Monday, November 30, 2015

Over 186 Quilts!! 4 Winners!!

If you've been a blog follower for a while (like years..) you probably know that from time to time I offer up free longarm quilting.  It's usually in the way of leaving a comment and then I pick a number or something along those lines.

This year I decided to offer free quilting for someone who has actually given me money for my services of quilting.  If you check out the header bar on this blog you will see the tab "Free Quilting? How to qualify".  The rules were pretty simple as I didn't want to make it complicated and have people jumping through all kinds of hoops or clicking all over the web or liking every product under the sun on fb or as a blogger, twitter or Instagram.  You can read the post if you like, but let's get on to the winners, shall we?

After deleting the charity quilts, my quilts and any other that did not "qualify" I ended up with a list of 186 quilts/quilters.  Here's what the list looked like, thank goodness for Excel!!  You can click on photo for closeup view..

As mentioned in the blog post "Free Quilting? Do you qualify?" our first night at the Retreat I had our Hulbert host, Tate write 4 numbers on four different pieces of paper, he pretty much was clueless as to what was going on, but in true Hulbert style he played along.  Here's the results....

He wrote the numbers I checked the list and added the names.  If your name is Ginny Ith, Dana Burrell, Nancy Hamm or Rita Blackadar you've just won some free quilting!!

Congratulations ladies!!!

Other things...there was a whopping 30 quilts done in October and since November isn't over yet I'm still working on that number.  November was a busy month for me with wrapping up a year long UFO program at the guild, completing and custom quilting a commission quilt (more on this one later!) the retreat and then Thanksgiving!  I'm pushing to be back on track by mid December!  Wish me luck!

That's it for now, need to get those machines busy!

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