Monday, December 31, 2012

Final call for quilts from 2012

 Last post for the year...promise!!
Judi in VT
Perfect way to begin the last post, with some yoga frogs!  This is such a fun quilt, but working with Judi is fun and I love all of the quilts that she gives me they can
 brighten my day.
Here's another fun quilt from Judi, so colorful and perfect for a little kid.
Bonnie in NH
Here's another 1600 from Bonnie, and I'm lovin' the blues....
The colors on this Christmas quilt are so rich and warm, great quilt.

Here's a red, white and blue quilt that I worked on for Bonnie and it's stunning!

Lisa in NH
Lisa used all kinds of fun fabrics to make this split 9 patch quilt.  It' was a pleasure to work on with the huge variety of bright colors that she used.

Jane in NH
Here's a sweet little baby quilt that I helped Jane finish up.  The little hearts did the trick for this little quilt.
Karen in IN
Karen sent these two quilts, the first one is hers and the second was a neighbor friend's quilt.  Karen's pink and brown sampler was perfectly constructed and a real joy for me to work with.
Karen's neighbor's quilt was a lovely blue and yellows.  It was a HUGE quilt and my pleasure to help along in the process.

THAT'S it....I'm done!!!  I have now posted all of the pictures!!
If you would like to see more pictures of these wonderful quilts....
Just in time to begin working on next year's quilts!
Thank you all for making me look so good!
Wishing you all a very happy, healthy, wonderful
thanks for checking on me,
love to hear what you've got to say....
finish time...11:32  whew......

More quilts.........

This is blog posting number three....think I've been busy???
Shannon in IN
This super huge wonderful t-shirt quilt comes from Indiana.  Shannon is a very close, dear friend whom I miss very much.  Shannon's sister Kelly (the quilter of the family) took all of Shannon's daughter Madi's tshirts and made this outstanding quilt for her.  Kelly did a superior job in piecing!  This quilt was 86" x 118"!!!  I did a semi-custom quilting job on it.  It was my pleasure to be a part of Madi's quilt!  thanks Shannon & Kelly!!
Kristina in NH
I LOVE this beautiful little baby quilt!!  Kristina did a fantastic job on the quilt and I stitched an Irish clover design for the quilting.  It is an amazing little quilt!
Doris in NH
Here's another man quilt that was opened on Christmas morning!  Doris made this quilt for her son and it is truly manly.  We decided that all it needed was a basic meandering stitch to finish it off. Good job Doris, I hope that son knows how lucky he is to receive this wonderful gift.
Rosie in VT
Rosie really kept my machine busy the last few weeks!  Rosie is a scrappy quilt kinda gal and the quilts are beautiful!!  Here's a few....
Love the blues, but I am the blue gal....

The white on this one is super!
Kitty quilt, I *think* it was a Christmas gift for her mom....of course I had to use the animal tracks stitching design.

How fun is this one?  Again with the white...

Barb in CT
These were lost in the deep, deep dark places in my computer.  I finished these in October?  The first quilt Barb made for her daughter, and the batiks are outstanding!
This Mariners Compass quit scared the ba-jeebies out of me!!  It is so beautiful and I was really nervous to work with it, but it turned out fantastic!
This one is a little twister wall hanging.  The bright colors are so much fun!
Bonnie in NH
Here's a 1600 quilt that Bonnie put together, they are so quick and easy!  The batik line is perfect for this project.
ONE more....hang in there...
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Quilts, quilts.....

Here's the second blog posting.....
Sandra in NH
I LOVE the blues and the bubbles that we did on this quilt. This quilt was for a man and the light colors and the circular quilting design is perfect!!  LOVE IT!!!
Karen in NH
This BEAUTIFUL quilt was a Christmas gift for a special sister!!  Karen did a fantastic job piecing it and makes my job super, super easy!!!

Sue in NH
This first quilt I was told came from deep in the UFO pile.  Sue, another excellent piecer did a great job and made my job easy!!  She decided on an all over meander, which was the perfect choice.

Here's Sue's 1600 quilt using a Christmas jelly roll.  Another great job!!!

Marcy in IN/NH
Yep, the kid finishes another one!! Honestly!!!  She's finised more quilts than I have!!  If you didn't know Marcy is my daughter and in her last year at Purdue.  I am super proud of her and glad she shares my love of quilting. I love her even if she's threatening to garage sale my UFO's when I croke!!

Annie in NH
LOVE the little tractors!!  The John Deer fabric was just calling out for this design!  This is another Christmas gift, Annie will soon be an Aunt!!  Lots of luck and love to the entire familly.

Lisa in NH
Another man quilt!  Lisa used hunting/animal print with a log cabin print for this super warm quilt that she was making for some lucky guy!  I'm sure it was a real hit on Christmas morning!!
Two down, two to go...
more quilts to come....
thanks for checking on me,
love to hear what you've got to say........


My goal was to get all of the quilt that I have not posted on my blogs done by the end of the year.  I MIGHT just make it!!  It's 10:13 and I have nothing better to do than try to meet the deadline!!  I'm breaking it down into about 4 different blog post, so  you all just get ready for a show. 
Now some of these (most of them) were completed during November and December when I was having issues with space and blogger.  But this is it!!  I have no more pictures of quilts lurking in the memory banks of my two computers.  I have them all organized and identified!!  If I quilt for you and you would like copies of my pics just let me know.  So now, on with the show.......
Betty Ann in NH
Made this cute little little quilt at a class that she took with one of the ladies from our guild.  Betty Ann swears that it's a super easy pattern/design to put together.  I'm not sure I'm buying it.....
Eilene in NH
This wonderful man quilt was made for one of her sons for Christmas.  Eilene used Homespuns and this quilt can just melt around you.  It was super soft and cozy!!  What a lucky guy!
Don't you just love this Christmas quilt???  Eilene's plans were to decorate with this quilt as a wallhanging.

