Sunday, October 10, 2021

June 2021

Things were a little bit slower in June and I'm okay with that!  Can't remember what else I was doing but I'm sure I managed to fill the hours with some crazy activity in my life.  I'm always busy doing something.  Machines may not have been running, but I probably was.

This is a pretty amazing quilt from Cheona.  Dubbed her Covid quilt it's a ba-zillion little pieces when sewn together made this captivating quilt.  I love just looking at all of the different little fabric pieces.  What a great stash buster!  Modern quilting for a delightful finish.

How sweet is this baby quilt from Suzi?  The fabrics are just adorable with the simple design you can really appreciate the cuteness of the prints. Don't forget to click on the photo for a closer look!  Finished with a simple quilting design that shows wonderfully on the minky backing.

Oh my gosh!!  Here's another delightful baby quilt made by Rita. The little jungle animal print is just as cute as cute can be!  I believe this is a 3 yard quilt design making it a quick and easy one to stitch up.  Check out both the print of the fabric and the little jungle animals we used as the quilting design.

Stancy's back again this month with a couple more incredible quilts!  LOVE this green and white one!  It always amazes me how just using two fabrics can be worked in to such gorgeous quilts.  With the minky backing on this one....I think it's just elegant. The modern feathery quilting design sends this one over the top in my book!

Stancy's second quilt is all about the fabric and theme.  Music may sooth the soul but this quilt will keep it warm.  With the great music prints of course the quilting had to be the same.

New quilter Sandra is off to a great start with this quilt!  The beautiful focus fabric paired very well with the purple and the amazing lime green!  Pieced amazingly well made this one a breeze to work with.  I think Sandra may have a very good quilting teacher.  Bright pink thread and a very modern quilting design for the finish!

Another great one!  The fabrics on this one are just marvelous! Laurie did a great job matching these fabrics paired with the black was spot on for an astounding quilt.  Very modern with the quilting design for this one.

How fun is this one? Another quilt from Laurie, I believe this is a layer cake top. Great way to pull 42 matching fabrics together for a fantastic quilt top. A fun slightly funky floral paisley for the quilting design and it's a beauty!

Terry has huge soft spot in her heart for all pups. I'm sure this panel was difficult for her to resist.  What great fabrics compliment the cute little blocks. Modern quilting was a must for this one. animals with their Momma.  This one with fussy cut centers is just delightful! Such a wonderful, wonderful new little person quilt. With the heart quilting design, it's over the top!

 The colors are just soft and pleasant on this quillt from Terry.  The blue adds just what is needed to make this quilt.  An easy quilting design and it's all good!

This just might be an Oh, My Lucky Star quilt from Rita.  Batiks in all shades and color combinations really make this pattern sensational. AND I think it will more than cover any king-size bed.

Susanne's Alaska quilt is not only huge, but it's also pretty darn fascinating!  The prints are indicative of the Alaskan region. Lots of bears, moose, trees, and other elements make the fabrics on this magnificent quilt.  What a great souvenir from an amazing trip. 

Here's an excellent quilt from Ginny.  The floral prints are gorgeous!  Matched with the plumb solid and the limey-yellow green is the perfect combo to bring all of these great fabrics together.

Betsy's doing the Bonnie Hunter thing again this month!  How splendid is her latest quilt? I think the contrast on this one is amazing! Again, all of the little pieces of different fabrics makes this one just fun!  A cute little modern floral for the finish.

 That's the quilts from June.  See you real soon with July's quilts!

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