!  What a great job she'd doing!  This quilt is fabulous!!  

Elizabeth is keeping pretty busy quilting!  Here's a couple of fun quilts she finished up.  She is now adding her label before giving her quilt to me so it is actually part of the quilting.  Good idea!!  Elizabeth's quilts are always so soft, I love working with the fabrics that goes into her quilts.

Haven't seen Jen for a while, well, not since the last t-shirt quilt.  What a good Mom, she has now completed 2 t-shirt quilts one for each of her daughters!  Kudos!!  What fun to see the shirts.

YEA!!  Here's one of mine, but honestly the binding is still not done... I finished this quilt at my spring retreat.  Not a real fan of modern quilts, but boy, oh, boy, are they super quick and easy!!  Lots of blank space for the quilting too show.

Judi's quilts never cease to amaze me.  Love the colors and the designs are always fun.  Here's the latest, she did the quilting on the center and I just quilted around it.  Pretty amazing.....

This cute little one belongs to Lisa.  Practicing those paper piecing skills on this bright and cheery quilt.  The fabrics are adorable!!

What a beautiful quilt.  Mixing batiks with the solid...what can I say?  Marianne did a fantastic job on the piecing and we went with a fun quilting design to finish it off.  

Michele kept me busy for a couple of days.  Love, love, love these quilts!  Michele can blend the fabrics with the best of them!  Her piecing is absolutely top notch!  

What a fun, fun quilt Nancy sent me!  This is a very personal quilt made for someone special in her life.  You will definitely need to see the rest of the photo's posted on the other blog.  

Tropical, perhaps?  The colors that Pat selected for this quilt just reminds me of the tropics.  The soft oranges and greens are beautiful.  Great job Pat!!

Purple, purple and more purple.  Paulette pulled all of these lovely fabrics to finish off this wonderful quilt.  Very smart to work in her name and year right into the border of the quilt. 

WOW!!!  Renie does it again!!  Just look at the matching of all these fabrics!  Perfectly pieced as usual.  Outstanding!

Sarah sent me this adorable little Thomas quilt that she put together for her granddaughter.  Thomas and Friends was huge at our house for many, many years.  Loved being a part of this fun quilt for a special little person.

Are we seeing double?  Here's two matching quilts from Sue.  Classic colors and classic design always adds up to beautiful quilts.  

Finishing up with this extra special quilt.  What a great gift this must have been.  Put together for a retiring boss, this quilt hold memories that will last forever.  Good job, ladies!!

I'm missing three quilt photo sets from May.  Windows 10 is still kicking me about, ugh!!  Finding files all over my computer....   Hope I can add them at a later date. 

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