Sunday, February 5, 2017

December quilts.....

After having an amazing October and with all of the activities in November, it was good to slow down a bit for December.  Didn't have as many quilts hangin' out at my house waiting to be quilted it lifted some of the pressure and allowed me to deck the halls for Christmas.  It was nice, usually I've got the machines running up to the last minute before Christmas.  In a lot of ways it was weird, but so am I, so it's all good I've learned just to roll with it.

Betty from NC sent me this simple buy amazing quilt!!  Betty and I are kindred spirits in the way we both tend not to follow directions.  We can get a crazy idea and then try to run with it.  Sometimes it's not a great idea, but this one was a winner!!

I really enjoy getting the boxes in the mail from Brandy! She doesn't have a particular style, but she seems to cover all the bases.  From what I'm seeing her style fits the quilt recipient. Here's another great one from Brandy:

Elizabeth in KY pulled this quilt together as a gift for a nephew (I think, this is when time is not my friend!)  Quilting it with a football design finished it off nicely!

Frances was busy with these cute little quilts.  Using flannel for the top and the backing made the quilts just as soft as ever!

New quilter Hasty (nickname) pulled out a few of her daughters t-shirts and finished off this great t-shirt quilt!  It was hand delivered by one daughter to another daughter in England!   But note the Dartmouth logo!!

Judy in NC kept me busy for a couple of days!  First up is a bed runner, followed by a wall hanging and lastly a couple of  great quilts.  Judy was going to be busy for a while with all that binding.

Kate in ME sent this ultra modern  fun quilt.  Love the design that the fabrics made by sewing simple triangles. Matching the fabric for the backing finished it off wonderfully!!

Laura in NH completed this baby quilt while at the Hulbert Retreat!  The color placement on this one just makes it!  Good job!

Maryanne in CT sent this quilt made from her daughters clothing.  Simple, but love the memories that it will have for them both!

Modern fabric and big blocks really make this quilt!! Melynn in MA coordinated the solid reading fabrics perfectly with the prints!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the matching backing fabric!  Makes this quilt a keeper for years and years!

 Sue from NH was working on this adorable little quilt at a day retreat that I attended.  I fell in LOVE with the great fabrics!  So soft and sweet, but had the perfect amount of color!  She made this precious little quilt for a precious little grand.

More photos of these wonderful quilts at the other blog, don't forget to check them out.  Here's the link:  

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