Friday, September 1, 2017

June quilts are up!

I. Can't, Believe. It's. September!!
Honestly, what happen to summer and Dairy Twirl is closed!?!?

We all remember our elders telling us that time flies, the problem is we are old(er) before we actually believe it.  Then all that time  is behind us and we are trying to figure out how it passed so quickly.   Each day seems to pass faster than the day before and I'm telling you it scares the ba-jeebies  out of me!  AND Dairy Twirl is closed for the season!! 

Sigh....well, at least I've got some really great quilts to share!

Here is a brightly colored quilt from Ruthanne in VT.  The orange, pink and blue-ish purples are blending together wonderfully.

New quilter Dianne is doing a fabulous job on her quilts!  How fun are these quilts?   I love the modern quilting design on her first quilt and the leaves were perfect for the second one!

Donna kept me busy for a couple of days!  Her first quilt, fall themed just had to have pumpkins on it and the second quilt we finished off with sewing notions as a quilting design!  So much fun!!  Her third made me fall in love with the Civil War prints all over again! 

Jill constructed this great red, white and blue quilt for a Quilt of Valor.  We teamed up to help a friend get quilts for a few ladies at a veterans hospital.  I finished it off with a star quilting design.

Karen in IN, has some pretty cute little people in her life and has sent me some pretty cute little quilts too!  Her latest is this fun barnyard book quilt.  How great is this?  Makes me re-think all of those fabric books that I've seen.  Good job, Karen!!

Another Karen her in NH sent me this beautiful quilt all in purples.  Using green to float the blocks in the center - fabulous!!  We selected a vine like design keeping the focus all about the quilt.

Melynn has a new little person in her family.  The little cousin will be wrapped in this fun jelly roll quilt with lots and lots of love.  The fabrics filled with hearts will be a great reminder to the little one of the love coming from her Aunt Mel!

Michelle from FL sent this heart wall hanging.  Adding elegant hearts as the quilting finished it up beautifully!  Don't forget to click on the photos, you will want a close up look at these fabrics!

Pam's loves to make blocks!  Here she has paired them with a white fabric which is stunning with the darker tones of the batiks.  We selected a modern quilting design to go with this great little quilt.

The next couple of quilt came from Pat in VT.  BEAUTIFUL soft ocean color batiks with the white made both of these quilts breathtaking!  

Soft colors and pretty prints came together wonderfully for this quilt from Paulette.  Very Shabby Chic'!  What a marvelous gift of love this was.

WOW!  WOW! WOW!  This incredible modern quilt came from Peg in NC.  The solids made for the perfect setting of the wavy line quilting.  Spectacular job, Peg!! 

Here's another Quilts of Valor. This one came from Regina.  Great job, greater cause....  thanks Regina!

What a great twist for a Coin Quilt.  Rosemary really mixed it up with this one.  The greens were matched perfectly and make the quilt sashing just pop!
Finishing it with a modern design finished it perfectly.  Rosemary's second quilt, another green with the bright purple/burgundy squares is just fun!!  A couple of really great stash busters!

Oh, that, Sharon!!  She is my bargello queen!   Here's another incredible bargello that I helped finish.  I LOVE the quilting design on this one.  It's very modern and edgy.  Sharon requested something that makes you think of the ocean and waves and I think I pulled it off.  Don't forget to click for a closer peek!

Another soft and sweet in color and design. Terry finished up this darling blue quilt to keep as her own.  Finished it off with one of my personal favorite quilting designs, Lauren from Anne Bright. 

That's it for the month of June!  I kept pretty darn busy and looking forward to sharing the July photos (hopefully!) very soon!

Don't forget you can click on the photos for a closer look and as always more photos can be seen at the other blog, here's the link:

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Monday, July 17, 2017

"Bout time for a few more quilts, don't you think?

May, another busy month with plenty of great quilts.

Annie in ME had me thinking about fall and all the wonderful colors that come with the season.  Pumpkin fabrics with a touch of gold were just asking for falling leaves for the quilting design.

Betty in NC did a fabulous job on the next two quilts.  Someone must be a North Carolina State fan at their house!  She did a great job creating this wall hanging using the Log Cabin blocks.  Checking back for her photos I just realized I don't have a full photo of her second quilt, but you can take my word that it is a great one that makes you yearn for the ocean.

