Thursday, September 29, 2011

No words....just quilts....

I've been putting off posting, can't seem to find the is just as hectic as ever, but isn't every one's?
So, here's a few quilts to enjoy.....

From Nancy in PA......

The first two are fun quilts and the last one is beautiful!  As usual, you
 can find more pictures are at the other blog....

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Monday, September 26, 2011

That's some quilt!

Aren't these just three of the best looking quilts you have ever seen? 

I just LOVE Judy C in NC!!  Her quilts are such a dream for me to work with.  Notice how in the last picture the edge of that quilt is straight, go ahead click on will be able to see how great that gal puts together her tops.  I can always count on the easiest quilts to work with when they are coming from Judy. 

I've posted more pictures of these beautiful quilts over at the other
blog.  Here's the link for you to check it out....
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Simply Elegant....Seeing Double?

 My house is almost like living in an ongoing quilt show, but better....I get to touch the quilts!  Everyone knows the first rule at a quilt show is "Don't Touch the Quilts".  How lucky am I that I get to "Touch the Quilts" and I love it!  Having so many beautiful quilts coming and going all of the time the family boys are pretty used to working with them.  The boys, AKA - the quilt hangers (they hold the quilts for pictures) know the proper way to handle the quilts.  Don't drag the ground, hold it up, fan fold it, you know just "the rules".  Having them know "the rules" made them extra handy last spring when they (ahem) volunteered to help set up and take down the guilds quilt show.  Okay, back to my point.....seeing all of the quilts that we do, the hubs will occasionally comment on the ones he really likes. He loved these two quilts, but who wouldn't?

Recently I had the pleasure of working on a couple of quilts that were amazing!!  I met Ester at one of my guilds and was thrilled when she asked if I would quilt her quilt. Who? Me? Really??   Ester's quilts are fabulous! I *think* she's been quilting for years and years!  She has perfected the art.  Her pieces draws the big bucks at the quilt show auction, because "Ester made it".  So here's a couple of pictures of her beautiful quilt.....

Then I get a phone call from Betty.  She's been working with Ester and Betty wanted to know if I could quilt her quilt, sure no problem.  I was surprised when she arrived and I pulled out this beauty!  Just like Ester!And here's a couple of pictures of Betty's quilt.....

They look like the same quilt, don't they?  Both quilts were a dream to work on.  I used the same design for the quilting, Denali by Anne Bright and it was the perfect addition to these beautiful quilts.  I didn't realize until Ester introduced Betty the other night at our guild meeting that Betty is Ester's niece!  Such a talented family!

I've posted a few more pictures at the other blog:

Insanely Cheap Quilting

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Here's a beautiful sampler quilt from Jessi in CA.  It was a quick and easy quilt for me to work on.  Definitely a pleasure.....

Here's a t-shirt quilt that I received from Laura in TX. Here's what she tells me about her son:  "My son's name is Dane, and in my humble opinion, he's a rock star.  Number 4 in his class, varsity basketball player on the number 3 ranked team in Texas, Eagle Scout, outdoorsman, and just an all around good kid.".  Dane headed off to college in August and I'm sure he was happy to take this wonderful quilt with him.  This block just makes me smile.

LOVE this picture!!!

This huge, wonderful, fun quilt came from the Northern Lights Quilting Guild.  We played Bingo with the blocks and then some wonderful person put the blocks into this quilt.  I LOVE these quilts!!

Just makes me smile.........

Don't forget you can click on the pictures for a closer look, and for additional pictures of these and other wonderful quilts hit the other blog:

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Barb's's Quilts....


Sharing a couple of quilts today, both were made by
a "Barb".  One lives in CT and
the other lives in MN!  How funny is that??

Barb in CT delivered this beautiful quilt that just brightened up
my quilting room!  I loved having it and it was a dream to work with.  Barb
is a blogger and you can visit her blog it's:
Checked on her today, and she's showing another fun quilt, looks
like Halloween at her house!  It was fun to meet Barb and her hubbie when
they dropped off this quilt. Here's a couple of pictures of her
beautiful quilt.....

My second Barb from MN sent me this drop dead orange quilt!! 
 It was so fun, I loved the colors and fabrics that she used.  I think I
can tell you that it's a quilt for her hubbie, he probably doesn't read my blog.  
The quilt is an anniversary present that
she has made for him, orange is his favorite color. 
  Their 11th anniversary is in November, so it will be
11-11-11 for their 11th!!  How fun is that??!!

Barb told me that she is a new quilter and found this pattern at
Patchwork Times the pattern design is called Peaches and Dreams. 
Barb mentioned that she didn't use all of the borders, she didn't want
the quilt to be that large. Barb did a fabulous job on this quilt and
I know her hubbie is going to absolutely love this gift!!  Here's
a couple of pictures.....

You can see a couple more pictures of these wonderful quilts
(don't forget you can click on the pictures for a
closer look) at my other blog:
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Peeping season is coming

Here' s a tree in my neck of the woods....the snow will be here soon...
not sure I'm quite ready for it, but I should have a few quilts
to keep me busy.

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend....
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