Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A month (or more) of quilting and Carbs!

My blogging has turned into a once a month activity.  Life for me in New Hampshire has proven to keep me busy as ever!  Being involved in two guilds, working on all of these wonderful quilts and just the day to day activities seems to fill 36 hours per day!  Like yesterday....I spend over 2 hours learning about septic systems, who would have guessed?  Last week I attended a daytime retreat for one of my guilds. If you don't have much time to invest in a retreat, this is a great way just to get together with a few great gals and get inspired! Speaking of retreat..I'm planning one myself!  More on that later.

AND!!!!!!   OMG!!!!!!!!!!   I have discovered the King Arthur Flour Education Center!   I have taken carbs to an unbelievable level here at our house!  I've taken two yeast bread classes, one sweet bread class, one cupcake class, a pizza class and on Monday I'm taking a pie class!!  Here's what my family has been enjoying...

Yeast bread with cinnamon....

Sticky Buns.....

Made homemade buns for sausage sandwiches....

Cupcakes......(took my camera, should blog about that!!)

MORE cinnamon bread......

French toast with cinnamon bread......

HAFTA' have the real syrup.....

Dinner rolls and cinnamon bread for breakfast......

While Marcy was home, we made (teaching her) sweet rolls and Jeff took them to work, he was very popular that day.......

We really should weight 500 pounds!!  Pie class is next!!

Okay, here's what you stopped by for, the quilts!!

Brandy in NC

Brandy has done her usual FANTASTIC job on these three quilts she sent.  Here piecing is perfect and it's always my pleasure to work with her.  LOVE her little spool quilt! 

Shirley in NH

Shirley sent me these two wonderful quilts.  The first one she is keeping all for herself, good for her!!  You might recognize the second little quilt, I've done a few of these for Mary.  I love the little critters on this panel.  Don't forget you can click for a closer view.

Sandra in NH
Sandra's stack-n-whack was a little tricky to get a photo of, so hit my other blog for better (and more) photos of this one.  Her second quilt - my favorite color - BLUE!!  Since it was a gift for a male friend, we decided to go with maple leaves to match the fabric.  It's a pretty cool design, check it out!

Betty Lou in TX
Betty Lou kept me busy for a while!!  These warm and wonderful little quilts will make great gifts!  Betty Lou's color selection of jewel tones makes them even better!  She is another fantastic piecer, always a pleasure!  Stop over at her blog for some fun reading here's a link to American Vintage Quilts she's always posting new things.

Bobbi in VA
New quilter Bobbi sent me these two quilts.  They turned out beautifully and I can't wait to see what she sends me next.  I think she was really surprised when she got her quilts back!

Cathy in VT

Cathy, another perfect piecer and always a pleasure to work with her too.  Here's a couple of her quilts, seems to be a trend with the straight lines in the stripes on these.  I added a very modern quilting design by Anne Bright.

Sue in VT
LOVE this one!!  This is a quilt for Sue's hubbie, and if you take a look at the different fabrics it's just fun!!  Scrappy at it's best, a manly quilt with monkey's and flip flops - it works!!

Suzanne in TX
Don't you just love this one?  Looks like it would be a great project for those jelly rolls that you may have laying around that are just waiting for the perfect pattern.  This quilt is/will be a wedding gift that I'm sure will be a treasured gift.  Great job, Suzanne!!

Well, that's it for today!  I'm hoping I'll be back before the beginning of
July, but not making any promises. My machine has been busy as ever (when I'm home...) just finished a quilt for Judi, Mary and I've got Mike's on the machine to start today!  Tita's in line next with a couple, Sandra gave me two more and Rachel too!!  I'd better get busy!!

Thanks for stopping in, more pictures and comments can be
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Have a super wonderful day! 


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