Tuesday, September 7, 2021

March 2021 Quilts

Here's my March quilts.  This one took me a while to write, with a heavy heart.......

Judy, what a gal.  We have been quilting companions for many years.  It's was Judy we have to thank for all of these beautiful wonderful quilts that you have seen on my blog through the years. You see Judy was one of my very, very first customers when I started quilting back in February 2009. She found me on the internet because of blogging, remember when blogging was the 'in' thing for social media?  Anyway, when I first purchased my machine it was a simple basic machine that was not computerized. The only two designs I offered to quilt for hire was Loops or a simple Meander.  Well, my gal Judy kept sending me the most drop-dead gorgeous quilts and I just felt it was next to a crime to only offer these two simple designs on her amazing quilts.  It is what drove me to research into computer for my little HQ16. I was able to locate one being sold by an HQ Educator in Florida and that my friends is how I got into computerized quilting.  We have our wonderful talented Judy to thank.  Through the years with many, many quilts and a few wall-hangings our friendship developed. Judy knew exactly what she wanted on her quilts and I loved that about her.  She always told me I was the icing to her cake, the finishing touch to make it come alive. Working with her amazing talent she was a strong base which made it easy for me

My friend Judy passed on July 13 peacefully with the love of her life Marty by her side. Here's her last quilt and adorable little wall-hanging. I will miss this gal, she enhanced my life, gave me the want/need to expand my horizons. She really played a key roll in my quilting journey and for that I will always love and never forget her.  

I don't think she had a pattern for this one.  Just got busy making pinwheels with half square triangles from her stash. Here's what she posted on Facebook when she opened the box:  
Just received two more quilts from my quilter, Joanne Lendaro in Grantham New Hampshire. She does such good work. She even sewed the binding on the front of the windmill for me. I had fun sewing it down on the back, 1/4” at a time.
Hope you enjoy. I used a layerCake called Just Wing It by MoMo and Two charm packs of Bella White.
Design was completely different when I started out on design wall 2020
~~~~~~~~~~say hi to Marty (holding the quilts in his most excellent way). 

I only quilted a few of her wall hangings as she was talented enough to complete them on her domestic machine.  But here's one she sent me and of course it's just adorable with some pretty amazing stitching skills.

Who knew three fabrics could be so beautiful! Here's an exquisite quilt from Joy! This quilt is all about color and was made for a granddaughters graduation. We selected a very modern swirly floral to complete it perfectly.  Reports are that it was very well received! 

Susanne, this gal is on a roll!  Here's another Christmas project that's putting her way ahead of the holiday pressures.  How super cute is this little quilt?  Can be used as quilt or a larger wall hanging.  Of course it's got a Christmas themed quilting design.

Cathy back with another adorable little critter quilt.  Again we used the owl quilting design adding just a little bit more fun on an already cute quilt.

Ruthann kept busy for a while after making these two beautiful matching quilts. The star design set in white all trimmed out in the beautiful blue will be just perfect for her guest room in her Maine cabin.  We kept the quilting simple keeping the focus on the quilt design.

And how fabulous are these placemats?  LOVE them! Great job Ruthann!

Here's a fantastic manly/guy quilt from Regina.  Made from soft flannels with all the manly prints this was the most perfect birthday gift for her son.  Just a bit of a soft modern design and we'll call this one perfection!

Linda, just stunning.  Blues are usually my favs when it comes to colors and quilts but how can I not just adore this burgundy, cream with touches of green?  I believe Linda told me this was a gift and what a gift it was!  Excellent workmanship made my job a breeze. Using a modern lightly floral  with a touch of whimsy the quilting design finished this one off beautifully.

Frances, pretty stinkin' cute!  Frances loves this quilt pattern for all of her baby quilts.  It's a great one for using allowing those adorable prints to shine.  This one has cute little ocean elements on it so we just had to find a fun little fish to stitch out on it.

Another little adorable baby quilt came in from Terry.  Here's a super fast, super fun way to again use those super cute prints. This is a great go to quilt pattern when you need something fast!  Get that baby quilt done before their first birthday quilt! Made for a new addition to Terry's family I'm sure there will be more quilts to come for this little one.

Of course I LOVE it!!  First - it's blue, second - it's an easy make it up fast design!  Two elements that I love most when making quilts! This quilt was made in memory of the ocean and how much Terry just loves it. Keeping that in mind she selected a wave like design. There, that's a third thing to love about the quilt, I mean, who does not love the ocean?

Lots and lots of color from this vibrant quilt from Rita.  Working with Kaffe Fasset fabrics it make it happen! A simple quilt design with impressive results.  Again, make it great in my book!

Melynn's back this month with a delightful baby/toddler/little person quilt.  The reds and white were the absolutely perfect match for this panel of Richard Scarry characters.  This quilt is a true winner that will be used and very loved for many years to come.  Perfect, perfect, perfect!

Here's another great baby quilt made by Barbara. Soft colors and adorable fabrics all in flannel will make this one loved by the new little person it was made for.  Using a cloud/heart/star design finished off this little naptime quilt very well!

Katherine kept me busy for a while with the following quilts. Her first is a lovely panel quilt from the Tasha Tudor books.  The graphics on this one are wonderfully illustrated and the soft pastel pink and blues are perfect for the time period of the blocks.  We kept the quilting very, very light both in texture and density.

Quick quilt here, love it!!  This is a great way to use up a charm pack or two.  With all of the coordinating fabrics and a quick border, you've got yourself a quilt.  

Another great panel quilt highlighting the ABC's.  Super cute graphics on this one, add a border and you are done!  Perfect gift for someone expecting a new little person.  For the quilting we used an ABC design and it went very well with the overall design of the quilt panel.

Here's just two of the three quilts that Brandy sent this month.  I've lost photos of her third quilt, darn it! Her first quilt is a simple strip quilt that's going to be her 'everyday' bed quilt.  Perfect! Great colors, outstanding fabrics and not a lot of time all adds up to the perfect everyday quilt.

This one is pretty darn cool!!  Although the quilting doesn't show much, we kept the quilting modern and very fun the texture will add a very 
dramatic effect.

Couple of marvelous quilts from Terry this month.  Her first is an Oriental with all that beautiful gold fabric that make them dazzle. Pair that with the deep contrast of the blues and blacks and you've got yourself a spectacular quilt.  

How pretty is this one?  Love the fussy cut centers of each block.  This quilt highlights another of Terry's other loves, gardening. Yep, just perfect!

That wraps up another month, I think I'm getting there!!

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