Thursday, March 16, 2017

January Quilting in March

This year January brought me some pretty smashing quilts to work with.  Wide variety of wall hangings to large size bed quilts. As always a beautiful array of wonderful quilts from many talented women.

First up we have new quilter Dianne.  The coral and gold tones in this quilt is very similar to those found in the west.  She decided to go with the spiral quilting design to give it some movement.  Can't wait to see more of Dianne's work, she's off to a great start!

Stash busting Dorothy has been keeping busy with this quilt.  I love the way she offset the four patches in the sashing.  Setting them on point adds a bit more interest as well!

Judie in NH sent this wonderful quilt.  From what I understand she was less than enthusiastic about finishing it.  What a great quilt this turned out to be!!

Sweet Karla is on a mission to replace all of those smaller quilts for her young adult children.  This quilt is perfect for one of the boys.  The flannel in it makes it softer than soft!

  Love the scrappy look Katherine used for the next quilt.  As always quilts are filled with love and the quilting design she selected will be a reminder to the new quilt owner.

Springtime!!!  Linda's quilt was like having a flower garden in my room!  The floral prints were fantastic and brightened my day.

Lisa's quilts are always a pleasure to work with!  Here's her latest two, love the first one, so traditional and the soft colors of the fabrics...WOW!!

From my home state of Indiana, I got this amazing memory quilt from Mike.  I really like the style of this one.  It's putting the memory quilts on a new level.  Great job, Mike!

Up next we will have Peg in NC.  Not sure if she's busting her own UFO's or what, but she's been really cranking out those tops!  Way to go, keep up the good work!!  I'll more from her in the next couple of posts, stay tuned.  Here's the first of Peggy's quilts.....

Oh my gosh!!  How stinking cute is this little peoples quilt?  Penny in VT sent this one my way, it's for a new little person in her family.  Finished it off with little barn animals.  Too cute!!!

Here's a striking modern quilt from Renie here in NH.  Love the deep contrast of the fabrics that she used.  Her outstanding piecing job really shows with matching the points of the lighter fabric on the blocks.

Another one of those wonderful quilts made and given with love.  Susanne pulled this marvelous heart quilt together for her little grand.  I know it's going to be a favorite for many years to come.  

Feathers, it just had to be feathers for this one.  Terri finished this incredible quilt and it was my understanding that it's for her bed!  Perfect color and fabric combo for this quilt design.

And now we have a mini quilt show from Wendy!  I believe she told me that this will wrap up all the tops she had just laying about. All of the ones in group are superb!    Scrappy ones, I love the variety of fabrics, the redwork in this group, so sweet, the blue and white-WOW!  And the black with the bright, what is not to love?  Great job, Wendy!

Well, that's it for the January quilts.  Lots of beauty, lots of work and most of all lots of love.  

More photo's can be seen at the other blog, and don't forget you can always click on the photo for a closer look.  Here's a link:

Hopefully I'll be back soon with those February quilts!  Until then, take care of yourself and as always, thanks for checking in on me.  


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Sunday, February 5, 2017

December quilts.....

After having an amazing October and with all of the activities in November, it was good to slow down a bit for December.  Didn't have as many quilts hangin' out at my house waiting to be quilted it lifted some of the pressure and allowed me to deck the halls for Christmas.  It was nice, usually I've got the machines running up to the last minute before Christmas.  In a lot of ways it was weird, but so am I, so it's all good I've learned just to roll with it.

Betty from NC sent me this simple buy amazing quilt!!  Betty and I are kindred spirits in the way we both tend not to follow directions.  We can get a crazy idea and then try to run with it.  Sometimes it's not a great idea, but this one was a winner!!

I really enjoy getting the boxes in the mail from Brandy! She doesn't have a particular style, but she seems to cover all the bases.  From what I'm seeing her style fits the quilt recipient. Here's another great one from Brandy:

Elizabeth in KY pulled this quilt together as a gift for a nephew (I think, this is when time is not my friend!)  Quilting it with a football design finished it off nicely!

Frances was busy with these cute little quilts.  Using flannel for the top and the backing made the quilts just as soft as ever!

New quilter Hasty (nickname) pulled out a few of her daughters t-shirts and finished off this great t-shirt quilt!  It was hand delivered by one daughter to another daughter in England!   But note the Dartmouth logo!!

Judy in NC kept me busy for a couple of days!  First up is a bed runner, followed by a wall hanging and lastly a couple of  great quilts.  Judy was going to be busy for a while with all that binding.

Kate in ME sent this ultra modern  fun quilt.  Love the design that the fabrics made by sewing simple triangles. Matching the fabric for the backing finished it off wonderfully!!

Laura in NH completed this baby quilt while at the Hulbert Retreat!  The color placement on this one just makes it!  Good job!

Maryanne in CT sent this quilt made from her daughters clothing.  Simple, but love the memories that it will have for them both!

Modern fabric and big blocks really make this quilt!! Melynn in MA coordinated the solid reading fabrics perfectly with the prints!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the matching backing fabric!  Makes this quilt a keeper for years and years!

 Sue from NH was working on this adorable little quilt at a day retreat that I attended.  I fell in LOVE with the great fabrics!  So soft and sweet, but had the perfect amount of color!  She made this precious little quilt for a precious little grand.

More photos of these wonderful quilts at the other blog, don't forget to check them out.  Here's the link:  

That's it for now.  Thanks for stopping in!

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