Friday, December 29, 2017

September Quilts

Sitting here with a nice fire in the fireplace and it's freezing cold out.  Looking at these photos below and remembering the warm days of September.  That was a while ago!!  On with the show...

Polly got quite a few comments and a lot of attention with this scrappy quilt!  Simple but the use of color pulls this quilt together wonderfully!  Of course I'm loving the blues!

Elizabeth usually brings me quilts college bound.  This time it was a cute baby quilt for a new member of the family.  Finished it off with hearts for the machine quilting.  Minky backing makes this a super cuddly quilt.

Ruth finished this fabulous blue quilt for the Dartmouth Cancer Center.  What a wonderful contribution to the center this quilt is going to be.  Quilters in our area are making and donating quilts to the The Jack Byrne Center.  The center is amazing and I am so proud to be just a very small part of it.

This soft quilt from Bonnie is another that will be donated to the Jack Byrne Center.  The quilts hopefully make the rooms feel more like home and less hospital like.  Again, the facility is amazing!!

  Ketta is sporting some wild colors with this one.  A simple
 design with the Kaffe Fassett fabrics is always a winner!
Ketta is sold on using the new Warm Company batting.
She's loving it!

Here's another marvelous quilt from Rita!!  This is her second quilt like this, the first she used bright fabrics.  You can see it here.  I'm usually all about the blues, but I think the first one is my favorite, but I'd take this one in a New York minute!!  Great job, Rita!!

What a fun quilt block this one is!!  Linda, who works with the bold and brights, did a great job on this split 4 patch quilt.  I love the way she match the fabrics to offset the darks and the lights.  

Working with Anne here in New Hampshire to finish off this great black and red quilt, it just might be off to college with her daughter.  Anne's daughter has a huge love for music so we opted for a music themed quilting design.  Love it!!

What a monster quilt this one was!!  Oh my gosh!!  Maria made this very cool quilt for her son.  I am POSITIVE that he is loving it, Maria is just happy to have it finished and saying she'll never do that size again!  But seriously, it is a very cool quilt for a guy!

MINE!!!  Wanted to finish off a quick quilt with a Minky backing and using a new batting from the Warm Company.  It's called Warm & Plush.  It's a bit heavier than the Warm & Natural and still all cotton.  I'm liking it, only is available in 90" wide, I think that's a check in the minus column.

I WANT ONE!!! The photos do not do this quilt justice!!  Not only is it a gorgeous quilt but it has two layers of batting!  I've done a few quilts with the two layers of batting and they are so thick, I WANT ONE!!  Would be perfect tonight with the temps in the single digits and the snow!  OH!!  Sue here in NH, made this great quilt for a friend, Sue is a good friend!

Patty here in NH did a great job on this quilt. I believe it was a Christmas gift for one of her sons.  Patty was way ahead of the game on getting her Christmas quilts done!  Both quilt were fabulous guy quilts!

Yep, another one I didn't want to send home!  Suzi made this great, and I mean GREAT quilt for her son!  We selected a modern, swirly, edgy quilting design that finished it off perfectly!!  Suzi, splendid job on the guy quilt, I am positive that he loved it!

Worked on Nicole's quilts for a day or two.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the first one!!  It's the quilting friends and these gals are fun, funky and fabulous!  Nicole's second quilt, another - I WANT ONE!!  We used two layers of batting on this one too and what a fat, fluffy quilt it is!  Never mind the amazing job she did on the piecing and the color combo is great, resulting in a incredible quilt.

Another WOW!!!!  Cathie quilt...WOW!!
Really?  What can I say?  
Isn't it amazing how three colors can make such a great quilt?

That's it for the month of September!  I hope to be back very, very soon with the October and November quilts!!  Don't like being this far behind, so I'm working hard to get caught up again.

As usual more photos of these quilts can be seen at the other blog, here's the link and don't forget to click on the photo for a closer look!!

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

August Quilts are looking good!

I stayed pretty busy during the month of August, and I have lots and lots of really great quilts to show.  A little bit of everything, it was an amazing month!  

Lets get started!

First up is a fun quilt from Rosemary in OH.  This simple design would be perfect for a stash busting project or if you just happen to have a fatquarter bundle laying about.  Rosemary bordered the blocks in white framing the center and then the smaller multi fabric border adds the perfect finishing touch to the quilt.  Good job Rosemary!  I think I'll be adding this one to my bucket list.

If you haven't seen the quilting Girl Friend quilt here it is.  And just wait there's a couple more coming!  This one is from Pat in CT and of course it's just adorable.  She wanted something fun quilted on it, no problem!  I selected Accessories from Deb Geissler, you can see it here.  It's just super cute and you can't see much of it on the quilt, but it's there.  Shoes, purses, gloves and they all match.  Super Cute!

Elizabeth is back this month with yet another graduation quilt.  The pattern Chinese Coin works up quickly and fits right into Elizabeth's busy schedule.  We went with a little different quilting design this time and I think it's just perfect for the quilt.

Sandra finished off a couple of small ones that I helped in the finishing process with her. Warm and cozy the first one using flannels.  Adding log cabin blocks arranged almost to look like the sky and the earth to a panel resulted in a great little quilt.  Her second was a gift for a little person and I believe Daddy is a firefighter.  I found the cutest quilting design to go with the adorable fabrics.  

