Friday, June 24, 2016

April Quilts are here! If you are in a guild you need to read the first few paragraphs...

April brought many, many wonderful quilts to me for quilting.  It seemed that each one was better than the last and then the first one was fabulous and the circle began all over again!  Excited to show them all off!!

Let's begin with Betty's quilt.  It finished up as a truly amazing quilt!  There is quite the story to go with this one, great, yet sad.  Betty made this as a gift for her daughter who was attending school away from home.  Betty sent her daughters classmates fabric blocks, markers and instructions.  When the blocks returned Betty then hand embroidered tracing over their work and added a few embellishments. Admitting, she made a few mistakes along the way and after a couple of attempts finally got the top put together.  

Okay, everyone, here's the part we need to read and remember when someone ask for help/advise with quilting.

Betty tells me that she "gathered the courage" to take her quilt to a local guild to ask for help.  Good move, right??  Wrong...and how sad is that?  Betty writes  that "my skin was no thick enough for what a couple of them had to say".
Sad. Sad. Sad.

But, thankfully Betty did not give up!!  With a little help from a super wonderful friend, Peggy, the quilt was pulled from the UFO pile a number of years later, worked on a bit and then sent off to me!! I LOVED IT!! I loved it from the minute I took it out of the box, it is a treasure!! We managed to coordinate the finishing of the quilt so it could be gifted to Betty's daughter for her 40th birthday!!  How cool is that?!?!?!?!?  Now, you tell me, isn't this just a wonderful work of love?

Now for the "let's think about this" part of the story.

I do post of Quilty Crimes.  BUT!!  They are meant to be posted for teaching, not discouraging new quilters or to point out things that a quilter has done incorrectly.  I have said it before and I'll say it again, I love working with new quilters - ESPECIALLY when I have the chance to meet with them and discuss their tops when they bring them to me.  One of my favorite parts is presenting the quilt after it's been quilted to the quilt maker.

I was a LOUSY piecer when I began quilting.  Can't begin to tell you how lousy I really was!  I just sat at my machine and stitched those beautiful pieces of fabrics together, what fun!!  And occasionally, I would get something that slightly resembled a design, but I didn't know any better.  Someone had to tell me all of the stuff that I was doing wrong.  I was very, very lucky that I knew a group of gals that were kind and made gentle suggestions.

My piecing is still not perfect and most likely never will be.  Some tops are better than others, just depends, I'm sure you know how it is.  As a machine quilter I know what I can and can't get away with in construction. I'll never be perfect and hope that I never ever, ever, ever have any discouraging words to beginner quilters.  And trust me, as a machine quilter I can work with just about anything.

Off of my soap box and on to the quilts. Thanks for listening!

This adorable little baby quilt was made by Bev. Ultra modern fabrics and colors with simple butterflies will welcome a new little one in the best way.  Cute...

Bonnie finished up this great blue and orange-ish fall quilt. She selected a great fall pattern called Maple Winds.  Good job!

Here is another adorable baby quilt!!  For quilting we used Owls and Flowers and it was perfect!!  The little person is going to adore this great quilt!  Dierdre, a new quilter really pushed the envelope on design, super job!!

Donna stopped in and dropped off a couple of quilts.  The first is a beautiful Christmas quilt and the second a gift for a well traveled family member.  Both finished up wonderfully!!

Frances was under a super time crunch to get these cute little quilts finished in time for the newest member of their family.  Here's three cute, cute, cute little quilts to welcome the new little people.

Here's another FANTASTIC quilt!!  New quilter Kari pulled together this amazing quilt as a anniversay gift for her parents.  How very, very, very cool!!  It's almost a scrapbooking meets quilting kinda quilt.

Jungle Babies!!!  Yet another baby  quilt!  This one from Kristina here in New Hampshire.  The family will be welcoming a new member and this cute little quilt will be waiting.  Good job, Kristina!!  ....and congrats!!

How fun and easy this modern quilt from Laura was!!  She went with this really fun quilting design that complimented the top perfectly! The quilt just reads quiet, calm and serene.  Check out the backing fabric on this one...