Deb in VT sent me a couple of great quilts constructed using scraps and white as a solid.  Lovin' them!!  White is a fantastic way to pull the multi color of a variety of fabrics together for a really great quilt.  Good job, Deb!

What a sweet little quilt this next one is!!  It's from Diane K. here in NH.  The 30's print fabrics worked perfectly for the nine patch block.  The soft yellow border accents the fabrics she used and the little flower quilting design finished the quilt quite nicely.

Dorothy in WA has been a busy girl!!  The blue and yellows are a perfect pair and then a Minky backing, wonderful!!  The blueish-brownish and cheddar quilt is a gift for her son.  I am sure he is going to just love having this wonderful quilt!

Elizabeth is back again this month with another graduation quilt!  How fun and funky is this one?  Perfect for that college bound kiddo!  Modern fabrics and quilting finish this one off perfectly.

Cute, cute, cute!!  Frances whipped up these adorable little quilts for a couple of little people in her life!  The yellow in the center just pops and the little dinosaurs are perfect for a little person!

WOW!  WOW!  WOW!  I have got to tell you this was a challenging quilt for me to work with.  Jamie brought me this fabulous top to finish for her.  Not being a quilter, she had washed the top before bringing it to me.  OH NO!!  Yep, you can't begin to imagine how "crinkly" this top was before I began!  I spent a little time with the top, trimmed all the threads on the backing and did a light misting of water and hung it to dry.  Sigh....there were still plenty of "crinkly" areas of the quilt but we just went with it!  Once the quilt was finished, WOW! WOW! WOW!!  What a beautiful quilt it finished out to be!  
Jamie, believes the top was made by a friend of her Mom's for her Mom....make sense?  Anyway, it is a fabulous quilt and will be treasured for many years to come!

Kristina put together this fun quilt for her grandson!  I've seen a ton of these quilts on the web but this is the first I've had the pleasure to work with.  Loved that I could add the wood grain  quilting design to finish off.  

Laura made this quilt up for her teen daughter.  Carefully selecting the music note quilting design for her daughters love of music.  Mixing the hearts with the music notes sends the message that Mom loves you, and you love music.  Win, win!!

Mary Catherine has kept me busy for a couple of days.  With two 1600 quilts and this cute little I Spy quilt.  A light and elegant quilting design for this stunning green 1600 finished it off nicely and how fun to add tiaras and wands to the I Spy quilt!   We'll be seeing more from Mary Catherine, trust me!(Note-I only captured photos of one of the 1600 quilts-Darn it!!)  

Michelle in CT sent this bright quilt my way.  Selecting a leaf and berry vine quilting design was perfect.

Next we have Nancy in Pa.  One cute little machine applique with bunnies, one star quilt and my favorite is the first one.  This quilt is on my bucket list and really enjoy working with them.  Great job, Nancy!!

What an engaging quilt this one is!  The fabrics that Norma used keeps your interest in the quilt for a very long time.  The floral, newspaper-like, vintage looking and architectural fabrics were fascinating!  

Browns, oranges and yellows are the perfect combo for a great quilt!  Pat did a terrific job on this great quilt.  

Using soft colors Paulette made this marvelous quilt.  The soft blue accents stand out without overpowering the quilt.  It remain so soft and sweet!

Quilting for Renie is consistently enjoyable.  Here's another incredible quilt she put together.    Using a modern quilting design worked wonderfully on this striking quilt.  

What a striking wall hanging Rita made using the bright fabrics combined with the black.  The tropical prints matched with the bright yellow, AMAZING!!  Great job, Rita!!

Last quilt for the month of May comes from JoAnn.  Scrappy, huge and stunning!  When viewing the quilt in person your eyes just can't get enough of the fabulous fabrics fabrics in this quilt!  JoAnn made matching pillow shams to go with this great quilt.  

Well, that wraps up the month of May for me. As always, more photos can be seen at the other blog, here's the link.....

  Plan on returning for the June quilts, I can promise another remarkable group of quilts by an exceptional group of gals.

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