Quilty Crimes!!!

Here's a recap of the Quilty Crimes in one location for you.  The purpose of posting is to teach, no other purpose.  I am surprised how many times I hear "I didn't know that" when talking about quilting.  If we just share a little bit of knowledge, we'll all be much smarter, so within these post I hope you can learn a little and your quilts will be better because of it.

Don't forget you can click on the photo for a closer look and to read the entire post simply click on the blue caption, it will re-direct you to the original post.

Quilty Crime - Backings Part 2-The Poser

Quilty Crime - Backings Part 1

 Quilty Crime - Threads!

Quilty Crime - Tension!

Quilty Crime - Flanges!

Quilty Crime - Open Seams!

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