Thursday, June 15, 2017

April Quilts

April.....seems like yesterday, but oh so long ago.  A true sign of getting older, time passing faster and faster, and what seemed like just yesterday was days, weeks or even months ago.

As usual, in April I had the pleasure of working with many great quilts and talented quilters. I am continually amazed at the color combos, the blocks and overall quilt designs that I see from month to month.  Varies from many and complicated pieces to less pieces and a bit more simplistic.  But always with stunning results.

Amy in WI. sent this attractive quilt she had made for a camping friend.  Machine appliqued, I stitched an overall leaf quilting design, stitching around a couple of her appliqued pieces.  

Next we have Diane who finished off this beautiful blue (but you know me and the blues...) 1600 quilt.  The solid backing really shows the quilting.  We selected a simple circular and leaf design.

Elizabeth continues with the graduation quilts!  Love this one!  How simple, how colorful!  Incorporating the leftovers in the borders adds to this quilt.  Lots of motion with the circular quilting.  Overall just a fun, fun quilt!

WOW!!   Can never go wrong with the log cabin blocks.  Here's a fabulous one from Emily in CT.  Using a very thin red border between the blocks and the final border makes the quilt!  

How stinking cute is this one?  Gloria here in NH put this cute little moose quilt together for someone special in her life.  Good job!

Julie out in CA sent a couple of fun quilts to work with.  How sweet are the two kitties?  Just had to stitch the paw prints on that one, and the little bird quilt is going to be loved more than ever with that Minky backing on it!

Another cute baby quilt this month from Karen in IN.  Simple, but is it fabulous!!  Wonderful fabrics and the sweetest quilting design from Anne Bright really finishes this one beautifully!!

Brand new, and I mean BRAND NEW quilter Karen in NH finished off this great quilt.  She did an excellent job on the piecing making my job a breeze.  She selected a very outdoor woodsy theme for the quilting which finished this one off wonderfully!  Keep up the good work Karen!!

Another new quilter this month, Linda.  Linda finished off these two quilts with the help of Renie.  Again, fabulous piecing making my job a breeze we found a couple of great designs to accent the fabrics.  

Loving the Kaffe Fassett fabrics, Linda from CT sent me this beautiful quilt. Stitching out a simplistic quilting design for this one I think finished it nicely.   

Newer quilter Michelle in Fl. is a natural!  LOVE these two little people quilts!  The soft colors, the fabric print and the elegant stitching design she selected make these quilts exquisite! 

Nancy in NH....blues, what can I say?  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the blues and this is a super cool, fun  quilting pattern!  Squares, squares and even more squares!  Nancy did a great job piecing this one and I hope to work with her again in the future.

Rita finished this colorful wall hanging at the retreat.  Bright, bold colors and a super fun design.  I matched the blue fabric, no additional element would be added with the quilting.  It sure does pop on the back!

Next quilt comes from Sandra here in NH.  Extra special things will be happening in her family soon.  She put together this quilt as a wedding gift for her son.  Simple, but a great way to use the larger print on the batik.  Selecting a simple design keeps the focus on the fabric and the quilt.

What a cool quilt!  Sharon in VT has sent me some pretty amazing quilts, but I'm thinking this is the best by far!  Made for her sister as an anniversary gift, this quilt will keep giving for many years to come.  GREAT job, Sharon!!

This manly quilt came from Suzanne in NH.  This was a gift for her hubs, what a nice guy he must be!!  I felt maple leaves would be just perfect for this out doorsey kinda quilt.  Gotta' keep it manly!!

Terry kept me busy for a while with her three quilts.  Up first is a very nautical themed quilt with a wavy quilting.  Next is a cute little Asian Girl surrounded by a variety of Asian prints.  Terry selected the Star Flower design, which could be seen in several locations of the fabric!  Lastly, her Paris quilt.  Stitching a simple but elegant design with a small rose bud finished it off nicely.

I'm missing some photos from April.  I've got a couple more to show when I find them somewhere buried in the 11,004 photos I have on my computer.  That's right 11,004!!!  My next job may be a bit of deleting....

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Monday, May 15, 2017

March Quilts

March in New Hampshire ended up being quite chilly with additional snowfall which was great for the tourism industry.  Wasn't bad for quilting either!
Don't forget you can get a closer look by clicking on the photo and more pictures can be found at the other blog:
SplittingStitches Longarm Quilting
 Let's get started....

Alex brought me this fun modern quilt.  Using just her scraps she an her friend Kelli put this fun quilt together for another friend.  The bright colors really pop against the silvery gray.

Diane will be way ahead of the game finishing off this Santa wall hanging.  I love the snowflake design that she selected.  The white thread works perfectly!

WOW!!  How about this one from Dierdre?  Great job, keep up the good work!!  Fabulous job of mixing the blues and purples.

Jean over in VT dropped off this sweet little lap quilt.  The Ann Bright Vines design was just perfect to finish off the quilting.

Judy sent this incredible top!  The blocks are made with vintage fabric from her grandmother.  She is finishing quilts for other family members using grandma's UFO's.  The fabrics were a joy to see!  What a treasure this quilt will be for it's new owner.

Joy was busy making this wonderful quilt for a granddaughter headed off to college.  Not overly girly, but a very striking design!  A quilt that will see lots of years of love and use I'm sure.  

Next up is a quilt from Laura.  This was a group project for a special person to these gals.  Love this star quilting design! 

How adorable are the next three quilts from Mary Katherine?  Made for grand niece and nephews, I Spy quilts are the best!  She decided upon a princess theme for the quilting and Go, Go, Go from Ann Bright for 
the boy quilts.

New quilter Michelle from Fl finished up this bright happy quilt as a gift for her Mom.  What a great daughter!  Michelle selected the Circle Flowers from Ann and it made for the perfect finish.

Beautifully done in fall colors is this braid quilt from Sue in VT.  We went with a simple swirl quilting design using a gold colored thread.

Norma sent me this stunning fall quilt.  Loaded with lots of pumpkins, bright gold highlights and sunflowers, this quilt is a real winner!!

What cute and very modern fabrics Susanne used in her quilt.  The black, white and gray mixed with the reds and the blues are a great combo!  The fabric print with the little people is more than fun!

Mostly orange and purples this quilt was made for a college kiddo!  Once Mom, Tammie picked it up she's was expressing second thoughts of letting it go back to school.  Who has not been there with a quilt?  Her son will love it no matter where he is.

Finishing up the month of March is a couple of quilts from Mary Beth.  Love this cute little yellow elephant quilt.  Finished it off with a modern design from Ann, Avocados.  And her second quilt a scrappy one with half square triangles, always a winner!

That's it for March!  Hope to have Aprils up very soon!

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