Saturday, September 19, 2015

August Quilts are showing!!

Well, I'm finally getting around to my August paperwork now that it's the middle of September.  It is still the middle, right?

Not too many quilts in August, but the machines are running full steam to play catch up for the missed time.  With one kid returning to college, and a second starting college we had a busy month.  Returning kid, not too many issues to deal with he's pretty much got the song and dance down.  New kid in college, totally a different story.  I'm beginning to hate the education organization.  I'm finding it harder and harder to call it an education institution, it seems it is more about the money and number of paying bodies they can get to pay the price.

Had a great time with the kids at the Dartmouth Camp Dartmouth-Hitchcock for children with rheumatic diseases. I won't go into it now, I'm hoping to follow up with a few photos of the kids and their work.  Its a fabulous camp for the kids and they really enjoy it.

How about seeing a few great quilts!

Betsy brought me a couple of really cute ones to work with.  The first one is so bright and colorful and a fabulous design.  Mixing the brights with the white, makes it "Oh, so modern!".  Her second quilt may look familiar as it is the Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar panel.  Betsy did a great job making the circles on the top of the quilt.

This fabulous quilt came to me all the way from CA!  Dale put together this wonderful quilt to use as a summer quilt for her bed.  The daisy fabric led me right to the daisy quilting.  Good job, Dale!!

WOW!!!  WOW!!  WOW!!!
I love bargello quilts and this one is drop dead beautiful!  All blacks and whites with a huge mix of bright colors.  Gay did a fabulous job on this one!  Don't forget you can click on the photo's for a closer look.

Sometimes a quilt just needs a little more lovin'.  Nicole made this quilt for her son several years ago and the hand quilting was just about gone.  We loaded it on the frame, did a basic meandering stitch and it's ready for a few more years of quilt lovin'.

I took in a few of the guild quilts, what was I thinking?!?!?!
Done and returned, might be a while before I go looking for something else to do!

Pam's quilt was like spending time on a beach in Florida.  The pinks, yellows and blues combined with the pink flamingo's were a bright spot in my room while I was working on it.

The photo's of this quilt does not begin to do this amazing quilt justice!  This was Pat's first quilt and her piecing, colors and fabric selection were on spot!!  I hope to see many more fabulous quilts from Pat in the future!

Renie brought me another quilt in August. Feminine and flowerly, pinks, whites with a touch of soft green makes this braid quilt fantastic.

Rosemary in OH sent me this cute little baby quilt.  The family is going to grow by one soon, and what a great welcoming gift for the little one.  The forest animals are just too cute!

Another family about to grow by one is Sandra's!  How cute is this log cabin quilt that she put together for their newest family member?  Primary colors are always a good choice for baby.

Sarah was excited to get this UFO done and gifted!  What a great quilt to have finished!  Adding the triangular quilting design was perfect.  Good job, Sarah!!

Judi combines color, value and scale with a flair!  I would never in a million years put these fabrics together but Judi does it with style!  How fun is the latest Judi quilt??  Can't wait to see the next one!

My last quilt is a fun t-shirt quilt from Sue in VT.  I enjoy working on the t-shirt quilts, it gives me a little insight to the owners.  Take a moment to click on the photo's, you won't want to miss the details!  

Whew!!  That's it for the month of August and I'm already at 13 quilts for the month of September!  It's going to be a busy month!

You can see more of these great quilts over at the other blog, stop in and check them out, here's the link:  

See you soon!
Until then, take care of yourself and those you love.
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