Wednesday, April 25, 2012

OH NO!!!! Was.....Christmas in April

What has happened to blogger!?!?!?!  Started this post yesterday with the old format and today...NEW!! NO!!  Say it's ain't so!!!  I barely have time to post, no time for figuring out the ins and outs of  the "new" blogger!!  UGH!!!!!!!!! Darn that camera, battery was dead and couldn't get to the pictures for yesterday which is now today...guess I'd better get another cup of coffee...sigh.

Here's a gal who is so far ahead of the game!  In my last post I mentioned that I had been working on Karen's quilts and seeing snowflakes, Santa, reindeer and all of the fun stuff that comes with Christmas.  Karen has posted some pictures on her blog and you can find them at: Merry Little Quilter. Here's a few fun pictures of mine for you to enjoy.....

This week I'm working on Nancy's quilts and hope to get to Judi's second quilt and I've got another one from Brandy in line waiting to be done.  I'm keeping pretty busy here with all of the fabulous quilts that are coming my way. I've posted more pictures of these wonderful quilts on my other blog, here's the link:

Well, off to figure out how this new blogger thing is working, and need to pack for a Saturday sewing day with the guild. 

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lions, Tigers & Turtles, X's 2!

Recently I had the pleasure of working with a couple of matching adorable quilts.  Must have been twins, ya think?  The green gingham-like borders were just the most perfect fabric to use with this panel.  Shirley requested the Cotton Candy stitching which in some spots resembles hearts.  Perfect stitching to grow with the babies.  Here's a couple of pictures....

When picking the quilting design for children's quilts I suggest that you keep in mind that these little people are going to grow up way to fast.  An adorable design for a baby quilt may make the quilt too "baby-ish" as the child grows up.  Also, you will want a fair amount of stitching. Enough that will withstand the repeated washings the quilt will endure but not too much that will make it as stiff as a board. 

I've seen snowmen, Santa, reindeer and snowflakes this pas weekend.  I've finished Karen's Christmas quilts and just have a couple of rows left on her HUGE brown one.  So Karen if you are reading I hope to ship by the end of the week. Finally managed to get my hands on some white W&N for a couple of other quilts and hope to ship those by the beginning of next week. 

Had a few days of down time last week, but not really.  Went on a quilting retreat and you know how that too much, sleep to little, laugh non-stop and re-connect with some fabulous gals.  My space mate (gal that sat behind me) was Deb Z and she was plugged into her IPod listening to her daughter.  This kid is unbelievable!! April's music is perfect for all generations.  Here's a link to her u-tube so you can take a listen...
Isn't she wonderful?  She has written all of her own lyrics, not sure if she
also did the music. 

Had a bit of excitement over the weekend as the hubs, you know the one who can do everything, broke a pipe from the water pump and we spent the rest of the day mopping up the water that came spewing out.  No Kidding - it was like a bad tv show comedy routine, only for real. 

Okay, for someone who had nothing to write about I sure have said enough.  Here's the link to the other blog for additional pictures of the adorable Lions, Tigers and Turtles quilt made by Shirley....

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's a very "J" quilt day.....

I've got a few quilts for today all made by lovely ladies with "J" names.  Jeanne, Judi and Judy how fun is that? 

Like everyone else I'm still crazy busy, but had the chance to attend a quilting retreat last week, more on that later.  The guilds are keeping me busy trying to come up with new and fun ideas for programs, gearing up for the quilt show in 2013 and being President of the other has kept me busy learning all about finances of the budget process.  Thank goodness for some really great help!!  Now on to the quilts!

Jeanne is a doll!!  She's dynamite in a small package!  I had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Jeanne and hubbie John during our last quilt show.  Fantastic couple!  John headed up the setup (and picked up) the frames for our show, it was a super smooth operation thanks to him!  Jeanne was at the retreat and shared a funny story about not being able to find her "invisible" thread.  John offered to help, but can you imagine...."help me find my invisible thread", it's invisible, can't see!!  Okay, so I'm probably the only one who thinks that's funny, but come on, it's suppose to be invisible so how can you see it to find it?

Enough, on to the great quilt that Jeanne made and I had the pleasure to help her finish.  It's a log cabin blended with trees and stars.  Isn't it great? 

 She chose the Denali by Anne Bright as the quilting design, here's an up close picture....

Next we have Judi.  She's a fellow member of the other guild that I belong too.  Judi made this wonderful man's quilt and we used a quilting design called Calm Waters, another Anne Bright design.  I recently discovered you can find Judi and her family in a local restaurant on Sunday nights playing trivia for prizes.  They are the team to beat!!  Fabulous quilt and look for another one very soon!
Joyce in NC sent me a few of her quilts.  Three of the four were so bright and colorful!  Loved working with them.  Can't remember why I had to call her, but certainly enjoyed chatting on the phone.  Joyce is moving and will be closer to one of her girls and grandkids.  She's leaving behind the "my gals in NC"  group and I'm sure they are going to miss her greatly.  She is a sweetie.  Here's her quilts.....
simple snowball quilt....
 LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this one with the prairie point border...ULTRA COLORFUL!
 My word!  The backing on this one will make your eyes cross!  But I LOVE it too!!  Great use for some really wild fabric...Good job, Joyce!!
Okay, that's it for today.  As always you can see more pictures of these great
quilts over at the other blog...

Wishing you a wonderful, productive week.
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