Monday, July 25, 2011

So Stinkin' Cute!!! And some quilts too...

This little guy gave me a visit a couple of weeks ago.  Isn't he cute!?!?  I sat at the computer and watched him waddle through the yard and stop right in front of the huge window and proceed to dig a hole in the yard.  He was completely occupied digging as I stood and watched him.  Why is it they look so cute that you just want to cuddle with them? 

He stayed with it for a while and then decided to move on.  Good thing, those holes are hard on the lawn mower.  Speaking of wild animals, I also caught a quick shot of this big guy in the yard.....

Sorry for the blur, I've usually got about 10 seconds from the time I see these critters to find the camera and snap the shot.  I'm usually running around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to figure out where the last place I had the camera was.  By the time I've located it the Kodak moment has passed.    And speaking of chickens....look at what Judi in Vt had me work on for her...

I'm callin' this one Funky Chickens!!  Another fun quilt from Judi!  But the wildlife at my house gets better!  I had a couple of elephants!!  Yep, here's proof....

I bet you didn't believe me!  These adorable little guys came from Annette in NH.  They were baby shower gifts and simply wonderful!!  Who else could I have seen???  How about these little guys....

This was another adorable little quilt that I had the pleasure to work on.  All of these little guys made a fabulous quilt, the colors were perfect! Sue in NY did a great job with the little owls.  I also had a fun little guy on the machine, everyone loves.....

Good thing Sponge Bob brought his friends.  This wonderful quilt was done by Aunt Mil.  Here's what Lisa wrote when I asked about the quilt:  "The sponge bob quilt is for Aunt Mil's great-great nephew who is in 1st grade! We don't have many boys in our family, and she spoils ALL of the boys!! Xander's father, (Xander is the one who will receive the quilt) asked for a quilt for his son! I believe Mil will be 85 in Nov! She is the reason Janice and I began quilting, something she has done for the majority of my life, and I will be 45 this year! She loves to embroider and make the little animals! Now, all of her nieces and nephews wants quilts made by her!!!! We are in competition of who has the most!!"   Sounds like Aunt Mil has her work cut out for her!  Lisa sent me a super hero......

Spiderman!!!  See the cool webs that I put on the quilt?  It was so much fun and I've seen the pictures of the little guy who got this one!  He is a cutie and I know he adores this wonderful quilt.I have been busy having a blast with all of these fabulous quilts!  Don't forget you can click on the pictures for a closer look and as always I've posted more pictures at my other blog:

But wait!  I still have more so you'll have to come back and see what else has come my way.  The fabrics and the designs have been great!  I also have a fun little table topper to tell you about! 

The boys are healing quickly, I'm hoping the orange cast comes off tomorrow. Kid in sling is starting to move about and come back to life.  I'm sitting on the kid with the hand injury, the hand is the most used and most abused part of your body and we can't afford to not let it heal completely before using it again. 

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Who has time for quilting when you live with this.....

I wanted proof that all three boys were down and out at the same time.  Kid in orange is the one who punched the locker and was the first injury.  It's a boxer fracture, pray that the cast come off on Tuesday I need somebody to cut the grass.  Kid in brown just got home from the ER less than an hour ago.  He was climbing a fence (?) got his hand caught on the top and ripped it open = 10 stitches and followup from a hand doctor to make sure everything heals correctly.  He is also the proud bearer of 4 stitches on the opposite arm.  Skinny kid in black is the "skater dude" that was the newbie on the longboard.  His first time out on the board got him the sporty sling and a broken clavicle.


All is not lost!!  I am the proud owner of TONS & TONS of new Anne Bright designs!! I have been working like a crazy woman trying to get it all set up and organized before my giveaway.  You betcha', the wheels are still turning and it's coming together. 

Okay, now I've got a sink full of dishes, beds to make, laundry to take off of the line.  Needless to say none of that got done today when you get the call "is this Dan's Mom?  We are at the hospital....."  Yep, Mom can run....

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is this hot or not?!?!?!

Now that I have your!!  These are shots of a portion of the quilt that I recently quilted for Judi in VT.  How fun is this?  I LOVE Judi's quilts, they really make me stand back and take a look at the fabrics that she uses and I'm hoping someday to be able to throw caution to the wind and be free.  Judi's quilting is a reflection of her personality.  I consider myself lucky to be in this gal's circle of friends.  Check out the other blog and see what I did on this fun quilt for her.  Here's the link:
cheap machine longarm quilting

Hope you all are staying cool.  Thinking about the giveaway? I am....okay, that's it for now.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Still with me?

Today I'm going to post a few pictures of quilts that I've had the pleasure to work with.  Going to be a short and quick post to catch up.

Phylis in NC

cheap machine quilting
cheap long arm quilting
Cheap quilting
There were three lovely quilts! The first one above was a signature quilt and just drop dead beautiful.  LOVED the colors! Phyllis is part of my very talented "North Carolina Ladies".  These gals are known for sending me the most perfect quilts!

Tita in VT

Here is a quilt that Tita made for her sister who lives in Kentucky.  Tita did a great job on this quilt!  You wouldn't believe all of the fussy cutting that she had to do for the center of the stars.  It is a lovely quilt that I know her sister will definitely treasure.

This is one of the SooNipi charity quilts that I did for one of the quilting guilds that I am a member of.  I did 9 of these little Split Nine Patch quilts.  It was great practice for me and some of the first quilts that I used the computer on. 

Check out my other blog for more pictures of these beautiful quilts:

Catching up on some fun things that I won.....don't you just love this little flower?  It is the newest addition to my shelf of smiles.  I was the lucky reader/poster over at Quixotic Crafter.  Susan has a fantastic blog and puts an interesting spin on her post.  I LOVE reading them.  When I'm catching up on blog reading I always read the ones I've missed. 

A while back Inchworm Fabrics had a fun giveaway and I won these cute little things.  I found this new thing called Square-agonals, click on the link it will take  you to Kelly's blog for a book review.  This cute little charm pack is going to be a table runner made with the Square-agonal method.  I've already completed a table topper using this method and it is absolutely fantastic.  

It's been nutso around here.  Got one kid with a broken hand, this happened a couple of weeks ago. THEN two days ago another on of my not so smart offspring decides to take a run on his new "longboard".  It's a skateboard on steroids.  Long story short - broken shoulder. This week I'll be trying to get him patched up.  It's going to require a plate, screws and surgery.  And if that's not enough, I chipped another, yep I said "another" tooth! 

Good news for you all, I've just about got all of the guidelines for my up coming giveaway, so keep checking back.

But yesterday the hubs and I decided to blow this popcorn stand and head out for a road trip. The first 5 were taken in Portsmouth, NH and the others were taken at Rye Beach, NH. One thing I figured out is where all of the people in NH are!!  Jeez!  I haven't seen that many people in one place since I move here. LOL!!  Here's a few pictures.....

Hard to believe it's been 25 years in October.......

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