Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ovarian Cancer - Blog Hop!

Thanks for stopping in to read about the recent blog hop that I had the privilege  to participate in.  I found the swap on face book and many of my guild friends were sending out the challenge to get involved!

But I must say my swapping partner got the fuzzy side of the lolly pop!!  Here's what I sent to her, okay, it might be cute, but just wait till you see what she sent to me.  Here's what I made....

I'm not kidding when I tell you I searched for hours on Pinterest!!  Looking for the perfect swap "thing".  Found this pattern from an old email that I had been saving since June 6, 2014.  Stephanie, my swapping partner, lives in Maine and this is what she told me about herself:

   "I love to display mini's in my sewing room and around the house.  Not sure what I will do with this one.  I had cancer 15 years ago and feel blessed to have had these cancer free years.  I hope I remain healthy as there is a lot of fabric that I need to put to use".  She also wrote, "I like just about all colors and styles. I love animals and the outdoors and finding time to quilt!"

Doesn't she just sound like a sweetie?  Well, she is!  
AND an amazing quilter at that!!  

Would you like to see what I got in the mail?

Isn't that just the cutest thing you have ever seen???  AND I got some super great maple candy to boot!!  I lucked out!!  Just look how cute those little kitty eyes are, and can you believe the quilting on this???  My hubbie wanted to know if she did this on a 'regular' machine!  She is GOOD!!  Very, very good!!

AND!!  She is a SAINT!!!  She's  a teacher!!  (sidenote-in my book all teachers are saints, a job I could never do and am thankful to those who can and do!)

Stephanie, I too am happy that you have had 15 cancer free years and wish you many, many, many more.  Hugs, to you my new friend.

Okay, a shout out to 
Eva Paige who did a fantastic job of the organization behind the scenes work!  

If you are on facebook  you need to become friends with the group so you can see all of the really great swap items. Here's a link:

If you haven't been to the other blogs, here's the schedule again just for you:

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