Wednesday, April 11, 2018

January was a good month

Where has the time gone?  Seems like I just finished these wonderful quilts.  January is usually a month I play catch up with the quilts I set aside to get all of those Christmas quilts quilted up and returned to make their appearance as loving gifts under the Christmas tree.  

January's quilts filled my room with another fabulous batch of beautiful quilts.  Each and every month brings a huge variety of gorgeous fabrics from many talented gals.  As always, I am honored to be trusted with such great works from these ladies.  

Alex keeps me connected to the modern quilters.  Her selections of fabric and designs are ultra modern and fun for me to quilt out.  She has a great flair for selecting designs and thread color making her quilts really stand out!  

Loving the blues like I do, this quilt from Dianne was difficult to send home.  The different fabrics with all of the shades stood out amazingly using white as the second color in this great quilt!  Working with a quilting design from Anne Bright, one of my favorites, it finished off magnificently!

Next quilt was made for a special young couple as a wedding gift.  Bethanne's use of the large variety of colors and fabrics set in a classic quilt design is sure to make this quilt well loved.  We went with a simple design which I think finished it off elegantly.

What a beautiful fabric in this quilt from Linda.  I struggled with the lighting on this quilt. Linda choice of this quilt pattern allows the beauty of the fabrics to really show.  

Scrappy quilts have a special place in my heart.  Using up all those little bits and pieces from previous quilts is a wonderful way to bring all of the quilts together in just one top.  How fun is this one from Karen?  Love the soft yellow centers and her backing was just perfect.

Here's another great way to use up those scraps or a perfect quilt for a jelly roll you might have laying around.  Judi selected a perfect fabric for the alternate block. You can't go wrong with the batiks, they have so many colors in each one making this a fun and easy quilt design.

Here's another flannel quilt from Karla.  Love, love, love these quilts she's been making.  They are so soft and cozy!  This quilt is for her daughter and was under the tree not yet quilted.  I'm sure it was pretty fantastic to get it back with all of the cozy layers.  

Here's a rainbow of color!  It was nothing short of wonderful working on this bright and cheery quilt, the colors brighten my room and my day.  Tammy made this quilt for a nephew as a wedding gift.  With the wide variety of color and the modern design I'm sure the young couple will just love it.

Sharon sent me her garden in a quilt. With all of the fabulous bargello quilts Sharon has been making, this one is for her!   How magnificent is this bargello constructed with all floral prints?  Another quilt that just made my work space a happy place to be.

 Peggy and Company put this incredible top together for a great gal who sends the finished quilts off to the families of fallen police officers.  It was truly my pleasure to help finish this quilt for a honorable organization. I was more than happy to be a small part of this exceptional project.

I worked with Lisa finishing off 4 quilts, but can only locate one quilt photo!  Not sure where my computer put the other photos but will share them if I am able to locate them in the future. Here's the one quilt I managed to find the photos of, it's her string quilt.  LOVE the way it finished out!  Many, many strips of fabric went into this one and adding the gray really pulls all of the fabrics together.

Last quilt for the month is this Harley Davidson t-shirt quilt.  What a really, really great way to showcase all of the fun times behind each memory from the shirts.  Sue did a great job with the shirt placement, centering a solid Harley name on the quilt really makes this one special!  I finished it off using a quilting design that has motorcycles!  What a great quilt! 

Okay that's it for now, hope to be back very, very soon with February and March since it's already April!!  As usual plenty happening in my world with a couple of new things on the horizon!

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Saturday, February 10, 2018

December quilts

While I'm defrosting from working with the snow, I thought I'd do a little catching up on the blog.  

Starting off with this fun t-shirt quilt from Terry.  I love working with them, the shirts tell quite a bit about the owner.  Terry did a great job on the piecing and the purple was the perfect color for the sashing. 

Hadn't heard from Suzanne for a while, but was happy to work with this huge star quilt she sent.  Of course, I'm lovin' the blues and the design is a great one for the fabrics she selected.  How lucky this new quilt owner will be to have such a great quilt!

Another quilt with fabulous fabrics is from Sue.  A simple design works great to show off the beautiful prints in Sue's first quilt.  LOVE the second quilt!  The brights just pop when matched with the black.  Very neat quilt!