Next we have a cheery little quilt from Marga.  The pastel colors and fabrics were perfect for the simple Flutterbyes quilting design.  

Stunning is the word I'd use to describe this next quilt!  The simple design ends up with a quilt that will knock your socks off! Michele is an outstanding quilter making my job a breeze.  Soft and sweet, pinks were her second quilt.  Thanks Michele!

Another UFO on it's way to being finished!!  Pat brought me this cute little table runner to quilt up for her.  From what I understand she will be putting a few embellishments on it, binding and done!  What a great feeling that will be!

Next quilt comes from Penny here in New Hampshire.  Soft colors and great design, can't go wrong.  Penny did a wonderful job on the piecing making my job an easy one.

Rosemary in OH found her Kaffe Fassett fabrics made a great quilt.  SO MUCH COLOR!!  The larger prints are wonderful to play with in any quilt. Can cut the fabric larger for focal points or slice into smaller pieces for a burst of vibrant colors.  

Here's another great baby quilt.  Again, I'm looking at those panels in a different way.  How cute is this one that Terry pulled together?  The giraffe is just way too cute!!  We used Cotton Candy quilting design, which will hold the quilt together for many machine washing.

Tina from NJ made this great quilt as a gift for her Mom.  The quilting design Candy Land will add just a bit more flowers to the mix.  Tina did a great job on this one, what a wonderful, thoughtful gift.

Okay, that's it for now...I'll start working on those May photos so I can share all of those great quilts!

More photos can be seen at the other blog, here's link....

Don't forget you can click on the photo's for a closer look at all 
of the great works! 

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

I'm really not asleep...

I know it might seem as if I'm.....

but honestly, I'm not.  

The machines are stitching away and I would like to be doing something that looks more like this....

That graphic is called "Computer Rage".  Since downloading Windows 10 on our older, less than 5 years mind you, computers it's been as slow as molasses getting things to move on the screen.  

From what I can tell it's all about a glitch that occurs in the HP Recovery area.  Hoping I can get that taken care of this week.  Now that I've managed to pin point what the problem has been.  We'll see...she says...

I know, I know all you Apple people are just shaking your heads, but...what can I say?  I've always been a pc girl and I don't think changing at this point would be any better/easier.

Hang in there, I'll be back with photos of some really, really great quilts very soon!  I've seen some cool ones lately!!

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Quilty Crime!! Backings Post #2 The Poser!

Purpose of these post is to teach and inform.  No quilts were harmed or quilter jailed for the following (or any other) Quilty Crime.

Quilty Crime - Backings Post #2 The Poser!

poser (poh-zer)  noun
                 1. a question or problem that is puzzling or confusing

That's right, the poser.  The backing that looks square but it's faking it. That backing isn't square and here's what it looks like:

From this view it looks square, right?  Let me show you why it's not and the difference it makes.

Before loading a backing I will press the center point on the backing on the top and bottom of the fabric.  On my photo's I've also marked with pins.   Here's the top of the backing...

...and here's what the bottom of the backing looks like...

I have marked center point and straight horizontal lines on my wall with a pencil.  In this photo, I have pinned the top of the backing on the center point and horizontal straight line and let the backing fall where it will.  As you can see the center point of the backing is off about an inch from the ironed crease/pin and the pencil mark on the wall.

In the next photo I have moved the bottom of the backing to the center point on the wall.

Now this is what the entire backing looks like....

Here's what it looks like on the frame....

Here's where it makes the difference....if your backing is saggy, we have to "fix" it.  And by "fixing" it we will pull and distort the backing to lay flat.   This may or may not affect your quilt, but do you want to take the chance?  AND the more it's off the more adjustments that we have to make.  Think about it, if you start with a square backing no adjustments, no risk.

Below is what the backing, batting and top SHOULD look like....FLAT.  Again, this is the ripped edge of the backing.

I have found that when the quilt backings are ripped they lay flatter on the sides and the center point is truer on the fabric.  Scientific proof, no not really, but when I see a ripped backing I am doing the happy dance.

Okay, I think that's all I've got for now.  There's a couple more post that I know I'd like to cover.  Stay tuned and thanks for hangin' in there with me!

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