Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Quilts, Place Mat and the Nicest People!!

1) Place mat....

This would be yet another one that I had fun coloring, don't forget 
about the giveaway post it's 

Now that I'm done with the shameless part of the post, how about a few quilts?

I am sooooooo lucky!! 

Quilting for others gives me the opportunity to meet and get to know the nicest people!  Granted I am NEVER going to get rich doing this quilting stuff, in addition to meeting the nicest people it is kinda fun...look at the coloring I've been doing!!  Like I had nothing else to do...

Okay on with the quilts....

TURTLES!!!!  Marjorie in NH brought me this huge, wonderful t-shirt quilt that she made for one of her daughters.  Based on the shirts in this quilt, this is one interesting kid who has had a lot of interesting adventures. 
I TOTALLY loved this one block....(notice the turtles??)

But the message on this block says it all....It's the little things in life that count.  Marjorie, not a quilter did she a great job on this project.  The turtle design was perfect since her daughter has the nickname Turtle Girl from one of her many adventures.  Here's a few more of the blocks...

Lisa is a fairly new quilter, but her work is improving by leaps and bounds in the very, very short time she's been quilting.  I am seeing wonderful changes and she didn't have much improving to do to begin with.   Here's a couple....

Talk about STUNNING!!  JoAnn makes the most amazing quilts EVER!!!  I am so lucky to be able to share just some of her work, but you need to check out her blog to see some of the more detailed quilts that she has done.  Here's the link to JoAnn's Blog.  Here's a couple of her quilts that I've had the 
pleasure to work with.....

Frances, Frances, Frances.....I enjoy having Frances drop off and pickup her quilts and spending that time with her.  She's on a mission to use her stash!!  But aren't we all?? 
 She says " I tell myself, Frances, you don't need to buy that, use what you have!".  I have that same conversation but sometimes I don't win and end up buying the fabric anyway.  Here's three quilts that I recently 
quilted for Frances...

Bonnie is going to score MAJOR Grandma points with this quilt!!  She made it for her grandson and he is going to LOVE it!!  So bright and cheery and what little boy wouldn't love to have this on his bed for those little 
Hot Wheel cars and trucks?  

Today was about just five of all of the wonderful women I have the pleasure of getting to know through my quilting.  They are all amazing and special to me.  I'll introduce you to a few more in the coming days.  I can't wait to share Janet and some of her quilts.

Quilting will never make me rich financially, but it sure does a great job on enriching my friendship circle.  And on that note......

Hi, Becky!! 

More photo's of these and all of the quilts I quilt can be found at 
the other blog....

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Coloring and a few quilts.....giveaway reminder

This would be one of my latest coloring projects. I'm telling you I'm lovin' the coloring of these adorable kid place mats.  On Thursday I'll be spending the afternoon at camp with a group of kids coloring as a camp activity.   I hope to post a few photos of the kids and their creations.  If you haven't entered the place mat giveaway it's the previous post, check it out.  On to the quilts....

Judi brought this colorful quilt to me, it was made by a special youngin' in her life.  Judi and her youngin' made this quilt and it was displayed at VQF this year.  It really is striking in color!

Liala made this wonderful quilt.  It's for a guest bed at her home.  I love the multi design going on with all of the different fabrics.  Good job, Liala!!

Here's on of Terry's quilts.  If you follow Terry's blog you saw her posting about it some time ago.  I do love the design that we went with on this one.

 Next two quilts were made by Judi in NH.  I love the yellow border on this granny square quilt.  It's a pretty big quilt and is going to be a great bed quilt for Judi.  She used some scraps from previous quilts and I saw a couple that I remembered.

Great Job, on this basket quilt.  Again, the multi designs are pretty cool!!

Jennifer made this warm t-shirt quilt for one of her girls.  The plaids on the borders really is a cute idea.  

You need to click on the photo for this one.  Since I did a hand meander for Jennifer, I added a special note at the bottom of the quilt.  May the daughter always know.....

 Memory on this quilt is a little fuzzy.  I know Rachel did some of the construction but I do believe that Sandra's Mom actually did the hand work.  I just think the little kittens are as cute as cute can be!!  

and now it's time for.....

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

A very fun GIVEAWAY!!

I love to color!!

I had forgotten how relaxing coloring could be.

My latest endevor has lead to a stash of this....

and this is what I colored....
(click on photo for closer look! I had way too much fun!!)

Here's where I began....

This fabric marker was one that I had on hand.  It was glittery and didn't cover very well.  As you can see I did get the best results from it and this lead me to purchasing more markers for testing purposes.  Well, that's what I told the hubs every time he saw another JoAnn's purchase in my hands.

I did the heat setting with regular crayons, but the colors weren't as bright as I wanted them to be.  I have since washed the sample, well not really washed, it was in the washer with the rest of my samples and the washable marker started to bleed so I pulled it out of the washer quickly!  Heat setting the crayons will work, but not as colorful.

Still with me??  Want a couple?  

Here's the giveaway...

I'm going to give 4 placemats away.

2 placemats to 2 different people, and I am offering 
international shipping on this one.

Here's what you've got to do....

1) Tell me which 2 placemats you would like to have.  You can find them all under the tab "My Shoppe - Placemats" located at the top of my blog.

2) Follow me or let me know you follow me for a second entry.

3) Post it on your blog or facebook with a link back to this post, come back and let me know that you did.

 Ends at midnight on August 23th.

I will announce the winners on August 24th, randomly selected by someone other than me. 

Coloring placemats isn't all that I've been up too!!  Since I haven't done a giveaway in a loooong time, I'm going to have another fun giveaway very, very soon and trust me this one you won't want to miss.  It's one that I did when I first started machine quilting and has to do with pattern testing too!

Okay, let the fun begin!!

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