Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Marcy's Quilt

Couldn't decide which direction to go with this post, so I'm wingin' it today.... Here' a picture of the back of Marcy's Purdue t-shirt quilt, the design that we finally ended up using is Retro Hearts by Anne Bright (a very, very talented lady).  Most, but not all of the designs I use are from Anne, I really do love her creativity.  Here's a look at the Retro Hearts design on the back of Marcy's quilt.
T-shirt quilts can be a lot of fun and a great way to use all of those shirts that you've collected and get them out of the way and into a useful, fun quilt.  Here is one of the blocks that you can definitely appreciate if you are a Purdue University fan.

I've packed her quilt up and she's got it with her, I'm hoping that she has (or takes) the time to finish the binding.  She did manage to get it stitched on while she was here, so she's left with the hand stitching yet to do.  Here's the note I got from her after the box arrived.....

Everyone was ooohing and ahhhing over it! Thank YOU so much for the beautiful quilting and for shipping it! I'll have to bring it in May (hopefully bound) to take pictures! I also saw your blog post about spoiling me and it made me tear up at work!
I love you!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Well, she makes me cry too..I am so proud of her. I've posted more pictures of Marcy's quilt at the other blog, here's the link:

The softer side of this post...I'm in a strange mood today because tomorrow I am delivering two quilts to an elderly man who contacted me after the death of his wife.  He found the quilts that she had made, but not finished, she was a hand quilter. More on the story of these two quilts after I return them to their owner.  But it has me thinking....who, if anyone will finish all of those projects that I have laying about??  Yes, a very sobering thing to think about...

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Quilts on Monday!

Here it is already Monday again!  The past week just flew by, not sure where all of those hours and minutes went, but they sure did pass quickly.  Miss Marcy is back at Purdue in her "real world" not at home where Mom did nothing but cater to just about her every whim.  I really didn't spoil her growing up, but it won't stop me now! We didn't eat out not that first time, she wanted home cooked dinners and that is exactly what the kid got.  The boys loved having a kitchen that was just as busy as ever when they got home each night and the hubs loved the blueberry bread pudding that came out of the oven in two 13" x 9" pans!  They finished one off the first night, but I knew they would and you just have to have leftovers, right??  Okay, on to the quilts for the week.

First is Bev, I've got a couple of her quilts today.  One sweet little baby quilt and the other one of the boys said reminded them of grape jelly.  If you love purple this is the quilt for you!!  As always Bev's quilts are marvelous! Perfectly pieced and just a dream for me to work with.  Here's Bev's wonderful works of love....

Here's the sweet baby quilt made by Bev...
 Next we have Annie, another gal from New Hampshire who finished this very
modern style baby quilt and we decided to finish it off with the simple loops
stitching design.  It really turned out quite nicely!
 Here is another quilt made by a beginner.  Nancy works with a super sweet gal from
one of the guilds that I'm in and recently gave me her first quilt to help finish.  I
absolutely love the browns and tans that were used in this little lap quilt.  We just
used a meander stitch and it too finished it quite nicely.  Nancy did a great job and
I hope she continues quilting!
Here's the link if you'd like to see additional pictures of these wonderful quilts, don't forget you can click on the pictures for a closer look! Check them out here:

That's it for today, I've got about 10 quilts waiting for me to work on this week and I've got more coming in from Nancy in Pa, and Lisa sent me a message I guess she and Aunt Mil have some more monster quilts coming my way! 

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oops!! Missed Monday!! More quilts....

I'm attempting to get back into the blogging by posting once a week on Monday mornings.  Great way to finish the weekend and start a new week.  Hence, my missed Monday title.  BUT, the good news is my distraction from blogging, Marcy! She is home from Purdue for Spring Break and I am already lovin' it!! Flight delays put her in Manchester at 12:45a.m. which means we didn't get home until 2:00a.m. and then we still had a little catching up to do so we didn't turn the lights off until 3:15a.m.!!  I was up at 7:00a.m, and the "kid" slept until 11:30a.m., lucky her!

On to the quilts!!!

Rachel has brought me a couple of really pretty ones.  The first was an Oriental one and I've added an dragon fly/ginkgo leaf design to go with it.  Here's the quilt....
 The second quilt was an adorable pastel baby quilt.  We decided that a light butterfly design would be perfect and I think it was!  Here's what it looks like.....
Sandy brought me two really HUGE pieces of muslin with a snippet of the ribbon she was going to add when I finished.  She wanted me to use a thick poly batting to add lots of fluff to the top.  After looking at several designs she decided to go with a very simple single flower and I would increase it to an 10" x 10" design.  I then took it from edge to edge.  It was amazing!!  So simple and yet very elegant!  It was the first time I had done this and I loved it!!  I'm looking forward to using this method on other quilts that just need a "touch" of design. Here's a pic....

As usual more pictures are posted on the other blog, here's the link.....

Off to do some laundry, grocery store, and lunch with my boy friend and daughter then work on the HUGE Purdue t-shirt quilt of Marcy's that has taken it's place on my frame.  She finished it at Christmas, so it's time.

Have a wonderful week, see you next Monday!
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Friday, March 9, 2012

Quilt Day! It's about stars and color!

Here's three more quilts that I've had the pleasure to work with recently.  The first one is a quilt from one of the guilds that I belong too.  This is a quilt from our Community Service project,  like most guilds we donate quilts to people or organizations in need.  The funky stars designs makes this an amazingly cool quilt.

The second quilt comes from a talented young lady in North Carolina.  Caitlin has been busy working on tops!!  I've got one of hers on the frame now and one waiting in the wings to be next.  The fabrics that she used were so fun, bright and colorful!

Sue made three little quilts for co-workers who held down the fort while she was on sick leaving having her shoulder taken care of.  The bold bright colors of the batiks made a fantastic top and she used fleece as the backing for warmth.  Great little quilts!

Well that's it for today, hope you enjoyed seeing these I've got plenty more to come! 
Take a closer look at these over at the other blog, here's the link:
Insanely Cheap Quilting 
Have a super weekend!!
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Monday, March 5, 2012

A Few Quilts

Don't you just love the Kaffe prints?  They are so colorful and bright, just makes you happy and lights up any quilt when used.  Tita collected her stash and made this wonderful little quilt for a friend, don't you just love it?  She said it went together quick and the design is fabulous!

Brandy certainly was busy last year!  I got a box full of wonderful quilts that she sent for quilting just before Christmas.  Included was a bed runner and some shams.  I managed to get everything back to her except the shams and sent those back in January.  So I'm pushing a couple of months behind on posting Brandy's works of love.

Don't forget to check out my other blog for a few more pictures of the quilts
and the quilting
Here's a link:

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