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February quilts are here!

Knowing my March was going to be a busy one, I ramped up the machines and ran full speed as many days as I could.  Lots and lots of great quilts to share, here's the finished results!  Enjoy!!

I've got a couple of quilts this month that are what I call "sleepers".  I see "sleepers" more often than you would think. The quilter finishes the quilt top and is not sure how they feel about it.  Not bad, not good, just sorta indifferent.  (Not saying that Barbara or anyone else felt(s) this way about her quilt, but think about it)  These quilts are usually stunning when they are hanging!  It's not until you can step back and get a full view of the quilt do you truly appreciate the beauty of the top.  Think about it.  

Up first is this super colorful Fassett quilt.  Barbara from VT pulled all these fantastic fabrics together and finished off this stunningly bright and bold quilt.  We finished it off with a super modern quilting design which was just perfect!

Dianne kept me busy for a couple of days.   All three of  her quilts are bold modern fabrics beautifully matched for a fabulous finish!  Keeping with the modern theme the modern quilting designs finished off each piece wonderfully!

Up next is a great little baby quilt from Jamie in NH.  Using modern prints and Minky for a backing this one is going to be a treasure for the new little person.  Jamie selected a modern floral quilting design which completed the quilt beautifully!  

Jane, WOW!  Her first quilt is a hand pieced treasure from her Mom.  A fantastic blend of all kinds of fabrics and her Mom then used a red solid that really makes this one pop!  It's a treasure!  The next couple of quilts were made by Jane blending newer fabrics with older ones from her stash!  Quilts were made for her granddaughters using fabrics that were once used as nursery fabrics.  The finished quilts are amazing!

Can't lie, didn't want to send this one home!  It is such a bright, cheery, happy quilt I loved having it!  Janet, who always brings me wonderful quilts, finished this one off to keep for herself!  Yay, Janet!!  We selected a modern floral design with lots of swirls, great job Janet!

The next quilt is from Jessie here in NH.  This one is going to be the most perfect wedding gift ever!!  Jessie decided to go with two layers of batting pushing this one just over the top!  It's not only gorgeous, it's going to be super warm for the New Hampshire winters! She selected a simple, yet very elegant quilting design that will never go out of style.  

Katherine's first quilt is for her man, Pix!  Simply done up in manly colors with a pretty cool quilting design to finish it off.  Followed by a super cute panel making the best ever baby quilt.  Then a pretty little one done in a variety of blocks using beautiful pinks and browns.  Katherine's last quilt simply pieced in her favorite trademark fabrics.  

Here's a great table runner from Kristina in NH.  Deep rich colors and a super tight quilting paisley design makes this one a winner!  Love the way it finished!

Here's another sleeper!!

WOW!!  When Leslie brought this quilt in, I loved the colors but couldn't really appreciate the design until I got it ready for photos!!  WOW! WOW! WOW! LOVE IT!!  Ultra modern quilting design finished it off wonderfully! For me, this one was a sleeper!

Every quilt has a story...  This great quilt from Linda has a history!  Started with me not knowing I got the quilt.  Someone was trying to help me out and brought the quilt up to my room and "put it away", helpful but not!  Then the backing was too small, Linda ordered more backing that never arrived and since I didn't know she ordered it, I didn't tell her that it never came.  When it finally got to the point where we were both trying to figure out what the other was doing, this poor top made it's way to my machine. Now with that being said, Linda from IL, was on the beaches in FL for the month turning into a bronze beauty! Anyway, we did manage to finally get the quilt done and sent back home for her to give to her son.  Whew!!  Love the modern circular design that she selected for the top.

Linda here in NH got a new bed.  Great reason to make a new quilt, right?  Well Linda and hubby went from a full size mattress to a KING!!  A new quilt was definitely needed!  Linda kept the design simple finishing off this great quilt!  The simple quilting design will keep the quilt soft and cozy! 

Absolutely LOVE this one!!  Marilyn made this wonderful modern quilt using the most perfect blend of modern fabric that will remain soft in color and design. It's a wedding gift for Marilyn's nephew and new bride.   We selected a modern quilting design for the quilt pulling it together spectacularly!  But the true icing on the cake (quilt) was the label!  Marilyn sent me a copy of the couples save the date card and we used the image for the label. I stitched the label out on one of my new machines. What a great finish!!

Full of beautiful bright color!  It was a pleasure to have this bright quilt to work with during the gray days of February.  The bold and bright colors of this quilt were hand picked by Olivia,  Melissa's daughter, for this extra special quilt. They finished it off with a fabulous purple Minky backing making this quilt super soft and so lovable! 

Michele is back again this month with a great selection of amazing quilts.  Using her stash Michele blends the perfect fabric selection for her quilt tops. Up first is this beautiful log cabin block quilt.

LOVE the corners on this one!  Didn't trim it so the shape of the quilt would show in the photographs.

The border really brings out the snippets of the same color of fabrics inside the quilt on this one. Framing the center in black, excellent choice!

Super cute with the Peanuts fabric!  I went a bit out of my norm and used neon green for the quilting thread and the ultra modern, fun design was perfect.

Scrappy, but again pulling the inside out with the borders. 

How cute is this one?  LOVE IT!!  Pat did an incredible job on the piecing of this baby quilt she make for a new little on in their family.  If you look closely (click on photo for closer look) all of her fabrics are going the same direction within the heart!  That took a bit of extra time and planning!  For the quilting we selected a modern heart design.

Rita kept me on my toes for a while with the next three little people quilts.  Great job on the braid quilt, her excellent piecing made it super easy to work with.  Lots of swirls and hearts on that one. Next is a super cute panel with quilted butterflies.  Lastly, puppy fabric that just called for little puppy paw prints for the quilting.

Sometimes the hardest part of my job is sending the quilt home. 
Stancy from NY made this gorgeous quilt for her nephew and his wife.  The soft colors of the fabrics along with the design, make this quilt!  Stancy's superb piecing was spot on making my job super easy!  Finishing the quilt off in an elegant swirly leaf quilting design was a excellent choice. 

New grand-mom-to-be, Suzi made this fun little quilt for her daughter's baby shower.  Suzi's piecing is impeccable making my job super easy and these little sailboats are just adorable!  She used a fun accent fabric with swimmers, click on the photo!  Layering batting with a dark blue Minky for the backing this quilt is going to be super loved!

Terry has some of the cutest fabrics ever!  Usually her quilts are gifted to special people in her life using fabrics that in some way or another reflect what is important to them or their lifestyle.  And then sometimes, just sometimes, the quilt will remain her quilt to love.  I do enjoy seeing her quilts with all of the great fabrics!  

Here's a work of love.  Tina in VT brought me this wonderful t-shirt quilt that she had made for the wife of the shirt's owner.  What great memories this quilt must have from the shirts Tina selected. We decided to go with a simple meander finishing this one off without detracting from the quilt top. 

That's it for February!  Lots and lots of great quilts, don't forget to check out the other blog for more photos of these beauties.  Here's a link:

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