How soft and sweet is this one?  Cathie in CT inherited bits, pieces and blocks from someone and managed to pull it all together for this fabulous quilt.  Reminds me of something you would see in a Shabby Chic magazine ad.  We selected a traditional quilting design with a touch of modern finishing it up beautifully.  

Who does not like Dr. Seuss??  Leslie here in NH made this cute little quilt for a new grand little expected any day now.  We doubled up on the 80/20 batting for an extra thickness that made this soft and puffy!  It's going to be wonderful for the new addition to their family.  Congrats, Leslie!

Not only is this quilt blue, but it's MINKY!!!  Suzi here in NH used Minky as a backing and added a layer of 80/20 batting for the softest quilt ever!  It's going to be loved, loved and loved some more.  Another project made as a comfort gift for a friend.  

Remember Mary Catherine from last month?  She's back again this month! Her first quilt is a memory quilt made for a well loved retiring co-worker.  Signature blocks with lots of well wishes, the quilt owner will cherish reading over and over again.  The second quilt, a leaf design will be gifted to the local hospital's cancer center.  Lastly, another 1600, again to be gifted quilted using a very elegant quilting design.  Notice the borders and backing same fabric as the jelly roll, great way to make them!

Deb over in VT was on a roll with a couple of Split Nine Patch quilts!  Deb did a superb job on the fabric combination for both quilts.  Starting with darker prints mixed with white and then reversing for the second quilt.  Throw in the cute little flannel baby quilt and Deb was a busy gal!

Mary in VT....What a engaging layout this quilt has!  Sometimes I don't appreciate the total design until I have the chance to see it through the eye of the camera.  A couple of my favorite design elements on this quilt is the border with the flying geese/hst sets into the white border and I love the green and white zigzag going from top to bottom.  Excellent!!

Renie had me singing Christmas songs!  She is way ahead of the game finishing off this piece that she's going to be using as a table cloth during the holidays.  Way to go Renie!

Patty, also here in NH put a few batiks together to make this striking quilt.  Adding the yellow/mustard/gold border really sets off the blocks.  The fabrics are pleasing and come together very, very well.  We went with a circular quilting design and it finished off the quilt beautifully!

Kristina made this colorful rainbow quilt for her little grand daughter.  Flying geese going up and down in bold colors made for the perfect little person quilt.  Knowing the quilt would be loved for a few years she opted to go with a modern light floral quilting design.  Absolutely perfect!

Rich is how I would best describe this quilt from Perpetua here in NH.  The variety of greens mixed with the gold print makes this a super classy quilt. The quilt will be a wedding gift for a very lucky young couple.  Perpetua opted for a more traditional quilting design to finish it off.  

Linda in CT!!  I can always count on her quilts to brighten up my sewing area!  Fun prints with lots and lots of color usually worked into a modern quilt block.  It's fun working with Linda and seeing what she sends to me.  

On the other end of the spectrum is Lisa and her tendency to go with more traditional designs.  BUT!!  You have got to click on the photo and check out the ultra modern fabric on this one!  Perfect blend of the past and the present.    Great job, Lisa!!  Lisa's second and third quilts are adorable little baby quilts made for a friend.  They are going to love them!

Working a little out of her color comfort zone, Sharon over in VT sent me this fabulous quilt in shades of gray.  The quilt was made for a family member who Sharon allowed to select the quilt fabrics and design.  Since this isn't Sharon's normal color pallet or quilt style I understand that it was a bit challenging for her to work on and complete.  If you're a quilter you can TOTALLY get it, I know I do!  Quilted in a modern feather design it finished up magnificently!

Butterflies!  It just had to be butterflies, elegant ones.  I saw this fabric before it grew up to become this wonderful quilt.  I fell in love with the soft colors and overall design but mostly the butterflies.  When Paulette handed it over to me, to quilt for her my heart skipped a beat!  (especially since she lets me pick the designs!!)  Sweet Paulette made this quilt for the local hospital cancer center.  The fabrics along with the butterflies will be peaceful and calming at a time of need.  Great job, Paulette.

OMG!!  I loved this one!  Took me a few days after finishing it to let Dianne know it was ready for her to pickup.  The fabrics are blue, my favorite, but the prints were amazing.  Not sure what this fabric line was (and glad I don't know!!) but it took everything I had not to scope it out on line and buy it!!  Dianne did a great job with the piecing resulting in another great quilt!

Sharon kept me busy for a couple of days with her 5 quilts!  Each one was better than the next!   The first in browns and golds beautifully done with the simple pattern allowing the fabrics to really stand out.  Her second one, same pattern with larger blocks, had turtles in the fabric.  We found a turtle design that worked wonderfully!  You need to check this one out really amazing.  And who does not just love the Delectable Mountains quilt?  Done up in blues and blue greens, perfect!  Following is another Sharon quilt using the browns and gold African fabrics.  Lastly a completely modern with the black, white and red.  How fun that we were once again able to match the quilting design with the fabric design.  Don't forget to click on the photo for a closer look!!

That wraps up my month of August!!  Hopefully September won't be long in getting posted.  

As always more photos of these fabulous quilts can be seen at the other blog, here's a link for you:

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