Frances in NY
The next four little quilts were made for some very special little people in Frances' life.  These were headed out to her grandchildren as Christmas gifts.  Each one different and so special.

Pat in VA
I think I finished this one in November.  This was a quilt that Pat sent to me to help finish.  It's final destination was a shelter that Gene Black is connected with.  Each year Gene collects quilts and delivers them to some very special children in need of a little cheer.
Judy S in NC
Here's another great little quilt that was under the tree!  Judy finished this one off for one of her grandsons and I know it will be greatly loved.
Terry in OH
Who hasn't seen this great quilt???  Terry is on a roll this year crankin' those quilts out like crazy!  This was her wonky log cabin and it was HUGE!!  The scrappy look is fantastic and Terry did a great job on it as usual!
Joyce in NC
Here's a few more Christmas quilts.  Tshirt quilts are a perfect gift for the guy/gal who has everything and that includes a stack of fun tee's!   Joyce did a great job on these two quilts.
Scrappy snowballs....what is not to love???

That's the end of the first post..
more to come....
thanks for checking on me,
love to hear what you've got to say.......

Thursday, December 20, 2012

It was that easy!

Here's what my new blog books look like....

I've already gone in and deleted a ton of old post and should have plenty of space for 2013!  I'm looking forward to changing a few things.  I've added the tabs on the top of my blogs now I need to put them to good use.  I hope to have light information on this blog and revamp my other blog with more information about how to prepare your quilt for a machine quilter.  I will be posting examples of the right and the not-so-right way of doing things that will make my job easier and your quilts look better.
Goal for the end of the year....get all the quilts posted that I have quilted!!  My machine has been going non-stop and I'm busy stitching on those wonderful Christmas gifts. Finished the last one on Sunday and delivering it today to Rosie. I'm working with a ton of truly giving women who have stepped back and let those who need their quilts for under the tree to be done first. 
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!  Blog2print!!!!
thanks for checking on me,
love to hear what you've got to say..............

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Out of Space?

Full...yep, blogger is telling me I'm at or exceeded my limit again.  Time to print the blogs and delete the old post.  I've got the other blog at the printer and scheduled for blog book delivery on December 18th.  I've done this before and LOVED it so it's a no brainer to do it again.  But for this blog I want to take a little more time composing the book before it goes into the 'print' mode. 
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Thanks for checking on me,
love to hear what you've got to say.......

Monday, November 12, 2012

Winners!! And if you really want to sell a quilter....

Before I get into my coin purses, I want to tell you a funny...while at my last quilting retreat we had the local shop owner come in and give a demo on something new.   I have NO IDEA what it was I didn't want to get within 125 foot of that table.  I've already got too many things going on (hahaha-like coin purses!!) another gal and I sat at our table and chuckled about the phrase we kept hearing over and over again.....
"it can be finished in less than an hour, honest..."
YEP!!  that's the phrase!!  You want to sell something to a quilter all you have to do is keep repeating that phrase.  My partner in crime and I decided that sure you can make anything in an hour after you've made 500 of them!!
Here's my coin purses...

Here's some things that I figured out....

Sometimes the pattern does not fit the frame, see the gap in the upper right hand corner? Now you can make it fit, but really shouldn't we have thought about this first?  So it does matter what is going into the frame if you want a nice fit.

I really did like this one best, the size is just perfect, but it too had it's flaws....

The sides were cut too deep and hand stitching was necessary to close up the holes in the sides.

Yes, attaching the fabric to the frame with a basting stitch and beginning in the middle and working your way out I found to work best to center the body on the frame.
This morning (since I had nothing better to do) I found this blog on a blog hop and she too made her own pattern but if you look closely it appears she had the same problem I had when I attempted my first crack at making my own pattern...
Thought I was being so smart and not putting the batting in the frame area.....
Yep, sure looks like it's going to fit....or so I thought!
Here's the link to the other blog...
Hahahaha!!  Forgot all about those seam allowances...drat!!  Back to the drawing board.....
Notice the split in my pattern?  That's for the seam allowances I forgot the first time...
That darn battery on my camera I stopped.  I wanted to take pictures as I progressed, so you will have to come back and see how I did. 
Here's the lucky winners of the 10 frames and fatquarter....
Suzan from reluctant quilter
Laura from fabric-ating
Sandie from crazyboutquilts
Martha from averagequilter
Quiltsissy from 15minutesplay
Terry from aquiltingblog
JLVerde from Just Something I Made
Thearica - couldn't locate blog...
And finaly, Pinsandneedle @ quiltingbydawn
That's the list of lucky gals, so shoot me your address so I can get busy packing all of these lovely little frames and fatquarters up.  LOVE to see what you all do with them and if you think they are a breeze to make. 
OH!!  And don't forget, they can be made in less than an hour...honest...
As for soon as that silly battery gets charged again, I'll be back at it.  So check in soon!!
Tons and tons of quilts coming soon so look for those also posting in the very near future.
Thanks for checking on me,
love to hear what you've got to say....