Tuesday, December 31, 2019

October Quilts are here!

Still catching up with the blogging!  Here's what the month of October
 brought my way.

Here's a great guy quilt from Beth Ann which was under the tree this year.  Working ahead of time Beth Ann made this camping themed quilt for her husband.  With minky as the backing this is going to see a lot of lovin!

Darsie did a fantastic job on this Storm at Sea quilt!  It was made as a gift for a very special friend who loved boating.  Darsie's choice of colors were excellent and the swirly/wavy design that she selected finished the quilt off beautifully!

Up next is a super scrappy quilt from Deb.  This quilt was constructed using scraps from fabrics that were gifted to her from a friend.  The finished quilt will hold great memories of all the fantastic and fun fabrics from her friend.  Using a simple meander quilting design finished this one off wonderfully.

This was a gorgeous quilt!  The bright fabrics that reads as solids mixed with the white popped the blocks right off the quilt top!  Jane opted for a super modern quilting design sending this one right over the top! I've added this one to my bucket list!  Unfortunately I did not get a full shot of this beautiful quilt!

Another quilt that was under the tree this year is this terrific little quilt for one of Jane's grandsons.  Perfect color selection and the great design made this a great quilt for a guy and this quilt will remain wonderful for many years to come.   

JoAnn here in NH always brings me the most incredible quilt tops.  This one is completely hand stitched using all of the scraps of fabrics left over from all of her other magnificent quilts.  The designs in this quilt are truly mind boggling!  I see blocks with some of the fabrics and then a six pedal flower that repeats with a diamond between the design.  Everything about this one is spectacular!

Here's another wonderful, wonderful gift!  Julene made this super huge, super amazing quilt for her brother.  The gray tones are an excellent color selection for a guy quilt.  The overall design with the complex center and the simple borders finish this quilt off magnificently!  Julene also sent a couple of cute baby quilts and a beautiful blue that I just loved! 

Linda in IL finished off this quilt top using a superb collection of fabrics. The simple design is just perfect for this splendid quilt top.  We finished it off with a fun quilting design making it a quilt that will be love for years to come.

Here's another fabulous quilt from Michele.  This month it's a stack n' whack with so many pretty sub-designs using the fabrics.  If you look closely at the fabrics you will notice the huge variety of floral, fruits and vegetable prints.  The black sashing with the green corner stones sets this one perfectly.

Here's a couple of quilts from Sharon over in VT.  Beautiful Around the World pattern one in red, white and blue the second in shades of blue and greens.  Sharon color placement was spot on with both of these and the end result was the dazzling design.  We opted for a more modern quilting design and it was the perfect choice for a superb finish.

Susanne's first quilt is a collection of fabrics she purchased while vacationing in Hawaii.  The bright and bold colors with the black background went together very well with the black sashing in this next quilt.  Her second piece is an adorable Halloween wall hanging that was super fun to stitch out.  

Here's another Susanne here in NH!  How wonderful is this great quilt with the burgundy, rose and brown shades of fabric!  I believe this quilt was a wedding gift for a young couple.  Susanne did a great job with the borders finishing this quilt off with a different twist.

Suzi is back again this month with another retirement quilt.  Beautiful batiks in rich jewel tones with leaves makes this a splendid quilt for someone living in New Hampshire.  Overall, this is an exceptional quilt and gift, great job Suzi!

That's it for October!!  November photos are finished and just about ready to go!  Check back soon!  In the mean time as always you can see more photos of these great quilts at the other blog, here's the link:

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Friday, December 20, 2019

September Quilting

In September I had the pleasure of working with another great batch of gorgeous quilts.  Each quilt was better than the last, so many talented gals.

Here's a couple from Brandy in PA.  Both amazing but so different!  Her first is a black and white trimmed out in a beautiful blue for the sashing and borders.  The colors give an overall feel that is soothing and calming, absolutely wonderful.  Her next quilt she really pops the bright colors setting the nine patch blocks in bright fabrics with the high contrast of the fabric colors.  

Next we have Diane from here in NH. If my memory serves me correctly Diane is a relatively new quilter and beginning with a bang!  How beautiful is this scrappy quilt using white as the opposite color for the blocks?  Can't help but to fall in love with this great quilt.

Dianne, also here in NH had some really fantastic fabrics that hold their own in this large block quilt.  Sometimes you just really hate to chop those delicious fabrics and this quilt pattern is perfect for those prints.  With the Asian theme of the fabrics we opted for a dragonfly ginkgo quilting design.

Oh my gosh!!  This is just the most perfect little boy quilt!!  Donna from over in VT sent me her top, we got our hands on some super soft Minky, added a layer of batting making this the best quilt ever!  Then when you see the little dinosaur quilting design that perfectly matches Donna's top, it's just doesn't get any better!

Dorothy kept me busy for a bit.  First up we have a couple of table toppers that she whipped up using her leftover fabrics.  We opted to quilt each one with a different quilting design just for the fun of it.  And how stunning is her quilt?  I just fell in love with this design and the piano key border is the best!

Judy in NC never fails to send the best of the best!  Here's her latest quilt and it does not disappoint!  How absolutely amazing is this quilt?  From what I understand it was a block of the month and it was a hum-dinger to finish!  I had another quilter comment that it was one of the hardest quilt that she had ever pieced, which is pretty much just echoing what Judy told me.  But the end result was definitely worth it. This quilt is a keeper!

Here's one of Katherine's quilts.  I can't seem to locate the photos of her other one!  Typical of Katherine's colors in the browns, deep red and burgundies, this is another one of those cozy, warm and comfy quilts that you just can't resist.  Great job Katherine!

Here's a quilt from Kathleen in TX. The great design of this quilt called for a very simple quilting design.  Kathleen opted to have it stippled/meander which finished it off wonderfully. Great selection of colors and prints. 

Scrappy quilts are a favorite for me.  Lisa made a huge dent in her scraps with this top!  This quilt went from scraps to outstanding with just a little time and work.  But how amazing the end results are!  I am always fascinated by the mix of fabric prints on the scrappy ones.  They all come together in the end to create the most delightful finished quilt.  

Rita is back this month with another one of her super huge, super incredible gorgeous quilts.  This one is all bright and colorful stars set in the white background.  The checker board, piano key like and strip border is terrific for the center stars.  So bright and colorful!  We went with a super swirly design and it finished it off brilliantly!

Suzi spent a few hours making the bright and colorful flying geese for this next quilt.  Her color choices are spot on making this a very cheery quilt.  It's my understanding this quilt is a gift for a co-worker who is retiring.   Lucky to have Suzi on that staff, she does make some of the best quilts ever!  

Vanessa sent this happy, happy quilt for a little quilting.  It's for a new little person in Vanessa's life. She envisioned this bright quilt being used at nap time so we found the most perfect star quilting design. It's a very whimsical star and so perfect for this little quilt.  Great job Vanessa!

That's it for September, hope to have October posted soon!  Here's a link to the other blog for more great photos of these and many other quilts.

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