Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Tuesday....

Are you ready to start the week on Tuesday??  Just think, it will make Friday come sooner!! LOL!!  I'm now at the age where I'm careful about wishing for Friday's.....they come way too fast.

I think I like the new blogger set up.  Was a little leery of it a few post ago, but actually like the way I can quickly check in on everyone, like.....

Rhonda's mom is home, that is great news!!!.....Ravelly and she's has a giveaway going on....

Laurie has posted about a couple of project she's finished - Yea!!  @ westtexasthreads.blogspot.com

Terry has the binding on her house quilt, see it @  Terry Treasures

Barb is teasing us with some beautiful fabric at bejeweledquilts.blogspot.com

Lea is such an amazing quilter and she does electrical work.....Free Motion Quilting

Steph at Plain Chicken is making a snickers cake and it looks like it's to die for!!!

It was a busy weekend for us, we finally got all of the lights in place and now the window is in and we are now ripping up the floor.  Here's a couple of pictures of our in progress....Here's where we began...it was a waffle morning this day.....

Kid on the prowl for food....surprise!!!!!!!!! (they just love me...)
Once the new kitchen was usable we started demo on the old one and it went something like this....

This is where we are now....

The old kitchen will be part of our living room.  Much larger, more open and next Christmas I'm going to have a 15" Christmas tree!!   ......WAIT!!  I think I began this post talking about not wishing for the future.
Time to go!! No quilts today...but coming very soon!!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Here's a couple of quilts from Aunt Mil.  The first one is so full of attitude and so much personality how can you just not love it!  I fell in love with each block, the ladies just said "take notice!". I quilted a simple meander so the focus would remain on the blocks. Here's a few of the gals...

 Now we all know that Aunt Mil can't send just one....so here's a peek at the second on that was in the box.  Full of cute, adorable little bunnies!!  Finished this one with a simple flower just to add a little bit of texture and design.

I usually say to head over the the other blog for more pics, but I think I've put most of the good ones here.  I just couldn't help it!!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the gals and the baby critters are just too cute!  Aunt Mil sure does have a lucky family, I know they love her!  I did post finished pics at the other blog, here's the link.....

Have a great week!
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Friday, May 18, 2012

Quick Post with two Fabulous Quilts!!

Quick post today got tons of stuff going on!! These quilts have just been returned home and they are absolutely FABULOUS!!  Love them both!!

Most of you know Laurie from her blog West Texas Threads.  You will find tons of great pictures from the Texas area, some quilting and hand stitching.  She's a doll mosey over to her blog for some fun reading.  Anyway, on to her quilt!!  It's a very modern baby quilt with all of the latest colors and fabrics trimmed in a Kona white color.  What sets her quilt off as being different she wanted batting WITH her fleece backing...new one for me.  You would not believe how wonderful this quilt ended up being with all that fluffiness!  It was amazing!! Don't forget to click on the pics for a closer look!! I went with a very light delicate quilting design, here's a picture.....

Here's another perfect quilt from Brandy!  Traditional design with great colors! It is always a pleasure to work on one of Brandy's quilts.  This one was made for her grandmother, how great is that?!?

I got a new toy and here's what I've been playing with in my spare time (because I have so much of it!! lol!!)

Okay, that's it for today!!  As always more pics of these fabulous quilts on the other blog and here's the link:

I'll be back soon I've got a couple of great quilts from Aunt Mil.  One has a ton of attitude, it was so much fun to have around.

Have a great weekend!!
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Monday, May 14, 2012


...let's see if I can make something of a post today.  I tried a couple of times last week but just couldn't pull it together.  I've got tons of quilts to show, so let's just start with that.....

Here's a stack n' whack that I worked with for Jeanne, love the way each block is so different.  The stack n' whacks are a great way to make hugely different block designs from one fabric.  This one is just great!!

Next we have an very modern baby quilt from Dana.  I love the colors, the design and then the quilting we did circles!  Ended up being a very, very, cool modern baby quilt. Reminds me of  something you would see in the Modern Quilt Guild photo's.
Here's a couple of quilts from Bev. Love working with Bev!! For a beginner her quilts are always a breeze for me to work with!

Judi brought me this quilt and we add a very simple leaf design to her quilt.  Judi tends to go with very light quilting on her quilts. Stay tuned, I've got another one of Judi's waiting to be quilted.  This one is fabulous!
Phyllis sent me a couple of quilt to work with......

How's that for a few quilts?  I've got more!! Yep...more!  Need to get them off of the camera, sorted into folders and then post. 

More pics of these quilts can be seen at the other blog....

Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful!
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Friday, May 4, 2012


Keeping busy, but here's a few quilts that I've had the pleasure of working on for
your viewing pleasure.  I hope it's the inspiration you need to get some quilting
done this weekend. 

First two quilts are from Caitlin in NC.  The first one is blue with just dots of yellow and Caitlin requested the Clouds edge to edge stitching design.  It was perfect!! 

Stars and loops on this quilt was the design to go with. 

Sandra in NH made this beautiful bargello quilt in reds, blacks, grays and white, it was stunning.  We decided on a simple meander stitch, this quilt needed nothing added
to the stunning design.

 PUPPIES!!!!!   I LOVE this fabric!  This is the second time I've had the pleasure
of working with the fun print on this fabric.  Karen in NH did a fantastic job on this adorable little quilt and of course we had to do the animal tracks stitching design!

Simple hearts for this one.  Rachel in NH made this wonderful little quilt with
the antique like fabrics.

Hope this helps get the creative juices flowing.  For additional pictures of these
great quilts check out the other blog, don't forget you can click for a closer
look.  Here's the link:

Have a super great weekend! 
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