Sunday, January 28, 2018

October quilts are finally posting!

Finally!!  Well, I sorta stopped due to the giveaway that I just closed. It was fun for me to see the number of quilts that people thought I had quilted.  Some a bit too high and others...a bit low.  
Loved hosting the giveaway, it's always fun to read the comments.

October was another outstanding month for the quilts.  
Don't forget you can click on the photo for a closer look!
Here we go....

First we have a greenish batik from Polly.  Simple, but the choice of colors are so soothing.  With the simple design the overall feel of the quilt is calm. Finishing it off with a simple quilting design was just perfect!

Polly's second quilt so full of color!  I love the way she has mixed just a touch of purple with the blues.  

A very, very special quilt from Cathie in CT.  Blocks were gathered from a group of gal who attend a retreat together.  Quilt was a wedding gift from the group to Cathies daughter Nicole.  (Wedding was Saturday!!)  Cathie laid the blocks to resemble the sky, mountains and water using the different colors of the fabrics.  She did an excellent job!  Keeping the outdoor theme we selected a quilting design that had fish, moose, and a few cattails!  All were perfect for Nicole and Todd's quilt!

Here's another one of those girlfriend quilts!  I really don't get tired of seeing them.  The meaning behind the quilt, a great and strong one!

Next is a couple of quilts from my gal Dorothy in WA.  She has been keeping very busy!  She tells me the first quilt was constructed using the scraps from the second quilt.  The pineapple quilt just about make her crazy, but she endured and got it done!  So happy she did, what a fabulous quilt!!

Karen finished this cozy 1600 quilt.  The soft colors and fabric design called for a more traditional quilting design.  It finished up beautifully!  Great job Karen, this I believe is her second quilt.

Jennifer made this sweet quilt for her little on who is moving into her big girl bed.  We decided to go with two layers of betting making it fluffy and soft!  Using the Flutterbyes quilting design finishing it off just like her big sisters quilt! 

Up next we have a yin-yang quilt done in earthy batiks from Katie.  Very cool the way she mixed all of the fabric colors and sizes of the block.  With the blocks having either an animal print or leaf we decided to go with a fun paw print for the quilting.  

Mary Catherine....broke loose from the 1600 for one quilt and pulled an adorable little girl quilt full of little girl happy fabrics.   Kidding aside Mary Catherine has done an amazing job this year of finishing quilts!!  She is going to or  has made a lot of people happy with the gift of quilts.  LOVE the fabrics on her blue one!

Pat brought in this Delectable Mountain quilt for me to work with.  She made it for a young niece graduating.  Using layer cakes to construct the blocks she told me it was pretty easy.  I've added this one to my "list" in hopes of using up a layer cake or two.  We decided to go with a very circular quilting design which I think finishes it off perfectly!

Penny had me quilt up this panel for her.  I believe it's for a grand and the dil was pretty excited when she received it all finished.  It's a pretty popular design that Penny's dil had seen in a decorators magazine.  Good job Penny!!

Katherine, Katherine, Katherine.....she has kept me a bit busy every now and then.  I think piecing makes her happy and what a happy gal she is!  I have seen Katherine come a long way since her first quilt.  Keep up the good work!  And I love having Katherine and her hubbie, Pix stop and see me!  So delightful!  Here's a few of the quilts from Katherine in October.  

That's it for October!  I hope to be back very soon with the November and December quilts.  I'd like nothing more than to get back on track and current with all of my posting!

I do post more photos at the other blog: 

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

And the winning numbers are......

Here we go.....

Number of quilts I quilted in 2017.........

Winners are:
Pat M - 279
(Within 3 quilts!!)
Sue J - 260
Deb G - 282

Number on my little machine:

Number of stitches on my little machine!!  That's a lot of quilts!!

Paulette F - 702
Karla M - 675
Sharon G - 721

Number on the big machine is:


Melynn  N - 357
Sue L - 314
Sue J - 411

Thanks so much for playing along!  I'm looking forward to a wonderful 2018 with all the fabulous quilts and quilters! 

Thanks for checking on me,

love to hear what you've got to say......

Friday, January 5, 2018

2017 Was a Good Year!!

2017 was a good year for me in the quilting world.  I had the pleasure of meeting many new quilters and got to work with a huge number of talented women. I am so appreciative of their trust in sending their beautiful tops for me to work with.  You gals really make me look good!  As a small token of my appreciation, I put this fun little giveaway together for the quilters I worked with in 2017.  I want to thank you for making my 2017 a great one and I am looking forward to working with you in 2018 and beyond.

Numbers.  Life is all about numbers.

It's January 5th, how many of you are still focused on that New Year's resolution of improving your health?  It's all about tracking the numbers that reflect how well our body is doing.  Numbers.

It's January 5th and all over the U.S. we have set a huge variety of weather records.  More numbers.

It's January 5th and thanks to Tory, aka Fred my youngest, I've got 80% of my accounting work for taxes done!  Even more numbers.

This giveaway is all about the numbers if you haven't figured it out by now.  Here's what we're doing. Take a guess at the following questions.

1)  How many quilts did I quilt in 2017?

2) What are the missing numbers on the machines' stitch total?

#1 should be a pretty easy one.  Just take a wild guess at the number of quilts I finished for you gals in 2017!

#2 is going to be a bit tougher.  But not as tough as the lottery! Just take a wild guess at what the number might be.  I've blocked all but 3 of the place holders, so give it your best guess.  I'm thinking something like....921, that's my birthday, September 21st.  Or 515, Jeff's (hubbie) May 15th. birthday. Just put three numbers in there.  Might be a bonus for the most fun answer or one that I find interesting or special. Maybe. 

Loot:  With each of the three chances I will be giving a $50 quilting gift certificate, batting for your next quilt quilted by me, and lastly backing.  Backing and batting will come from this selection posted here on my blog. These will be for your quilt, again quilted by me.

First prize will be given for the closest to the actual number. Second given to the closest without going over. The third prize will be given to the closest guess over the actual number.

First prize winner will select which of the "loot" she would like to have, second receives second choice from the remainder and third will receive the leftover item.

Other giveaway info:

Submit your guesses by January 26th, winners will be announced the following day.

You MUST post your answer on this blog.  No Facebook or email answers will be accepted.  It's okay to post anonymously just be sure and also leave your name!  Very important, leave your first name and at least last initial.

Check the other answers.  If there are two of the same answers the first posting will be considered the winner.  I don't expect there will be hundreds of entries, so this shouldn't be a big deal.

All prizes have zero cash value.  They will expire at the end of 2018, NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Prizes are transferrable.  If you will not be making a quilt and would like to gift your winnings to your bff, go right ahead, with my blessings.  But you MUST let me know that you have re-gifted your prize, just to keep track of what's going on.

One more thing..this giveaway is only open to customers from January 2017 - December 2017.  If you have any questions, please contact me via email:

Okay, here we go, the questions and pictures at hand:

#1  How may quilts did I quilt?

#2 What are the first three numbers on the little machine?

#3 What are the first three numbers on the big machine?

That's it gals.  Good luck!

And a super big thank you for making my 2017 a good one!

Thanks for checking on me,



give me your best guess!!

Note:  If you are really having issues and can't figure out how to post on blogger, email me. As always we'll work together to get it done!!

Thanks for playing!!