Friday, December 14, 2018


The machines slowed down a bit in September.  A couple of special projects that I needed to work on kept me busy for the month.  The first quilt was one of those projects. I had the opportunity to work with an extra special young gal on this wonderful quilt. The quilt is constructed mainly using Crystal's granddad's golf shirts.  Crystal had a large selection of shirts making coordinating the color combo work extremely well.  She knew exactly the quilt she wanted made making my job a bit easier.   Since granddad was an avid golfer the final touch was of course a golfing quilting design.  The quilt finished off beautifully giving Crystal a fabulous memento of her granddad.   

Here's a great quilt from Brandie in NH.  It's a spin on the 1600 done in beautiful 30's prints.  We went with a simple quilting design that finished off the quilt wonderfully.  Adding a super soft minky backing takes this one over the top!

Here's a couple of quilts from Cathie in CT.  The first quilt was a special project for her. The blocks were UFO's from her Mom's stash with the exception of the center block.  She did a great job at finding coordinating fabrics and finished this little quilt perfectly.  Her second quilt, so much fun!!  Take a moment to check out all of the little camping scenes on the fabric.  Of course we had to quilt little campers on it!

Diane in NH pulled together a wonderful blend of fabrics to create this space theme quilt.  The fabric show the planets, stars and even a bit of sunshine.  The black she used for the sashing makes the fabrics both dark and light really pop!  Great job Diane!

New quilter Donna brought this beautiful top she finished for her little granddaughter.  We selected a soft old fashion design for the quilting and finished it off.  

Dianne's first quilt fabric colors were inspired from the beautiful southwest.  Visiting her Mom in AZ often, she selected colors from that region.  Finishing the quilt in a traditional southwest style design worked perfectly.  Dianne's second quilt is from primary colors, simple design combined to make a simply fun quilt.  Dianne selected a circular quilting design for the finish.

Next batch of quilts are from Leslie here in NH.  First is another finished UFO from her Mom's stash.  Leslie finished this quilt for a niece.  Her second quilt is a blend of beautiful bright colors and an amazingly fun coordinating print.  The last quilt was made my her daughter Jamie for the new little one in their lives.  Complete with a coordinating pillow cover both will be perfect for the nursery.  

Mary Catherine is back again this month with a beautiful yellow jelly roll.  The grays are always striking when blended with a yellow.  We selected a soft floral modern design for the quilting.

Renie is ahead of the game with this Christmas quilt!  Way to go Renie!!  I believe she told me this was a stash buster finishing this top with fabric she had on hand.  I'm sure it's finished and all ready for the holidays!

This amazing quilt came from Susan here in NH.  A BOM that was a UFO.  How's that for quilting acronym's?  She did a great job fussy cutting one of the fabrics so there is a cardinal  in the center of each block.  

Well that's it for September.  I hope to be back very soon with the quilts from October, there are lots of them!!  Look forward to a wonderful posting!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Here's the August Quilts!

After a slower July things picked up for me in August.  Lots of great quilts to see!  It's like a mini quilt show at my house most of the time and that is just another fun part of what I do!  Thanks, gals for the great show.

First up we have Ali from NH.  A brand new quilter and what a great job she has done on her very first quilt!  It's my understanding this quilt will be gifted and just might be a little late for the occasion.  But no worries Ali, as I mentioned we have all been there, a gifted late quilt is always a perfect gift!

I'll have just one more quilt from Alex and then we may not be seeing any for a while.   Alex is off on a great adventure and has named this quilt her gypsie quilt.  It will be traveling with Alex in her adventure so the name Gypsie is just perfect!  We've seen many of these fabrics in her previous quilts, she's keeping this one and it's going to be a  reminder of all those wonderful previous works of love.  Good luck Alex, see you when you return!

How amazing is this bear panel?  Barbara from here in NH added a bottom row of bear paw blocks and they work extremely well to finish this wonderful wall hanging.  Adding a bear paw quilting design makes it a perfect gift for a manly man.

The next three quilts are from Betsy in VT.  Of course I'm lovin' the first one all done up in blues.  Offsetting the square design of the blocks we went with a circle quilting design.  Betsy's second quilt is a Bonnie Hunter quilt a long quilt.  She did an excellent job on the hundreds and hundreds of pieces that went into making this one!  The final quilt all pieced in batiks made the nicest top and now a finished quilt.  Good work Betsy!! 

It was wonderful to see Bev again and she brought me this amazing goldish/black quilt with a musical theme print fabric.  This quilt is for her hubby John.  He's seen Bev construct many quilts for other family members and now it's his turn!  Being a music lover this quilt is perfect!  Using a musical quilting design I am sure John will love this one, it was worth the wait!

Brandie in NH sent in the next two quilts.  The bold green and purple were just calling for an ultra-modern design!  I think the flowers in the quilting are almost a perfect match for the print of the fabric.  AND!!  Then there is the pink stars quilt!!  Superb!!  Again we had to go with a modern design for the quilting finishing it off wonderfully!

