Saturday, October 14, 2017

July Quilts are showing!

A little behind as usual and trying to catching up, but who isn't?  Here's all the fantastic quilts that came my way in July.  Yep, I quilted them all.  Having two machines makes it possible, well that and the trust of all of these fabulous women.

On with the show......

LOVE this one!!  Rita did a fabulous job on this beautiful quilt!  The variety of colors are spectacular and magnificently placed.  It's going to be like having a rainbow on your bed!  She is keeping this one, and why not?  

Up next we have a couple of quilts from Pat in VT.  But I've been told that these two little quilts will be headed to Florida when she heads south for the winter.  They are so colorful and the modern quilting is perfect for the modern fabrics.

WOW!!! WOW!! WOW!!  This was a fun quilt to work with!  Laura here in NH wanted the quilt to be as heavy as she could get it.  So we layered up three layers of batting and then quilted away.  It looks amazing!  I think I need one for the colder NH winters.

Ketta in MO kept me busy for a couple of days with these fun quilts.  Of course I'm lovin' the first one, since it's all about the blues and when we added the fun funky VanGogh quilting design, I'm all about it!  Next is another great bluish one, this one Ketta is keeping for herself and who could blame her? Quilted with lots and lots of little hearts. Finally a very special quilt.  Ketta made this quilt for one of her girls, daughter at college.'s tough sending them out to be on their own.  Anyway, we needed it to have a fun funky design for a young lady but Ketta is all about hearts and the quilt just had to have hearts!  We decided on a fun flower design from Anne Bright and then I stitched 21 random hearts for the 21 wonderful years she's been loved by her Momma!  Don't forget you can click on the photos for a closer look.

OMG!!!  I forgot about this one!!
Karla in NJ made this super, super cozy quilt for her son.  It's all flannel top with a flannel back and just as soft and cozy as can be.  The blues and browns are just perfect for a guy quilt!  Karla selected an ultra modern design and I think it matches the quilt perfectly. I'm thinking Jake is lovin' this quilt!

This quilt from Judi is all about trees and the great outdoors of Vermont.  The quilt was made for someone special  in her life.  I am sure it's going to be well loved and hopefully will bring them comfort and warmth in a time of need.  A quilt made from love and concern is always a good one.

My next quilt is from Gloria here in NH.  This quilt was a kit that she purchased from Keepsake Quilting and will be a wedding gift.  Great way to start a new life with a treasured quilt.  We went with a more modern design since it's a younger couple. Gloria is an 80 something years young and I truly enjoyed working with her.   

CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!  Diane took a panel, cut it apart, added a couple of borders and we have this adorable quilt that is going to be loved for years to come.   We selected a bee quilting design since there are so many cute little bees on the backing print.  These panel quilts work up so wonderfully, again, makes me want a few!

Anne in NC sent me these two great quilts.  The wonky log cabin is always fun to see in a layout.  The soft colors are working well together to create a great layout design.  Her second quilt, a sampler done in mixed modern prints is absolutely stunning!  Love it!!

This quilt should have been posted last month, but here it is today! Peggy from NC sent this fun quilt  I immediately fell in love with the cheery fabrics and just had to put little butterflies on it.  The great colors and fabric prints are just fun! Thanks for letting me do the butterflies Peggy!

Mary Catherine, this gal is really productive!  
Here's three more of her quilts that I helped in the finishing process.   All three 1600 quilts were constructed using coordinating fabric from the jelly roll fabric line on the borders and backings.  I love the way these 1600's finish doing that! I believe that all of these quilts were made with extra special people in mind and will be gifted.  What wonderful gifts they are going to be!

A special request for Quilts of Valor came from a guild member.  She was looking for quilts to give to lady veterans in southern Vermont.  I teamed up with a few gals and they made some incredible quilt tops for me to quilt.   This one was made by Jill here in NH, don't you just love the spin she put on the traditional Labyrinth pattern?

Alex, wow!  What a remarkable group of baby quilts!  My very favorite of this bunch has to be the little blue one, of course, with the trucks and cars stitched on it.  AND then the blue and white log cabin!  Excellent!   I think it is amazing to see what the younger gals are doing with the traditional block designs.  Don't forget to click on the photos for a closer look!

Here's another one of the Quilts of Valor that I helped finish up.  The center of the quilt was constructed by Carolyn and Lisa pitched in adding the borders to make it just a little bit larger.  I stitched stars on all of the quilts to finish them wonderfully.                                                                                       

Katherine here in NH also kept me busy for a couple of days.  Love the red and white, to me there isn't another color combination that goes together like the red and while working on a quilt.  She then has a couple of modern bright baby quilts followed by some cuter than cute panels.  I love the panels!

Whew!!  That's it for the July quilts, it was a busy month with lots of really great quilts.  Thank you ladies for continuing to trust me with your fabulous work, I appreciate the confidence you have in me.

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