Sunday, September 1, 2019

May Quilting

May was another busy month for me as I was still attempting to play catch from the previous months.  Lots of really great quilts to show, so let's just get to it!

Here's a great quilt from Terry in NH.  You just have to love those half square triangles, they are so versatile and can make the best quilts!  

Here's another one of Betsy in VT quilts.  Scrappy as ever and a zillion little pieces!!  Her color placement was spot on making this one really pop!

Dottie down in MA left this fun quilt for me just after the retreat.  She did a great job on the piecing and the solid reading fabric colors really make the blocks.  The soft yellow was a great choice for the border on this quilt.  

Linda here in NH kept me busy for a couple of days finishing off some table runners. She pulled them from her UFO pile deciding that they might not get finished if she didn't pass them off to me.  The bonus for her was the fun quilting designs that I got to stitch out on them.  Perfect for the themed table runners.

Absolutely love the next couple of quilts!!
Here's Ardy's "BLUE" snowflake quilt.  The fabrics are just beautiful and the piecing is perfect! 

Here's Camille's! Exactly the same quilt but no borders.  I honestly wanted to keep both of these!  The gals did a great job on the piecing and they are BLUE!!  The fabrics mimicked a more traditional print so I opted for a more traditional quilting design.    Great job ladies!!!

How cool is this one from Pat in VT?!?!?!  The bright bold colors really pop with the black background on this one.  The batik fabric lends to modern quilting and that is the direction that I went.  Fun design with lots of bubbly swirls and a few circles here and there.  Pat's second quilt, also ultra modern in grays, whites and a touch of yellow is just stunning!  We decided a linear bubble/circular design for the quilting. 

Polly in NH helped a friend out finishing this great quilt. I believe Polly worked on finishing the borders and backing and since she had connections to the quilter, me, it became a finish!  Soft colors of blues and yellows are always a winning combination.

Here's a couple of quilts from Renie.  The first in traditional fabrics placed into a simple design for a great quilt.  Her second is just like a flower garden!  She did an amazing job on the piecing with all of those pieces to keep track of and make sure they were in the right spot!  Her borders was just amazing, perfectly finishing off the quilt.

Here's a quilt from Cathy in VT.  This quilt is just another great way to use up those scraps. Adding them with the tan fabric was an excellent color choice!  Keeping the darker muted tones as borders makes this a very calming quilt or perfect for a guy who's not into bright colors or floral prints.

Soft blues and whites make up this gorgeous quilt from Katherine here in NH.  The soft design of the print of the fabrics just speak to me as romantic.  

How fun is this one?  A simple split nine patch done up in bright fabrics makes a happy quilt!  Sue, from Hen House Fabric put this one together and asked for dragonflies for the quilting.  Just perfect for the quilt!  The blue and yellow inner borders set it off wonderfully.

Julene in KY always makes me look good!  Here's another great quilt from her in shades of reds, greens and a touch of creams and set in white.  The fabrics were more toward the reproduction line and just beautiful!  Finished off in a wonderful simple swirl quilting design.

Up next is a couple of quilts from Jane here in NH.  The first one is one that her Mom made sometime in the 60's or 70's we think.  It's completely hand stitched using polyester fabrics.  The quilt weights a TON!  The fabrics in the quilt are so indicative of the era of clothing.  So fun to see and remember those years.  Jane's second quilt is stunning!  The soft fabric colors were just absolutely perfect for this quilt pattern.  Perfectly pieced it is amazing!

How cute are these little frogs?  Frances in VT pulled this cute little quilt together for one of her nephews.  The adorable little smiling frogs make for a very happy quilt and of course I just had to find a frog quilting design to finish it off!

Up next is a great blend of African fabrics from Sharon here in NH.  If you look closely you can see the circular design in some of her blocks.  The zebra print is a perfect border for all of these colorful printed fabrics. 

Here's a warm scrappy quilt from Michele in NH.  Her first quilt is made with flannels that she's been collecting and with the flannel backing it's going to be great for those cold NH winters.  She also finished up a couple of cute little baby quilts and selected a minky backing.  

Here's a quilt from Andrea in NH.  It was gifted as a wedding quilt and Andrea certainly picked the best block for showing the love.  To continue the theme we went with a heart quilting design.  Great job Andrea!!

That was the May line up of quilts, hope you enjoyed seeing them.  You can see more photo's of these great quilts over at the other blog:

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