A new addition to the family is always a great opportunity for quilt making.  Diane in NH welcomed a new granddaughter to the family in September.  This little one will be wrapped in love with Diane's quilts.  This is the second one she's made for the new little one and I know there will be many more in this little girls future.  Congrats to the family!

Here's another Dianne in NH!  Dianne finished off these two quilts one as a gift for a son and the second one for her to keep.  The larger purple and green will proudly be on display on her own bed, yea Dianne!!  Purple and greens blended into Log Cabin blocks for this stunning design.  Her second quilt made from the newly popular bee fabric with smaller blocks in the border as accent pieces. 

I LOVE THIS QUILT!!  I believe it began as a panel but the messages are so sweet and wonderful!!  Elizabeth in KY put this splendid quilt together for her sister, what a beautiful quilt!  The saying on the panel are so warm and endearing it's a real keeper!  We did finish it off with a bee and floral design that works perfectly with the fabrics.

And this is exactly why we quilt!! 
 Jackie finished off this super cool t-shirt quilt for her daughter before she headed off to college, how great is that?!?!  When Jackie sent me this photo the subject line in the email was:  She loves it!  Well of course she does!  All those great memories going with her to college, what a good Mom!  

How beautifully retro!  Jane brought me this brightly colored quilt top that her Mom had made several years ago.  Completely stitched by hand using polyester fabrics Jane was concerned that the top would not be quilt-able and whether or not it was worth the time and money. The construction was perfectly pieced, the fabric was in great shape so why not?  It finished up beautifully!  Jane's second quilt a pink solid mixed with pink floral quilt again made by Jane's mom, is another beautiful hand pieced treasure. All of the fabrics were in excellent shape and the workmanship was outstanding making it worth the time and money to have it finished.  We selected simple quilting designs to keep the focus on these fabulous quilts.

Here's Karen in MN quilt larger than life!  Karen's quilt was made for a family member and the red and gray paired with the white makes a stunning finished quilt.  We kept the quilting simple but elegant.

How fun is this great quilt from Leslie?  The modern design in bold solid reading fabrics set in black bring the blocks to life.  Leslie selected a quilting design that had both circles and squares for a perfect finish.  I believe she mentioned this quilt was for a brother.  Super fun design!

How sweet is this little quilt from Mary Catherine?  Very modern fabrics with soft colors of peach and green.  The print has the cutest little animals on it and when she added Minky for the backing the quilt went from soft to amazingly luscious.  Ultra modern quilting design worked just perfectly.

Nancy in PA sent the next two quilts in for me to work with.  The first one is bright and cheery fabrics mixed with white.  This combo seems to always work well together.  Nancy's second quilt is very girly quilt done in pinks and greens.  The log cabin blocks set in a traditional design for the border to the center star.  Great job Nancy!

Here's a couple of quilts from Pat in VT.  Kaffe Fassett prints for the first quilt all bright and colorful, who does not love them?  Her second quilt working with Asian prints set in black, always a winner!

Super soft prints went into this quilt from Peg in NC.  We selected a soft and feminine quilting design to finish the quilt wonderfully.  Sunlight was not working with me when I took the photo of this quilt.  It is much more beautiful than my photos are showing.

Here's a quilt from Regina in NH.  Love the way she added the small red border to this one!  Really makes the center pop!  Using simple larger square pieces for the outside border was perfect to keep the focus on the center blocks.

(Regina's Story: There is a story behind this one. My friend Laurie W made the multi-colored squares in the middle portion of the quilt. The name of the square is Losses and Crosses. She did not like them so gave them to me to do whatever I wanted with them. So, since she belongs to the Lyme, NH historical society I made it into this quilt, had it longarm quilted by Joanne Lendaro (as shown in this picture) then put the binding and label on it. I then donated it to the Lyme historical society. They may raffle it off in the near future to raise monies for the society. I enjoyed putting it together.

How fabulous is this one?!?!  I believe it was a 100 block quilt along.  What a fantastic job Sara did with all of her color selection!  Each block is absolutely wonderful!  We finished the quilt off with simple elegant quilting and why not?  Sara also sent a fun and funky quilt but unfortunately, I think I sent it home before getting a photo of it!  

Here's a sweet little quilt from Sharon in NH.  Not her usual selection of fabric or colors, but this one is super soft colors and girly!  All of the scrappy pieces came together nicely.  She opted for a more modern quilting design that finished it off wonderfully.

Here's an outstanding quilt from Sue at Hen House Fabrics.  This was a BOM that she had at the shop intended for a QOV donation.  Great selection of a variety of fabrics pulls this red, white and blue quilt together nicely.  Finishing off with a stars and swirls quilting design worked very well.

How fun is this wall hanging from Susanne in NH?  Don't you just love it?!  It's about what we do and will be just perfect for her sewing room!  Of course, I had to stitch a quilting related theme for the finishing touch!  Her second quilt is another soft and sweet fabrics pulled together for a marvelous finish! 

That wraps up all of the August quilts!  Stay tuned for the upcoming ones from September!  As always more photos of these great quilts can be seen at the other blog, here's the link:

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