How stinking cute is this one?  I believe this was a Christmas gift for Stephanie's nephew.  What a fun quilt, it's going to be loved for many years!  Steph selected a meandering design of sorts, it added a great finishing touch.

Here's a terrific little quilt from Paulette.  I've seen a few of these and just love the way they come together.  Quilting anchors and swirls in keeping with the ocean theme finished it off wonderfully. 

Kathy kept me busy for a bit in December.  First up is this super colorful fun little quilt.  Another great design for showing off focus fabrics, and the color combo she used is so bright and cheery.  Second is a soft baby quilt in soothing colors and a simple design, until you put those little blocks on point!  Good job, Kathy!  Lastly, this quilt had me thinking of the tropics!

Katherine gets the trophy for the greatest find in my book this year.  Fun story about finding this one while shopping roadside.  I won't tell you how much she paid for it, but it's pure happiness!  We kept the quilting design very simple so the fantastic job of the hand applique would remain the focus of the quilt.  

WOW! WOW! WOW!! Judy's quilts.....
You all can thank Judy for me ramping up and investing in my machines.  Judy has been sending me her quilts since the beginning.  She has always done better than first class, A Plus, excellent piecing with nothing less than fabulous end results.  When I started quilting I only did loops or meandering, for a very, very cheap price.  I would get these drop dead beautiful quilts from Judy and I wanted to do so much more.  I practiced, practiced and practiced some more, but couldn't reach the level I felt was acceptable for adding designs to quilts sent to be by others.  Had to, and I mean had to invest in that computer for my machine.  It adds what Judy's (and all the other's) quilts deserve.  This next set of quilts will not disappoint, Judy's quilts.....

Here's a excellent little quilt from Jamie.  This was a Christmas gift for a special person in her life.  The modern fabrics on this one are truly fabulous!  Don't forget to click on the photo for an up close look.  Jamie selected a backing made from sweatshirt fabric, it was my first time working with this type of fabric.  The quilt turned out magnificently!

Here's another WOW! quilt. Utterly modern from Ginny in both fabric and design. This quilt was a gift to son and daughter-in-law and I hope they appreciate what a truly appreciate what a spectacular job Ginny has done.  I did mimicked the quilt design with the quilting and it was the perfect addition to the quilt. 

Soft and sweet best describes this next quilt.  Another Christmas gift made for Mom from Elizabeth.  You can't go wrong with the blue and yellow color combination and Elizabeth using a charm pack making the fabrics blend perfectly.  A soft swirly quilting design finishing it off and you have an astounding gift.

Dorothy is one busy gal!  She definitely keeps her machine moving!  This month I worked on these two quilts for her.  It's interesting to see how the same fabric color families can create two totally differently looking quilts.  

How cute is this little quilt?  Modern fabrics and bright colors make it perfect for the new little one in someone's life.  Donna did a great job on the piecing making my job a breeze.  

Nancy put together this quilt for the JBC.  As previously mentioned this is a beautiful facility and the gals are doing a great job making it cozier for the patients who are there.

Up next is an amazing signature quilt.  Linda and Laura worked together on this really, really HUGE signature quilt, another favorite of mine.  I love reading the messages that make the quilt so special.  This is one fantastic gal based on the quilt.

Bold and brights are Linda's fabric of choice.   She tells me these scrappy quilts are just for her!  The bright colors will brighten up any room.  I've seen a few of these fabrics from Linda before, great way to use up those scraps.

Here's another quilt that was probably under a Christmas tree.  Susanne made this one for her grandson. Blues and grays are excellent color choices and I kept the quilting modern and fun.

Here's a quilt from Janice over in Maine.  I believe it's the Trip Around The World design all done up in purples.  The color selection was remarkable and very well placed within the quilt.  I kept with a modern-ish viney type of quilting design.

Last quilt of the month, another 1600 from Mary Catherine!  Another one!!  I tease her about switching it up a bit, but who can realistically argue with this wonderful quilt?  Start to finish maybe 4 hours (okay, I press between each fold) invested and when you add the border it's the most perfect size for a throw.   This is a woman who has made a lot of people happy with these incredible quilts! And of course, the quilting, perfect little hearts on vines just like on the fabrics - win!

Okay, that was my December hope you enjoyed the show.  Don't forget to check out more photos on the other blog, here' the link:

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