Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More Quilts Today!!

Yep, once again attempting to play catch up!

Here's a few quilts that have come my way that I just need to share.  Quite a variety today, so let's get started!

First quilt was made by Sonja in VT. for her son and new daughter in law.  Sonja and Jay (Son's hubby) were just over the moon during the entire wedding.  Sonja is a good friend of mine and I was proud to have a very small part in completing this quilt.  It's a beautiful scrappy quilt that just screams comfort and cozy.  In selecting the quilting design the dragon flies just kicked it up a notch as dragonflies are a personal favorite of Sonja's.  
Fabulous wedding gift for a very special couple....

Next batch of quilts comes from Kristina in NH.  This first quilt Kristina made for herself!  I've quilted a few of Kristina quilts and she usually tells me they are gifts, glad to see she is finally keeping one of her own.  Here's Kristina's quilts....

Next we have Alex.  Here's a quilt that she made for her Dad for Father's Day.  The quilt is HUGE!!   I love the colors Alex went with, and the way she pieced the backing was perfect!!  Looks like a design element not a shortage of fabric. Way to go, Alex!!

Renie in NH gave me this lovely, soft colored quilt.  It is so feminine, I can see it on a white fluffy bed with tons of pillows and fresh cut flowers all over the room.  Beautiful quilt, Renie!

New quilter Genia sent me this modern baby quilt.  The little print on the fabrics are adorable and the colors are perfect for today's hip Mom's.  We finished it off with a very simple puffy quilting design.

Okay, that's it for today!   Just a few quilts closer to being caught up!  Come back I've got quite a few more to share that I know you'll love seeing!

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